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  1. My Girlfriend isn't living with me. I'm living with a friend we have been friends since we were young but the job centre are assuming me and my friend are in the relationship.
  2. im debating wether to just put the claim in for a couple but been told that even our housing benefit will be reduced
  3. hi i went to get my money today and it wasnt in ,i rang up and they said that they cannot pay me until i put in a claim as a couple even though me and the person i live with are not in a relationship they came out to see us in the house we rent out 2 months ago , and i had a letter saying that they think we are in a relationship i sent off an appeal letter and until today was being paid , ive just come off the phone and they told me that if i want money i have to put in a claim for a couple i told them that to me that is fraud , but all i was told was i can either go on hardship pay until the appeal goes to tribunal and wait for the decision or put in a claim for a couple what should i do , i got the landlady calling for top up rent and need money for electric and gas i cant believe that the jobseeker people can say "your in a relationship" i am but its NOT the person i live with , its caused huge arguements between me and my girlfriend i dont know what to do thanks in advance
  4. No she hasnt offered any help she just expects us to do it because she knows we both hate confrontation but my sister said she will confront her as its awkward for the person i live with cos she is friendly with her , i live in wales , i would happily stop renting from this woman but the prices of bonds to move into a rented accomadation i just cannot afford as i had an accident in 2006 and have metal rods in my back so i am on jobseekers thank you for your reply ,very kind of you steve
  5. hi im hoping someone can help , my landlady has done so many things Because the person i rent with is friends with this woman she is taking (i feel) advantage of the fact , we wanted a property which was cheaper for us so she said she had another one and we said great and are due to move in tomorrow but she wants to : Come into the house we are at now today to rip up carpets because the new tenants want to lay new carpets down The house we are due to move into tomorrow is filthy she said she didnt have time to clean it so said we have to ! there is drawings all over the walls etc the house we are in now she NEVER fixed anything we asked the back door key was stuck in the back door so i have had to jump over a wall to get in if the person i live with has the front door key one day i was in bed and she walked into the bedroom she let herself in ,her excuse was "i thought you had abondoned the house" which is total lies ,it was because we didnt answer the phone to her the night before as we were in bed early yesterday she gave the person i live with black bags and told her to clean out the person living there before us all her belongings and put them in the bag !! its hard because the person i live with is friendly with her and didnt want a bond before we moved in she feels bad for saying something to her any suggestions would really help cos i dont have a clue about all this thanks in advance steve
  6. the tenancy agreement states we are not a couple and claiming seperate , should these people who visited us asked to see it ? i found the whole thing weird thank you loads
  7. hi im new i have been renting a house with a girl i have grown up with for 6 months when out of the bluje a letter was sent to me saying that someone from the jobcenter was coming out to see us to see if circumstances have changed and why we were claiming seperate , the woman and her assistant came and asked odd questions like "if one moved out would the other follow and move in to another house" , "who pays food , electric etc" , cos we have a dog each who pays for them and looks after them was it me or my friend , "who uses the living room etc" anyway i had a letter back saying that they have determined we are living in a civil partnership and we will no longer recieve jobseekers and we have to claim as a couple !!!! and they even have had the cheek to say that there stopping it from march this year is anybody able to help me i dont have a clue what to do and im so woried that i will lose the house thanks in advance
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