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  1. No I didnt use that form, it was a basic word doc form, which i obtained from another forum. IN THE COUNTY COURT AT xxxxxxxxxxxx Claim No: BETWEEN NAME xxxxxxx and NAME xxxxxxxx DEFENDANT’S SCHEDULE OF COSTS The defendant seeks costs which has resulted in the defense of this default judgement. The costs below are based upon the hourly rates set out in The Litigants in Person (Costs and Expenses) Act 1975 (as amended). The current hourly rate for a Litigant in Person is £19. Item Description Hours spent Costs
  2. Mission accomplished good people! The judgement has been set aside and all costs awarded to the tune of over 500 pounds. The judge commend my research and praised the quality of my WS and evidence also the claimant solicitor congratulates me for a good fight. I hereby thank every single person who have contributed to this thread and have submitted one thing or the other. The battle has just begin though because, my draft order requires them to re-submit the claim form within 12 days of judgement today. I need to have my defense fine tuned prior to receiving it. I have already
  3. I need some examples of schedule of costs, do I need to have that ready to hand over to the judge so the claimant can pay, because they would be required to pay costs. Can I have some examples please? i have it in my draft order that the claimant pay the costs. The fees to set aside and the time used to prepare defence WS, etc, and legal advice etc.
  4. Also I need example of schedule of costs, do I need to have that ready so the claimant can pay ?
  5. I perfectly understood everything, i only got confused when you stated " you need a brief defence to the initial claim" in post 28 above. Of course, I know clearly that I would need to defend the resubmitted claim post set aside. I guess you would have stated you will need to set out your defence post set aside, then it would be clear. Anyway thanks for your help. I got it clearly now. I have already drafted my defence, which would be issued when I receive the new claim form. I will also post here for comments from members.
  6. Defence Points • The debt has not been verified or confirmed. Firstly, the claimant need to confirm there was a credit agreement with Lloyds. The claimant statement - Stated a credit agreement was entered with Lloyds, No evidence of this has been provided. • Strongly believe the claimant has deliberately issued claim form to non-existing address with a view to obtain default judgement unopposed, because there has not been any correspondence received from the claimant at any point before the judgement was issued, in a clear abuse of court process. Defendant had updated his ad
  7. Yes the claim particulars are on the thread above. the set aside hearing is tomorrow morning, how should one conduct oneself during the hearing? what questions should be posed to the claimant? Is there anything I should be aware of ? Can I have example of schedule of costs to be submitted, cos the claimant would be responsible for the costs? Thanks Extracts from the WS: 4. Civil procedure rule 13.2 states 13.2 The court must set aside a judgment entered under Part 12 if judgment was wrongly entered because– (a) in the case of a judgment in default
  8. Also post judgement, the judgement was obtained since last year, they would have made some attempts to enforce the judgement, and would have attempted to send out letters which would have been rejected or returned to them by the post office, they know clearly that they have obtained the judgement on a non-existing address and should have done the right thing to perform some some due diligence a basic credit file check would confirm new address even if they deny the OC has not pass on change of address letter to them.
  9. Kind of connected, I want to understand what remedies are available, if it was found out that the CCJ has cause harm because the process that led to judgement had not followed the legal requirements, where it was obvious the statement of truth is clearly statement of lies and no due diligence. Where judgement was obtain through backdoor means where the forms were sent to demolished house with none existing address, address had been pulled out by Royal Mail.
  10. I like the title on this page, true reflection of what happened. Great Job. I like to PM to Andy for some reason I cant because I have not posted enough is that right? Can Andy kindly send me a PM so hopefully I will be able to respond. Thanks in advance.
  11. I will like to know the legal position on seeking compensation or counter claiming for wrongful CCJ which has been successfully set aside, especially if the CCJ has cause the defendant to loose their job and unable to secure gainful employment while the CCJ was in force, costing over 12 months of income and bad credit rating. What legal ground is available to seek for damages, compensation or counter claim against wrongly applied default judgement, which has been successfully set aside? Experience people with strong legal background is allowed to comment on this post, take no offence
  12. Thank you so much Mercyblue, at last I have someone who have carefully read my post before commenting. Thank you very much. I like those questions raised, they are legitimate questions which I can confidently ask during hearing. Thank you very much.
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