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  1. Thanks BF - just a note - I've been at the receiving end of physical threats during my time on this planet because I asserted myself. Although it was some time ago - that kind of experience sticks with you and makes you nervous of standing up for yourself - not everything is black and white. Anyhow - thanks again for your help - and you too - have a good festive period.
  2. Hi both - in answer to your questions Manxman - the watch has great sentimental value - and I am the daughter, I don't know why he thought I was the mother...it's been a string of incompetences on his part. And I did argue the cost. I was willing to pay for the parts he *said* he'd used, but I demanded £134 in the end, which was the total cost, minus parts used and minus the watch strap which I'd specifically asked him not to replace, plus court fees. AMAZINGLY - I received an email from him and because 'he was getting bored of all this' - I received a cheque for that a
  3. I'm just worried about having to foot the bill of escalating costs.....and it's also a matter of principle. He's in Essex - I'm in Gloucestershire. Why? Do you think I'm at risk here?
  4. Yes - my last correspondence with him was offering to pay for the parts (£101) but for him to reimburse me the remaining £99 plus £25 court costs. I wish I hadn't started this - it's incredibly stressful. But in the meantime - thanks for sticking with me.
  5. Hi - OK, so I feel sick. I wrote to him as you suggested - asking him to cover costs - and have now received this. We are now writing via email. "On return of these parts ( 1x Balance Staff, 1x Glass, 1x Strap, 1x mainspring and 2x Endstones) I will consider the reimbursement of your monies. As of the 20th November 2020 I am in receipt of your Court papers and will be submitting a counterclaim , plus expenses, should you choose to continue. Please advise as to how you wish to proceed in these matters." Basically, he wants me to take out al
  6. That's really helpful BF - thanks so much - I'll get that printed and send it recorded. Thanks again.
  7. I did have ample time yes - but it's him who's been stalling (he had the watch for over two months with no correspondence) - I also asked specifically to keep the old strap - and he's billed me for a new one - but maybe that's being picky....
  8. Please see attached Claim Form sent yesterday and Letter received this morning with cheque...
  9. Do you mean attach the claim that was sent to him here for you? In the meantime, I have received - today - a cheque of partial refund - £101.00 - which I'm 'happy' to accept just to end the stress of all this. However, I've now paid the £25 to issue the claim against him - is there any chance of getting this back - or shall I not accept his cheque and proceed on chasing the full amount?
  10. OK - feedback received. I've just issued a claim form via MoneyClaim. Thanks for your help - sorry I didn't read up on it all.
  11. Thanks Bankfodder - I thought I had to wait until now before registering with MoneyClaim which is what I'll do today. But just to go back to my previous message - what's to stop him from just refusing to pay?
  12. OK - Help please! It's now been 14 days since he received my letter of intent - it was signed for with his name - the 14 days have passed that I gave him to refund me - I included my bank details - so now I take him to court *gulp* Can I ask - before I fork out more money - what's to stop him from just not paying and ignoring everything I throw at him? Thanks.
  13. OK - thanks - here goes then - is this OK do you think? LETTER OF INTENT Dear Mr. XXXX,
  14. Hi, so on your advice, I'm about to send a Letter of Intent. *gulp* Before I do so - would you mind just scanning the timeline below - that i've summarised (blue text is relating to him). Key Points: 1. I told him the watch wasn't working within a month of receiving it - which I think you've said is vital. 2. Because he didn't receive an independent assessment within 14 days (he got it within 19 days) he refuses to even consider a refund - he quoted Consumer Law here - is this the case? 3. Stupidly, and cornered, I finally asked him to have a look at
  15. I have an inkling that he may be a nutter - why else behave like this? I'm on my own with a kid and have to weigh it up really...
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