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  1. I had a couple of £3000 loans from A&L in 1997 and again in late 1998 and paid PPI on one of the loans. The repayments overlapped for some months towards the end of the first loan. I remember getting the completion certificate when the second loan ended, which clearly showed the PPI amount paid on this loan. I was so pleased to have paid the loan off, so celebrated by tearing up the completion certificate a few months later, thinking 'I'll never need this again' … oh what a numpty I am! Have tried SAR to Santander, giving all details but just got
  2. Hello drew66 I am also trying to chase up paperwork on an Alliance & Leicester loan (that definitely had PPI) from a similar period … early 2000's but no success via Santander. Can I ask if you made any progress with your claim using the info. supplied by Andyorch? Regards James
  3. Is it possible to determine the PPI premium applied to a loan. I had 2 personal loans for £3,000 each from Alliance & Leicester. The first started in mid-1998 and the second taken out in early 1999 which included a PPI element. I paid 24 monthly re-payments of £143 for first loan … and 24 x £159 for the second. The re-payments obviously overlapped. I have no loan documentation … but I do have my bank statements showing all the monthly repayments for both loans. SAR request made … in summary, came back with …. we have no records for you and as you have not supplied any loan r
  4. Hello I am just about to commence a PPI re-claim on an old Alliance & Leicester personal loan. There appears to be a number of addresses to where the SAR letter should be sent. Can anyone please confirm which is the best (correct) one to use. The options I have are:- Customer Services, Santander Consumer, Santander House, 86 Station Road, Redhill RH1 1SR. Alliance & Leicester Personal Finance Limited Building 3 Floor 2 Carlton Park Narborough Leicester LE19 0AL Santander (Abbey, Alliance & Leicester) Abbey National House 2 Triton
  5. Has anyone heard of Shawbrook Bank. I obtained a recent hard copy of my credit file and they have carried out a number of searches on me over last 18 months .. lots of them. Searches are listed as 'Enquiry' and others as 'Audits'. The searches were at addresses I left 10 years ago ... as well as my current address. I'm not keen on lots of searches showing up on my file I managed to get their address (they are in Brentwood, Essex) and wrote to them asking why they were searching me. Their written response was that I need to send them a full copy of my credit file before
  6. Hello Guys Just a quick update to let you know 'nothing has happened'. The case was stayed mid May after Lowells failed to submit any evidence (I assume Lowells did not have any documets to support their claim). I was expecting a bit of 're-think' from Lowell as to how they could hassle me further . .. but nothing .. . so I'm happy to consider this a 'win' for me. I am a bit peed off that this 'stay' lasts forever . .. can't see any good reason why it shouldn't expire after a set time and case struck out . .. say after 24 months but I'm not a law maker! I wond
  7. Hello Can I say a big 'Thank you' to andyorch and dx100uk for their help on this one ... . and of course the other members of CAG that gave me their advice. I called Northampton today to say that I've not heard anything since submitting my defence over 6 weeks ago. After a quick check I was told the case was now 'stayed' as they have not had any response from Lowells. Lowells would now have to pay £50 to lift the stay. He did this this was a bit strange as he would have thought Lowells would have progressed to 'Directions' at least and its unlike Lowells not to have resp
  8. Defence filed on line Friday 1st April ... very appropriate date to respond to Lowells. Not heard a peep other than letter from court dated 4th April acknowledging receipt of my defence, which says, "claimant must contact court within 28 days after receiving a copy of your defence. After that period has elapsed, the claim will be stayed". Obviously I'm keen for the 28 days to be up as quickly as possible. How do I know when they received a copy . .. or do I just assume it's so many days after I sent my defence in? Also, why is it just 'stayed' and not automaticall
  9. No requests from Lowells but in 2012 and 2013 I got debt collectors letters from Mackenzie Hall then it changed to Wescot . .. then nothing till Lowells claim a couple of weeks ago. I have changed addresses twice since 2012 so this may explain why letters never received ... assuming they were sent! I always had mail forwarding set up for a few months after each move so shouldn't have been a problem.
  10. Hi .... more questions?? If it gets as far as the small claims court, I've noted a few comments on here that CPR31 does not apply. Does that mean it negates part of my defence in that the claimant does not need to comply with this and to provide documentation?
  11. Hi I've been doing lots of reading of the threads on the forum a nd hopefully have pulled together a reasonable defence. I'm concerned it may be a bit too 'wordy' and would appreciate any feedback from andyorch or dx100uk as you have kindly offered comments previously. Particulars of Claim 1. The defendant entered in to a consumer Credit act 1974 regulated agreement with Lloyds Banking Group PLC under account reference xxxxxxxxxx (‘the Agreement’). 2) The defendant failed to maintain the required payments and a default notice was served and not complied with. 3
  12. Many thanks for confirmation .... I wanted to file as late as possible but just a bit of a concern in case I miscalculated and missed the deadline. Thanks again for your help.
  13. Hello Date to submit defence. Can someone just confirm it is 28 days from when the date of service of the claim is 'assumed' to have been delivered ... i.e. 5 days after the actual date on the Claim Form. In my case :- 1. Date on form was:- Friday 4th March 2. Date of service taken as:- Wednesday 9th march (5 days after date on Claim Form) 3. I sent Acknowledgement of Service:- Wednesday 16th March (done on line) 4. Defence must be submitted by:- Question ... is deadlin
  14. Thank you dx and old rouge. I'll follow your advice and search the 'successful' cases as well. Your comments much appreciated. James
  15. Hi mercyblue Thank you for your comments and assistance. Can I just understand and / or get it clear .... do Lowells have to produce my original agreement (or a copy of) at court ... or not? In your post you wrote:- "Sorry but these two statements are just not true," when referring to the following 2 statements. "In April 2007 the rules changed with the CCA 1974 in that a creditor no longer had to provide a signed copy of the agreement to the courts. Any agreement before that date had to have the original signed agreement to show to the court to ensure enforceability. a
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