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  1. Right-ho. Thanks. Little man gets no say once again then. I get the picture. Thanks for all responses, it's helped me build an idea of the state of play
  2. Okay thanks for the insight. A couple more questions, if I may, IF I'm TUPE'd over to the new company do I have to physically sign a new contract or is it just 'business as usual' for the little man? (IE 'me') Secondly, if this new company ask us to sign new contracts, which are at a detriment to me (perceived or in reality) and I decide not to sign it, can I claim redundancy from the old original company that is no longer able to employ me?
  3. I work for a subsidiary of a large company that has been bought recently by a larger international company. In their restructuring it is looking like our subsidiary is no longer of interest to our new masters, so they'll be selling it on. When this happens will we be made redundant with the old company and 're-employed' on new & undoubtedly sh1ttier contracts, (based on this company's reputation) with the new one or will we just be TUPE'd over seamlessly without issue? If this new company just decides to sell to a company I don't ethically respect/want to work for, then if I refuse t
  4. Fair advice again, thank you. Yep, that's pretty much exactly what my supervisor said. (Supervisor is a great person and one step between me and the boss). I was just hoping for some sort of 'rabbit in the hat' knowledge from you that would simply get me out of having to endure this shift. I don't want to go into details, but there is something about this particular route and where it drives past that 'triggers' my PTSD, whilst no other route ever does. It's a long and boring story, and I guess in this age of disposable work force I just have to suck it up or move on -
  5. Thanks for the reply Emmzi. I guess you are probably right, but having done this job for so long I'm scared of change, and this is part of my MH condition. I enjoy it, (well, more than any other job I've had in my 30 years of jobs! ha!) and I genuinely like my work colleagues and I think they like me too. I would be very reluctant and sad to just walk away over what, in reality, should be an easily resolved minor issue. But my boss is a real "[removed]" - if you understand what i mean, so any challenge to his managerial god-like omnipotence is met with Thor's hammer!!
  6. Hello anyone who is an employment law specialist. I've been working for my company for a little over three years now as a driver. (I don't want to say to much about it in case it identifies me, as I know certain work colleagues use this site). I've worked hard and diligently for those three years without any issue. However, last week I was put on a ridiculous route that I hadn't been trained for and despite saying this before, and doing my best during, I still made a massive mistake that could potentially see the company fined a shedload of money. So, naturally, my boss went mad and call
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