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  1. Hi all. thanks for all your feedback and advice. Looks Like I was reading my credit score wrong due to not fully understanding the layout and being a first class tit. The only mention of the barclaycard account on my report is that I've closed or settled the account. I can also see that I have no negative factors against me on the report, only positive's which is a bonus. I am contacting Link with a CCA request still though as advised. Kind regards and many thanks for your help. Skinz72
  2. Hi fkofilee, thanks for getting back to me on these questions. I'll definately be following your advice and getting the CCA requests done. Kind regards Skinz72 Cheers for the reply dx100uk. CCA's will be requested straight away. Regards Skinz72 Hi Ford, I've been following my credit score with Clear Score as seen on TV. It was running in a nice favorable direction until this barclaycard issue started. Score has gone down by 9 points although as yet there are no defaults showing. Even if I pay as originally intended though, the change happened in Sept and the D
  3. Thanks BankFodder, exactly what I've done. My first post is now successfully uploaded and awaiting responses. Cheers for the advice.
  4. Hi guys. After scanning through a few similar posts I thought it would be clearer to understand if I posted my own thread hi-lighting my own concerns specifically. Hope that's ok? I'll give an explanation of my situation then submit my questions. About 7 years ago I had a few outstanding debts on various overdrafts and c/cards etc. My wife and I owed around £4'500 in total. Nothing to get to worked up about. My wife and I seperated though and after a clean and simple divorce I was left trying to float the home finances alone. Living on half of our former income, thin
  5. Hi everyone. I'm a total newbie to posting on forums so forgive me if i inadvertantly follow any unfamiliar or unaccepted code of conduct. I don't think it will happen as politeness and common sense usually prevail over ignorance. Please feel free to correct me (gently) and point out any faux pas on my part. I'm looking forward to getting some good advice on dealing with professional credit agencies and there various methods, and sorting out the wheat from the chaff so to speak as to what I am obliged to do and what I am not. Thanks in advance for any help you may offer in any
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