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Found 13 results

  1. NHS gets funding green light for new buildings, wards and beds READ MORE HERE: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/nhs-gets-funding-green-light-for-new-buildings-wards-and-beds
  2. We bought a 135cm Mattress Alexandria Ortho from Bensons for Beds last year online and received the bed on 25th of September. We pay £449.99 and the invoice number is ******. after a month both my wife and myself start having back pain. My wife was even worse as her neck was very stiff every morning. I have contacted Beds for Bensons customer service in January this year. I made a complain. I was told that someone will contact me after taking my details. Nothing happened. I made a second call and this time I was asked to email photos of the mattre
  3. A primary school teacher from Wolverhampton has designed flat-pack cardboard beds for homeless people which he's giving away for free. If you click on who they are available from there is more information Read More Here: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-birmingham-34910855
  4. Hiya I need a little advice. I bought a mattress from Bensons For Beds about 5 years ago - it cost about £900 and was a Reactaform Memory 1440. We bought it because the dude in the shop said it wouldn't dip, and it had a 5 year guarantee After about two years it had, and they sent a guy out who said it hadn't dipped enough, and that it wouldn't be replaced. As the end of my 5 year guarantee neared I tried again, and this time they found there was an issue. However they will only refund 75% of the original cost. I have to go and choose a new mattress from the same range m
  5. Hello - I signed up to the forum today - I came across it on the web while searching Bensons for Beds Reviews. Im not the first person to say I wished I had done some reasearch beforehand, however hindsight is a wonderful thing purchased a Airflow 5000 Plus Mattresses early May this year and it was delivered at the end of May. It did not come with any sort of paperwork or guarantee; it was purchased on line and neither the order confirmation or invoice had anything relating to Product Care or Warranty. Last week while turning the matress we noticed a massive bu
  6. My wife has been waiting for surgery since January 2013. She is in and out of hospital like a yoyo. There have been 4 cancelled admissions into Kings hospital, London since Jan, all at the last minute with the excuse that there are no beds. Now she has been offered a date in another hospital that is more likely to have beds. The trouble is that it is 300+ miles away in Liverpool!! Is this normal? If it is do they not realise the cost implication to the patient and the family? She went for a CT scan and bloods a few weeks ago. It took a 12 hour round trip, a night in a hotel a
  7. help and advise please? I have ordered a Bed from Bensons for beds , This has arrived on the 15/04/2013, with a little help of a friend we have unpacked it and started assembling the bed frame, head and foot end that’s when I realised how big it was? it took the the whole space of the bedroom 200 long x 240 wide When ordering the sales staff had told me it was 180cm x 200cm wide, but when I measured it, from head end to foot end it was 200cm x 240cm? I checked the order/invoice it was 180cm wide' so called the store and after much discussion, they have referred me the custome
  8. Can anyone advise me please? In Jan 2013 I ordered my Bed from Bensons for beds to replace my small tatty one, The much anticipated Bed arrived on the 15/04/2013, I left it packed in the living room where the delivery person left it, as it was heavy(50kg) to carry it upstairs to the bed room. Yesterday with a little help of a friend we have unpacked it and started assembling the bed frame, head and foot end that’s when I realised how big it was? it took the the whole space of the bedroom 200 long x 240 wide When ordering the sales staff had told me it was 180cm x 200cm wide,
  9. I purchased an airflow sup5000 mattress on 1/8/2011 from Bensons Beds in Basingstoke and it is sagging on one edge. Less than 2 years old, I am not happy paid £499. Stay clear of this mattress.
  10. Anyone know of the current CEO for Benson's for Beds, I have an ongoing dispute with this company & am finding that phoning or emailing their customer complaint department is utterly time consuming & useless, I need to get "to the top" with my complaint to try & get some satisfaction.
  11. I recently purchased a 3 door sliding wardrobe from Bensons Beds. On the day of purchase I took away a brochure with all the measurements, checked my bedroom, and once I had ascertained that the wardrobe would fit, I returned to the store to make my purchase. The store gave me the contact details for a fitter, he turned up today and was unable to fit it, this is because on top of the actual height of the wardrobe you need a further 30mm of space to enable fitting! Obviously if I had been told that before making my purchase I would have known that it would fit, BUT could not be fitted!
  12. PLEASE, can someone help me make sense of the ‘sale of goods act’. I purchased a ‘Reylon reactafoam mattress’ from Benson for Beds in February 2009, which came with a 6 year guarantee. About 6 months ago I noticed the mattress was beginning to split. As I could’t find my sales documentation at the time I simply moved to the opposite side of the mattress, only for the same problem to develop here too. I rang Benson’s and was told to send pictures of the problem. I was initially advised they would be sending someone to investigate the problem, but a few days later was left a voice message from
  13. Hi I'm just looking for some information / assistance I bought a bed from BfB in May, when it was delivered the bed was damaged, but not obvious from the packaging. This was then replaced, with another one which was also damaged. During this period a number of the slats split, they are very poor quality. At this point I tried to cancel the bed, but they asked for one more try and said they would get a bed delivered to the store to be fully checked prior to me collecting it. After a week on silence I went to the store (who were very helpful) to be told that nothing had been don
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