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  1. Just ask them for all the statements that they have prior to 2007 (if they still have them). The company that I work for kept statements going back to 2009, but this year they now only go back to 2010 as legaly they only have to keep them for 6 years, but in saying that, every company is diffirnt and Barclays may go back as far as when the agreement started, but it could be that they only hold records from 2007. Sorry I couldn't be more helpful James
  2. The OP hasn't said that he doesn't have access to the account, he just said that he advised the Insolvency Office that the account existed. I think it's a case of, he doesn't want to touch the account in case they wrap his knuckles and he just wants to know what he can actually do about it. My information could be totally wrong, but as I have said, no one has ever told us that what we are doing is wrong and (so far) we have never had any come back regarding this. James
  3. Did they get you to sign an agreement for stating that you have accepted their offer in full and final settlement of any claims that you may have againsy them? If not, then there is no reason that you cannot raise a claim against them. You do not need to send them any statements or other information. All you have to do is request that they check your accounts to see if you have been miss sold any insurance or charged any fees that shouldn't have been charged for. James
  4. Here are the details taken from the T&C's that are on their website; REPAYMENT OPTION PLAN General 20.1 You may opt-in to the Repayment Option Plan (the 'Plan'). If you do so you will need to pay a Plan Charge which will be calculated and payable in accordance with paragraphs 20.7 - 20.9 below. 20.2 If you opt-in to the Plan you will be entitled, subject to the terms and conditions set out below, to receive all the features of the Plan whether you are in full-time, part-time or temporary employment, are self-employed, or are unemployed or retired. However, the situations
  5. Unfortunately it is the companies precess that can slow it all down. When I uphold a claim I will put the amount payable onto a spreadsheet, that spreadsheet is then checked at the close of business each day, it is then sent to the finance dept who will deal with items as they receive them and that the payment can actually take 3 - 5 days before it leaves our bank account. I am not saying that every company works like this, but it was just to give you an idea what may be involved. On the other hand the payment may have had an error on it and then it goes back to the end of the l
  6. When we have a justified claim and the client is a discharged bankrupt, we pay the client, then it is up to them to contact the trustee's or the insolvency office. To date, we have never received any communication that what we are doing is wrong. James
  7. You normally have 6 months from the date of the final response letter (FRL) to take the matter up with FOS (they should have told you what rights you have at the bottom of the letter). Although FOS normally only deal with cases that were taken out after the 14th January 2005, they have been known to take on a case that although the PPI was enrolled before this date, it was still being paid for a fair few years after it. You nay also be able to contact the Finance and Leasing Authority (FLA) if Barclaycard were members at that time. Barclaycard should also have a Customer Care Manager who w
  8. Some PPI's cover for Hospital stays and Life cover, so it is possible that PPI was suitable for a retired person (it was normally sold at a cheaper rate mainly for people over 65) James
  9. All you have to do is send them a letter asking that they start an investigation into the PPI that was enrolled onto your account (try and give them as much info as possible regarding the date that you took the loan out) and they legally have to deal with your request. You do not need to send an SAR for them to look into it. James
  10. If you can prove that the additional PPI charges were the cause of the fees, then you should be able to get them refunded and your credit file amended James
  11. The simple interest is what your money might have earned you, if you hadn't used it to pay PPI (this is totally different to the interest that you paid), they should give you a full breakdown of how their calculation was worked out and they should also refund the interest that you paid on the PPI at the prevailing rate at the time of the loan. The calculation should be something like this: Premiums Paid: + Compound interest: (that you paid on the premium) + Simple Interest: + Late Fees (that you may have been charged): - Less Tax on the Simple Interest (currently 20%): (if yo
  12. To be fair, they are only legally obliged to keep these type of records for 6 years and that is why an SAR will only return records upto 6 years old. James
  13. Has the company acknowledged that you had an account with them? When you applied for the account, was it, in store, by telephone or post? If they have acknowldged that you had an account, then they should search their records for a copy of the application/agreement form. If they find the form then they will be able to tell if PPI was enrolled onto the account or (if they have the form they should send you a copy if they are declining your claim), if they can't find that agreement/applicatin form and they have confirmed that you had an account with them then they have to pay out if you h
  14. I just re-read your original post and unfortunately the card was taken out in 1986 and closed in 2003, as this is prior to January 2005 you will not receive any help from F.O.S. You need to have actual CC statements to back up your claim that you were paying PPI, as without this you have no proof and are highly unlikely to be successful in your claim for a refund. James
  15. Send them a signed letter by recorded delivery requesting that they look into the details of your account (name, D.O.B, any/all previous address's and any name changes) advise them that the have 14 working days to supply the info or you will be taking the matter up with F.O.S. (you do not need an account number as they should be able to find your account details with the info that you have supplied) If they treat this as an S.A.R. then you may also have to pay them £10 It is possible that that Top Man/Burton only received a fee and commision for every store card that they administered,
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