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  1. Thank you for your feedback. I received a courtesy call from the appointed legal firm yesterday afternoon. They advised me they were not able to fully open my case yet as I had not received my two payments, therefore, my total losses were not confirmed on file. They said to contact them once my two payments had been received. This buys me a bit of time. I again contacted my insurance company to see whether there had been any progress at all with the third party insurers admitting liability. There had been none. Out of curiosity I then asked whether anyone had looked at the dashcam f
  2. Hello all, I've spent the last couple of hours reading various threads and I have learnt a great deal. However, I need some advice and opinions from you good people. I was involved in a non-fault accident last month. At a four way junction, I was travelling straight ahead and the third party was travelling the opposite way indicating to turn right. At the centre of the junction, where the third party should have stopped and waited for me to clear his path, he did not and hit my car on the front drivers side corner. Dashcam is installed in my car, shows the accident clearly. Also
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