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  1. Hi - I know what an SAR is but not sure what purpose it would serve here? and does it go to Abbey or Lowells? Sorry for being a bit dense!
  2. He says not and I can't see it myself - the only thing that is unsettling is that it looks as though those payments could have been made to a doorstep collection agent, but it also looks a bit suspicious that there are 2 one the same day!!?? Have experienced Lowells making up payments before (random amounts)
  3. Lowell sent a letter to say they had bought a debt in November 2008 (hubby's). He said he had never written to them or paid anything so we sent the statute barred letter. However they have now replied with this.. ..what do we do now please? - he says he definitely hasn't paid anything to any doorstep collection company....
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