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  1. I don't know what a sar is. Sorry if I'm being really dull.
  2. Not sure if anyone can see my posts but if anyone can advise on this please. The following is a response to a recent email I sent to the executive team asking for a detailed response to my complaint and also for them to answer all of the issues not just two out of 7. This addresses the issue I raised about the manager confirming that I would receive my refund in 5 days then refusing several weeks later. Can anyone give me advice or opinions
  3. I have decided to make a complaint to the FOS, Financial Loss - £580 fees for Solicitors fees/searches etc paid after Branch Manager had confirmed the refund in writing Agreed Sale on Property £10,000 cheaper than asking price and within my budget following nearly two years looking for a property with my budget. I have now lost out on the sale and to purchase a similar property will cost me between 15,000-20,000 more (based on information of recent sales in the area). The Banks just don't seem bothered at all its so unfair Should I complaint to the FOS? FSA told me t
  4. yes i do use my lap top for my online banking and when I reported the unauthorised transaction to them when i first reported it. I gave them a crime ref number off action fraud police and as I said offered to forward the e-mails but the Banks response was this is not typical of [problem]mers and we are unable to detect fraud on your account and believe you have either authorised or commited the fraud. I have responded by asking them to provide evidence of how they came to this conclusion and requested that they send me the information to support the out
  5. Hi, Yes I did speak tt o the callers who were instructing me to key in various commands into my laptop. I did follow the instructions first of all but as I gre more suspicious I stopped. They called several times and on one occasion I tried to hang up but when I went to make a call they were still on the line. I also received several e-mails that appeared to be Microsoft but the end of the e-mail address didn't seem right. I am uncertain as to whether I opened the e-mails as I have been sent a few.ld I offered to forward the e-mails to Natwest but they declined incase th
  6. thank you Scott, just a few teething problems.
  7. Hi everyone, I am fairly new to the forums and still trying my best not to make any mistakes or post in the wrong place, apologies to anyonw if I have. I have posted a new thread and received a reply and was asked to repost just the facts, I hope I haven't posted it in the wrong place as I haven't heard back since. Is there a way of updating a post?
  8. I apologise in advance for the length I have spent hours trying to cut it down but could not reduce it any further. I have listed the facts and attached a copy of the Branch Managers letter. I would be grateful of any advice or support as I feel defeated, upset and cheated. Every penny has been stolen and the bank has no intention of taking responsibility. NATWEST BASIC ACCOUNT complaint re: £6000 missing from my account. Customer Service advisor informed me that there had been a large number of transactions to one merchant that they were unable to identify as the tr
  9. Hi I apologise in advance if I do anything wrong. I have never posted or written a post before. On the 13th April 2016 shopping with my children, I used a Natwest Cash machine to withdraw money. I checked the receipt as I was paid a redundancy payment and was due to pay the majority for a deposit on a new property I was in the process of purchasing. I had been very careful not to spend much money as the deposit was due on the Friday. I was horrified when I looked at the receipt, the balance available was almost £6000 lower than it should of been. I immediately
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