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  1. I have an inkling that he may be a nutter - why else behave like this? I'm on my own with a kid and have to weigh it up really...
  2. Thanks - my main worry is that he knows my address - I'm almost expecting to wake up to slashed tyres if I win the case. It's all beginning to really worry me and I'm wondering if I should let it go - but £200 is a *lot* of money to us.
  3. Thank you - no option then, but to take legal action. How depressing. Thanks again for your help.
  4. How much does taking legal action - taking him to the small claims court - cost? I read that it was £25 but that sounds too cheap? Is that just for the the initial hearing or something? Thanks.
  5. Hi - as requested, I went to an Horologist to get proof that the watch wasn't working. It isn't working. I sent him her response today and very shortly afterwards, received this deeply upsetting reply: Where on earth do I stand now. I paid him £200 to fix my watch. He's failed twice and is now walking away from me entirely?! In a panic, I stupidly replied asking him to therefore repair it under the guarantee which still stands(?) although in hindsight, the thoug
  6. Thanks for your reply. What is a letter of claim and how do I get one?
  7. I do have his address - it's where I sent the watch. I'm actually worried - as he has my adress too though I have thought of naming and shaming him on the forum, but I too - feel uncomfortable with that kind of thing. I sent this to him 2 days ago - have heard nothing: Dear..... Please could you give me further details on the work which was carried out on my watch - parts replaced etc - you mentioned that you were waiting for a part to be delivered on the phone. Please could you provide more detail on the part and proof of pur
  8. *yesterday Hi All He is a sole trader who was recommended by a few enthusiasts on a watch forum. The watch is/was worth £300 - it's vintage. Yes Manxman - my oringinal post was incorrect - when I went back over my emails - it's been less than a year - feels a lot longer. He's told me that my guarantee runs from June 2020. I just want my money back. I was cinsidering reporting him to trading standards and taking him to the small claims court if I hear nothing. Would this be the right procrss - from what I
  9. Yes of course: End of November - sent to be repaired. Dec - received but not working Jan - emailed regarding the issue (following christmas). March - sent to be repaired (following an unexpected house move this end and beginning of lockdown). Watch received but communication now becomes non-existant. June - after repeated emails with no response I ask for return of watch and refund. Early July - the same. A week later - watch is sent to my old address with email saying it has been repaired. A week later - I track it down - it's not working - exactly
  10. Hi BF, I paid him £200 to be repaired. It still isn't working, but it's under guarantee. I just want my money back. I also have a feeling that he isn't going to reply to my email asking him for a refund - so what do I do? (if I'm entitled to one)
  11. Hi, I sent a watch to a watch-mender to get it fixed. When it was returned, unfortunately, it still didn't work. I returned it to him and after an extremely long time (almost a year of non-communication) I asked for my watch to be returned with a refund so I could get it fixed elsewhere. He returned it almost immediately but (depressingly) it still isn't working. He's told me that it's under guarantee, but I don't want to have to send it to him again to get it 'fixed' - all of my trust in him has gone and the watch holds a great deal of sentimentality. SO. I
  12. ...not in my experience, but I'm sure you're right all the same. Thanks again
  13. Thanks again @BankFodder...and in 'the old days' people didn't seem to be so hell bent on grabbing money from you at all angles - it's a different world today. Having said that - I really appreciate the Tenancy Deposit Scheme!
  14. Thanks @BankFodder. Unfortunately - no I took no photos - but it does state in the Inventory that the carpets are stained in places. I don't mind so much about cleaning the carpets - it's the 'professionally cleaned' oven bit I simply refuse to do!
  15. Hi - we've been given notice on our home and on the Checkout List that has been provided by the Letting Agents, it says that the oven must be professionally cleaned and 'receipts are required.' In my 30 years of renting, I've never had to do this on departure - I've always done it myself and made a good job of it and had my deposit refunded in full. I've read my Tenancy Agreement and it states nowhere that I'm obliged to have it professionally cleaned - only on the Checkout List. Where do I stand? In addition - the Checkout List says that all carpets must be p
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