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  1. OK, great thanks. So you reckon to stop all payments to Very and wait for the DCA to contact her, then?
  2. Thanks. Who is capquest and is that a good thing? I know that when she rang Very on that number a few months ago, they gave the impression that the interest was stopped, but it turns out it wasn't. Obviously, the interest needs to stop for her to make a dent in the debt.
  3. Just wanted to update this and say thanks for the help. She has been able to negotiate a repayment plan with all her creditors with the exception of Very, who reply to her email with an email telling her to ring a number. She doesn't want to do it by phone and has replied to them telling them this, but still they tell her to ring the number. Does anyone know why they insist on doing it by phone? She has sent them the breakdown of finances and reasons for needing a repayment plan. Any further help would be much appreciated, thanks.
  4. Just so I'm clear on what you mean. If we go back to barclaycard and tell them that we want a permanent suspension of fees and penalties until the debt is cleared and that 100 a month is all we can afford, that should be clear enough for them? Do we need to tell them why a 12 month suspension is no good for us?
  5. OK, thanks for the info. I will get a new letter written. We thought we did explain things in good detail, we did a complete breakdown of the finances, including monthly incomings and outgoings and an accompanying letter, outlining the resons for the inability to pay, all the other creditors responded quickly and without any objections, that said, the BC debt is the largest, so maybe that's part of it. I think the only thing we didn't put in was a timescale.
  6. Thanks, yes, we have been truthful, 100%. I'm unsure why you think we weren't? I think my main worry is that if she does go for a 12 month suspension of fees and is only paying off at 100 per month, she's still going to be owing 7800 or so and once that interest kicks in again after 12 months, she will be back in the same sitiuation where the minimum payment is far more than she can afford and as a result, the debt grows instead of decreases.
  7. Just updating this. we sent BC a budget breakdown and it showed that we could pay £92, she rounded it up to 100. Sent off all the letters to the other creditors and BC were the only ones that never responded. We contacted again a few days ago and they claim to have sent a letter, weeks ago, but we never received it. After much back and forth, they have re-sent the letter via secure webmail: Before we can consider your offer of £100.00 per month, we need to gain an understanding as to whether your financial situation is likely to be short term (up to 12 months) and you will be able to revert back to your contractual payments including interest or long term." That's pretty much where we are, now. We should be going for a long term freeze on the interest? Can that be done? Not sure how this works. Thanks for any help, much appreciated
  8. Thanks again! We have grabbed the appropriate letter and we are doing it tonight. She's feeling a bit more positive about things now she has a direction, so thanks for that
  9. Ok thanks for that, she is going to contact them tomorrow. She hasn't ever spoken to them, just been paying whatever they ask for. I was unaware of the situation, we don't have joint accounts or anything like that and until now, she had never mentioned it, so it's a bit of a bombshell, to be honest. She is going to contact them tomorrow to see if she can get the payments down and interest/penalties stopped. I'm not sure they were/are aware yet, other than the missed payments and increased interest rate + penalties, which I'm guessing is all automated? 1. I'm sure we can get these, she has just informed me that she messed up on this card many years ago too, but they gave her a new one once she had cleared it! 2. As above, I do not think they are aware of the situation as yet. 3. She checked clear score last night, but we will check the others tonight. Thanks for the information on the penalty charges, that's something we can do once we know where we are. A friend has recommended Payplan, I have also seen it mentioned on here. Is that worth a look? Thanks again for all the help, it is very much appreciated! Thanks. We are going to do this tonight. The card was destroyed months ago. I honestly think that all lines of credit need to be cut so she can't do it again. I wonder if an IVA may be the answer?
  10. OK thanks, so we need to check the credit file. Is this just a case of making an account with any of equifax, experian or the other one that I can't remember the name of? She has listed most of the incomings and outgoings and she will put them in a spread sheet ready for tomorrow. Once I find out how to check the credit file and get the info you need, I'll report back, probably tomorrow, if that's OK? Thanks for your help.
  11. Thanks. I don't understand what that means, sorry. She has missed payments, are they not the same as defaults? Edit: Sorry, I just asked her and she said she's not had any default notices.
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