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Found 9 results

  1. Hi my landlord is saying me and the people I live with have abandoned the house and that we also owe her rent and wants us to sign over the deposit to her as she believes we have left damage in the house. This isn't true because the contract we had with the landlord ended on the 31/07/2017 and in mid-September the landlord came around and said she wants use out by the 02/12/2017 with no reason on why she wasn't going to renew the contract. So, we found a new place and moved are stuff into it for the 01/11/2017. The landlord came around on the 01/11/2017 saying the above and threaten
  2. hi guys, I have an abandoned vehicle in my drive way from a tenant around 14 months ago. He has been contacted about 12 times. The car is 15 to 20 years old. In a very bad situation of disrepair. All windows were broken, tyres flat etc. I called the police and car removal people. No one knows what can be done. Anyone here knows what can be done? Ali
  3. Hi, Back in Nov 2016 I agreed a business contract with Opus to be my gas supplier in March 2016. I have since found out that Opus had abandoned this contract in December 2015. However they have failed to inform me of this resulting in my supplier at the time "Extra Energy" to move me to a high out of contract tariff. Opus are currently investigating why this contract was abandoned as there seems to be is no clear reason. Is there any action I can take against Opus for not upholding the contract and then failing to inform me of that i no longer had a contract with them
  4. i had a long term lodger who left 4 years ago whilst he collected some of his stuff he left his old motorcycle here now i cant get any response off him id like to take ownership of bike in lieu of storage and need advice of if i can legally do this if so how id originally intended to scrap it but its a good vehicle needing minimal work to get back on road though it has little value id enjoy restoring it with a view to pass it on . lodger did 18 months ago agree to get bits bike needed and id have bin happy tp fix for him but after so long with no response its just sat gathering dust
  5. Hi guys, in January of this year we ordered a large piece of sporting equipment from an online company worth approximately £1200 The equipment was manufactured and apparently delivered to the school where it was to be stored in June. However at the beginning of the school year in September, we went to storage cages and it could not be found. In fact the school had no record of there ever being a delivery. We asked for proof of delivery from the company they replied back with 'proof of delivery' which contained the date and time of delivery along wi
  6. Hi guys I'm not sure if I have posted this to the correct place but i'm wondering if anyone can offer any advice. There is a row of houses on a road plus a detatched house which have been boarded up for many many years and are quite dilapidated now. The council owns them, and I have asked if the council could sell me the detached house and I would renovate it as I cant afford to buy a house at the prices they are and will never get a £200k mortgage. I have worked since I was 15 and never been on benefits but because of this im not entitled to any help, even when I was made homeless beca
  7. leestudd32

    Abandoned Car

    Apologies if this is the wrong section, no idea where else to put it! I've reported an abandoned car to DVLA 3 times since December 2012. The car in question hasn't turned a wheel since it was left there, the tax on it ran out at the end of December 2012 and its not sorn. I've reported it to my local council and they won't do sod all unless I report it to the management company ( I live in a newish build block of flats), they then have to contact the council in writing and also pay a £40 charge to get a notice attached to the vehicle and it then removed. Council say this due to it being pr
  8. Hopefully someone here can give me advice. Two and a half yrs ago my at the time boyf, asked if he could keep his Ford Escort in my garage, I agreed as he said it would be for a short time. Now two and a half yrs later and the cars been here longer than its owner was. I have asked my ex numerous times over the last year or so to remove the car. I always got a non committal response. I have had enough now and just want it gone What should I do pls???? Am also worried as to legalities/ will I be liable for the SWORN on this car, as it has been here for so long?
  9. In addition nPower has agreed to issue £10 vouchers to affected customers. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-20625462 The abandon calls came just weeks after nPower were fined £2m by OFGEM for its poor handling of customer complaints http://www.telegraph.co.uk/finance/personalfinance/consumertips/8859221/Npower-fined-2m-by-Ofgem.html
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