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  1. Thank you dx100uk - I think I'll just ignore them in that case
  2. Hi, I didn't write back and now have received another letter. Do I have to write back or can I just ignore the letters? The last one was sent in August and nothing since. They can't actually take me to court or anything can they?
  3. Hey dx, I concur - I do indeed need to get myself up to speed. I'm a dear girl btw I've never deferred the loan - I've never even been contacted regarding it until today. I've never heard from anyone or talked to anyone regarding it in 22 years. As I've said - I contacted the SLA sat least 20 times 22 years ago & they couldn't find my "account". I'm surprised to even hear about it after all this time. Are they trying it? xx Just to be clear did - I've never had any contact from them before today. So there ha,s been no contact from me whatsoever
  4. Also - I've never even heard from any of them & it's really annoying that I tried to pay 22 years ago and that couldn't find my details yet now want 3 times the original £'s
  5. Hey Uncle Buck, The first was from Erudio and the second one was from capquest. It's v odd that I've had 2 letters delivered on the same day from both agencies - don't you think?
  6. Also - can you please send me a link to where it is now because I can't find it
  7. Thanks Scott - sorry I placed it in the wrong one - my bad
  8. Hi, Any advice help you guys can give would be greatly appreciated I had a student loan for £1,500 back in 1994 - when I finished Uni & started working I contacted the student loan company at least 20 times both via telephone & letter as I was worried that if I didn't start to repay they would want a big lump sum at a time when I couldn't afford to pay. I was told over the phone everytime I called that I wasn't in "the system" and to call back and they would try to locate my account. This went on for months & in the end the advisor on the phone asked me to write in with all my details & they would contact me once they had found my details, so I did. I never heard a word and have always been in the electoral register so easy to find. Today - I've arrived home from work to find 2 letters - both from DCA's. The first says they've passed my account on to a second one and the second one is asking me to start making repayments on a debt of over £5K. Whilst I'm not averse to paying the original £1.5k loan back - I'm not going to pay for interest since they haven't bothered to contact me in 22 years. Is this debt stature barred by now? My feeling is to just ignore them but any advice it help you guys can give would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  9. Hello, I was wondering if anyone knows if I can find a written statement anywhere that states that as a consumer, under UK law, I have a right to shop around for the best deal on goods and services. I have spent a couple of hours looking around online but cannot find a statement like this anywhere. Any help anyone can give would be very much appreciated Thanks in advance. Pickles18
  10. Hello, Thank you for your response. I didn't realise I don't have to allow viewings at all - do you know if that is legally the case? Also - I am not allowed to change the locks as a condition of my tenancy so I can't do that and tbh I don't mind them coming in during the week whilst I'm at work as it means I don't have to be distrubed in the evenings when I am at home. I don't want to be obstuctive becasue I know my landlord really needs to sell to buy the property he currently rents but I think it is unfair that I am being disturbed all the time and still paying full rent. Do you think I should request a rent reduction as this has been going on for over 2 months now - I often have friends stay at the weekend so would prefer not to do viewings at all at the weekend - am I within my rights to not allow them to unless I get a reduction in rent? The problem is I am afriad to ask for a rent reduction in case they give me notice to leave but then I suppose they are not likely to be able to rent it out again whilst it's in the process of being sold so I guess they would lose out on a rental income altogether if they did that. At the moment it seems I am doing all the work and being constantly disadvanatged whereas my landlord isn't being inconvenienced in any way and this doesn't seem at all fair to me. Kind regards, Pickles18
  11. Hello, I wonder if anyone has had a similar experience with being constantly disturbed by viewings in a rental property and can help in telling me the best way to deal with them. My landlord is selling the flat I live in and as I am in the process of buying a property I can't move out as I would have to sign into another minimum 6 month contract elsewhere which isn't practical. The property has been on the market for over 2 months now and he has it on with 2 different agents. They booked 3 viewings at 10.45am, 12.45pm and 3.15pm last Saturday and so I was disturbed 3 times. As I don't want this to happen again I have now asked that 1 agent does a block viewing between 1pm and 1.30pm and the other agent does from 1.30pm to 2pm. Both agents have agreed to this but to be honest I wasn't expecting the viewings to go on for this long and I think the flat is over-priced in the market which is why they aren't getting any offers after all the viewings they have done. This means I will continue to be disturbed every weekend for an hour for the foreseeable future. I text my Landlord last Friday to ask if he thought it was fair that I was to be disturbed 3 times on a Saturday - my weekend and the only time I have to relax and he completely ignored me. They also do viewings in the week and usually email in the morning to say thy have a viewing that day and as I am at work I tell them it's fine and to go ahead. I am working from home today and have just had an email at 12.30pm from one of the agents saying he is coming at 3pm today to do a viewing. I have checked my tenancy agreement and it says I have to have 48 hours notice for someone to gain entry to my flat yet I am allowing them to do the viewing so as not to be obstructive. I was also working from home last Friday and exactly the same thing happened. As I am being constantly disturbed in my home and not enjoying peaceful enjoyment of it - do you think I am entitled to ask for a rent reduction? I pay a lot of rent to live here and resent doing so now that it is being invaded on a daily basis. Any help or advice you can give would be very much appreciated as I am going to write to my landlord to tell him I am unhappy with the current situation and paying full rent. This could go on for months and I have been extremely accommodating so far - even changing plans 3 times to meet with agents for them to measure up and take photos - which really isn't my responsibility but the landlord's. He doesn't seem to appreciate it - rather I feel he is taking advantage of my good nature now and am very fed up with the whole situation. Thank you in advance for any help or advice you can give Pickles18
  12. Hello, Thank you for your email. Dreams have now supplied me with a lighter mattress and refunded me the difference in cost between the mattresses - so all has been resolved to my satisfaction. They have just fitted new pistons - which I'm hoping will now last - if they don't I am going to have to return the bed as it's a real pain not being able to get into the things I store under the bed every time the pistons go. Kind regards, P
  13. Hi, Thanks for your input The bedstead cost me £599 and they have offered me an alternative which costs £499. I don't know the cost of a replacement lighter mattress but I paid £600 for the mattress I currently have. They have refused to give me a lighter mattress on the grounds that it isn't faulty but I am in agreement with you that the bed was sold to me as a whole unit and would like to know if I legally have a right to request a refund on the whole bed as it is not fit for purpose? The bed has a 10 year warranty. Lol - why do you not like the sound of my bedroom - it's beautiful
  14. Hello All, I wonder if you can help. I bought a bed from Dreams 2 years ago. It's an ottoman style bed and the pistons have failed twice in the past. The second time they failed Dreams sent an independent assessor to see if the bed was faulty and he told me the mattress I had been sold was too heavy for the pistons and that's why they kept failing. He said that as I had been sent the regular pistons by Dreams for him to fit he would fit them that day but that if they failed again to ask for the heavy duty pistons which would be better and last. The pistons failed again last month (December 2012) and I contacted Dreams - to cut a long story short they are saying they don't have any heavy duty pistons for that bed but have offered me a replacement bed of a different style - I would have accepted that however they do not have an alternative style in brown leather - only black leather and cream leather - which will not go with the brown leather bedroom chair I have bought. I asked if they could replace just the mattress for a lighter one as this may solve they issue but they have refused and said that the mattress isn't faulty so they are not obliged to exchange it. My arguement is that the mattress is too heavy for the bedstead and I don't want to take a different colour bedstead but they are insisting that is all they will offer me. Has anyone had similar problems with Dreams or can anyone please advise me how to proceed. Ideally I would just like a refund ( I paid £1,200 for the bedstead and mattress) and then I can buy something suitable elsewhere as they don't have any brown leather bedsteads to replace this one. Thank you in advance for any help/advice you can give me P
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