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  1. Hi ericsbrother, Thank you. They won’t give me a return number in order to send it back so I’m afraid if I just post it back to them they’ll just refuse a refund, as they have been doing since beginning of May!
  2. Hello dx100uk - yes - it was ineffective from day one but I waited a while as I thought it may take time for the medicine to get into my dog’s bloodstream. They have now said they will speak to Seresto and try to put me into direct contact with them. I’ve explained that I do not want to contact Seresto directly as I did not buy the collar from them and Viovet are responsible for issuing me with a full refund for faulty goods. I’m waiting to hear back. Thank you for your help - have a lovely evening
  3. Hello, Wondering if anyone can help me. I bought 2 Seresto Collars for my 2 dogs. One works just fine and the other one isn't effective at all. I bought them from Viovet.co.uk and after 2 months of emailing they are still refusing to refund me or replace the faulty collar. They keep asking me questions about whether it was fitted properly and whether my house has a flea infestation which they send directly to Seresto and then send me their repsonse. One of the collars works and one doesn't and both my dogs live in the same house so it obviousl
  4. Thank you dx100uk - I think I'll just ignore them in that case
  5. Hi, I didn't write back and now have received another letter. Do I have to write back or can I just ignore the letters? The last one was sent in August and nothing since. They can't actually take me to court or anything can they?
  6. Hey dx, I concur - I do indeed need to get myself up to speed. I'm a dear girl btw I've never deferred the loan - I've never even been contacted regarding it until today. I've never heard from anyone or talked to anyone regarding it in 22 years. As I've said - I contacted the SLA sat least 20 times 22 years ago & they couldn't find my "account". I'm surprised to even hear about it after all this time. Are they trying it? xx Just to be clear did - I've never had any contact from them before today. So there ha,s been no contact from me whatsoeve
  7. Also - I've never even heard from any of them & it's really annoying that I tried to pay 22 years ago and that couldn't find my details yet now want 3 times the original £'s
  8. Hey Uncle Buck, The first was from Erudio and the second one was from capquest. It's v odd that I've had 2 letters delivered on the same day from both agencies - don't you think?
  9. Also - can you please send me a link to where it is now because I can't find it
  10. Thanks Scott - sorry I placed it in the wrong one - my bad
  11. Hi, Any advice help you guys can give would be greatly appreciated I had a student loan for £1,500 back in 1994 - when I finished Uni & started working I contacted the student loan company at least 20 times both via telephone & letter as I was worried that if I didn't start to repay they would want a big lump sum at a time when I couldn't afford to pay. I was told over the phone everytime I called that I wasn't in "the system" and to call back and they would try to locate my account. This went on for months & in the end the advisor on the phone asked me to write i
  12. Hello, I was wondering if anyone knows if I can find a written statement anywhere that states that as a consumer, under UK law, I have a right to shop around for the best deal on goods and services. I have spent a couple of hours looking around online but cannot find a statement like this anywhere. Any help anyone can give would be very much appreciated Thanks in advance. Pickles18
  13. Hello, Thank you for your response. I didn't realise I don't have to allow viewings at all - do you know if that is legally the case? Also - I am not allowed to change the locks as a condition of my tenancy so I can't do that and tbh I don't mind them coming in during the week whilst I'm at work as it means I don't have to be distrubed in the evenings when I am at home. I don't want to be obstuctive becasue I know my landlord really needs to sell to buy the property he currently rents but I think it is unfair that I am being disturbed all the time and still paying full rent. Do you think
  14. Hello, I wonder if anyone has had a similar experience with being constantly disturbed by viewings in a rental property and can help in telling me the best way to deal with them. My landlord is selling the flat I live in and as I am in the process of buying a property I can't move out as I would have to sign into another minimum 6 month contract elsewhere which isn't practical. The property has been on the market for over 2 months now and he has it on with 2 different agents. They booked 3 viewings at 10.45am, 12.45pm and 3.15pm last Saturday and so I was disturbed 3 times. As
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