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Found 10 results

  1. Sopra Steria has been awarded a new UKVI contract READ MORE HERE: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/sopra-steria-has-been-awarded-a-new-ukvi-contract
  2. My husband applied for the changeover to PIP 2 months ago and has been waiting for a decision since. Today we have received a letter from the council concerning housing benefit, stating that 'your PIP Daily Living Component/Mobility component has been awarded'. We still haven't heard anything from DWP and my husband has extreme anxiety issues and does not want to phone and chase them. He has hardly slept since all of this has been going on and I just want closure now but he can't bring himself to do it. My question is does anyone have experience of this, and does the particular wording suggest that it is standard award rather than enhanced. Many thanks
  3. Cabot purchased an old (circa 2010) credit card debt/default from RBS. A few months ago, having sent all communications to an address I left over a year ago, they won a CCJ as I had no idea this was in progress. Court has now sent me the attachment of earnings form ( this was handed to my old neighbours who I've kept in contact with , by the occupiers of my old house (rented property) as they noticed 'it looked legal'. That's how it got to me. The "must return by date" was 17th March but due to sending to my old address I didn't actually get it till 19th March. I returned it first class the same day as I didn't fancy 14 days in prison .. . which was the warning written boldly on the form as penalty for not returning. I did include a letter explaining why it was late as they had used an old address. My situation. I'm 63, self employed but haven't worked for over 2 years. I manage to live on an old occupational pension ... not exactly a huge amount but I can go out once in a blue moon so not quite on the bread line. I don't own a home .. rent takes up a big slug of my monthly pension money. I read somewhere there can't be an Attachment if you are self employed. It still said I had to complete the form even if unemployed. When I filled in the form my outgoings were same as income .. . however I assume most people filling in these forms will try to max their outgoings and I've no doubt court knows this. Any idea what happens next. I certainly can't afford any real big payments .. . if it was a few £'s per month I'd manage . .. but debt is over £5k, so I doubt they'd go for a few £'s per month. I have precious few assets . .. a 14 yr old car with over 200,000 miles on clock (worth about £500) is perhaps my biggest asset. Will the bailifs come knocking. Any advice or information would be most welcome.
  4. hi all got pip 24 points and 12 mobilty had my atos assiment but can i see this report
  5. Today i had to travel to a county court approx 180 miles from my home to contest an application to set a side a judgement. The defendant failed to turn up so the judge threw out their application and has allowed the judgement to stand. My question is; the judgement is for a specific amount of money, however since this was calculated there has been a number of additional expenses that i have had in relation to the case, fuel costs to the hearing and postage of various forms. Is there a way of claim this back? On a related issue, my partner was signed off work for a 6 week period due to the stress that the case put them under, and therefore has incurred a loss of earnings can anything be done about this?
  6. In early 2009 I took liability for £470 of my partners rent arrears when she moved out in order to gain tenancy of the council house we both lived in. All the arrears were paid off within a few months and everything was fine. Skip ahead 5 years, April 2014 I receive a letter from a debt company for £220. The company had to contact the council to find out what it was for and it turned out to be "court fees" awarded against me by the court for the rent arrears that I had no idea about. I asked the council why I never received any notice of fees and they said it had been hand delivered to my house on April 2010 and had been to court 6 times since. The only problem was I moved from the address 2 months previously so I never received anything. They eventually reached the conclusion that the debt was not recoverable due to incompetence and they would inform the debt company. So what I want to know is does this mean I have 6 Scottish versions of CCJs? Also are the council able to start the process of getting the court fees again under my new address? I was told the fees would be the equivalent of £350 in 2014, would this be the court fee alone or has it added up over time and other fees added on? I understand if I request for the judgments to be removed the case will be started again but as I paid the arrears would this happen?
  7. Awarded future costs for one years worth , , , but then u might have a new job one month after being awarded that. do u get to keep it ?
  8. Hello new here but have a very important question.... Long story short.. September 2012 my current boss decided to sell his security company, he didn't tell us he was selling it!. Neither did the new bosses tell us they were taking over, no mention of TUPE or nothing. We (that is a few guards AND the old boss) continued to work on the various contracts. Needless to say the inevitable happened we didn't get paid. So I (plus others including the old boss!) to the company to tribunal(s). The case(s) were won, the new owners no even replying to the tribunal papers. So I now have a tribunal award for £1750.00 which up to today 01-02-2013 hasn't been paid. Now here's the kicker the new bosses have changed the name of the security company (about two weeks ago), there the exact same company doing the exact same work but have simply changed name to possibly avoid paying out all the unpaid wages, so: have they achieved this? i.e. by changing the company name do they not have to pay anything out? if not can a tribunal fast track system still get my owed money? if yes can I reapply to the tribunal to issue the award to the new named company? Any and all help would be appreciated. thank you for you time in this matter
  9. hi, been awarded DLA, lower rate care, dont know whether to appeal or not. What are my chances of getting Middle Rate Care? My GP report says she needs freq attention throughout day in connection with bodily functions. That is relating to middle rate care i think. What is the process of appeal? Just based on paperwork, or a similar medical like atos kind? Would LRC stop whilst appeal is in process, or LRC would continue? If they decide no DLA/LRC is awarded, they will ask for money back? I hear an appeal could cause the LRC award to be revised to nothing, so thats a worst case scenario. thankyou
  10. My wife and I have been struggling financially due to my being unpaid for the first 10 weeks of this year and this being followed by me being made redundant. Following this I was unemployed for 2 months, I have now found employment as a postman but my take home wage is approx £1,200 less than it used to be. We are keeping up to date with all our priority debts, we have fallen behind with non-priority debtors, now we have written to other debtors and most of them have agreed our reduced payment terms, HSBC seem to be ignoring our letters at present. My wife's Sygma card passed it onto Dryden Fairfax solicitors, despite our writing to both Sygma and Dryden Fairfax with our offer of reduced payment they decided to issue a CCJ. We filled out the forms supplied by the court and sent them a budget statement giving a detailed breakdown of our situation, our statement shown that we had £135 available to distribute amongst non-priority debtors which we did on a pro-rata basis, this allowed £3.20 per month for this account. Today we had a letter back from the court stating that "The claimant has objected to the rate of payment you offered", it then states that the court has decided on a rate of £635.81 per month. There is no possible way we can pay this amount, I have downloaded and filled in a N245 form offering a payment of £20 per month, we can afford to stretch to this. Is there any other action I should/can take at this point ? Should I send a letter with the N245 form asking how the figure of £635.81 was arrived at and then explain our current situation ?
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