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  1. I have been asked a good question by a friend. M&S near us have now introduced a 4 hour free parking, using Parking Eyes as the administrator. But they share’s this car park with 2 other large stores, Tesco and outfit. *This is a massive car park and people use it park and walk to work, There are no options for all day parking, The bays are not marked with any floor paint indicating whose bay they belong to Tesco or M&S etc. PS. To be fair to my friend she use M&S most days to get her lunch. So her question is, there are no parking sings on the entrance that she uses to get o
  2. My friend has just called me because someone has told him that because his son has used his dad address to register his business they can force entry although its a private dwelling. he said that he didn't know that the business was registered at his address only that the business mail came to his house because his son stays there a few nights a week. he thought it was because it was easier to pick up his mail while he was there.
  3. My friend has just got a bailiff final notice letter through his door on Monday but it is for his son. Or should I say, His son business. His sons registered business address is at his dads’ home. So, I have assured him that as long as you don’t open the door the bailiff cannot enter your property as it is a private dwelling belonging to him and not his son and they cannot drill the locks either, it’s just a bluff to get you to open the door and pay someone else debt The final notice just says client XXXXX borough council. For the value of £423. I have spoken to the son who has no recolle
  4. The DCA is 1st credit. They bought the debt. They took me to court, the judge sided with them, they got the judgement. so to stop them applying for a warrant for control of goods and bailiffs knocking at my door for my wife's sake, I have offered them verbally a £50.00 a month they want me to fill in one of their financial statements first before they will consider my offer. obviously it to see if they can get more out of me than what i have offered. i just want to know what they are intilted to as far as the information and the paper work proof i may have to provide to them.
  5. A debt collection company bought the debt off the Halifax and they took me to court and won. Either I set up payment plan or wait for the bailiffs or they go after my wages and I lose my job. and be assured my job would go. I am trying to find out how much are they entitled to as far as the information I have to provide, also do I have to change things like cutting back so as to pay them can they force things like this. I am completely in the dark, so I need some help
  6. They are asking for evidence to support my Financial statement. how much documentation are they entitled to ? what do i have to provide them. can you help. Thanks
  7. I had been fighting a credit card debt since Dec 2013 due to losing my job after selling it on to a DCA back in 2014 they decide now to take me to court. let’s just say the judge was not on my side i got my pants pulled down and duly spanked. now i have to sort out some repayment plan. I was wondering what i can claim for, for example i go to a good gym I do amateur dramatics and raise money for charity, my son and his wife do clay pigeon shooting as a hobble and they have got me going with them as a family outing, so will I have to give these up to pay the DCA
  8. your 100% right DX I got the wrong end of the stick. while at work i nip on the forum in between jobs, i should have read the post more clearly i thought this was your own form that you supply into a DCA instead of filling out there forms, it is for you to work out your own incoming and outgoings
  9. I recently lost a court case and the DCA got judgement for around 5.5k i dont have this kind of money, so i offered to set up a payment plan. I made them a offer Of x amount but they wont except anything until i fill in a financial statement which rubs me up the wrong way but they have the judgement i guess i have to play ball to a point. i have a few question i need help with. They have asked for my wife earning, where i work etc Do i have to include her earning since the debt is not hers and that is her private information and she may not wish it to be given. also at this p
  10. I know this is an old post but why is your partners wages on the form, as the debt is not theirs and what they earn is private,
  11. I will have to scan and hide details so bear with me it will take some time . In the meantime. I applied to the court for a set aside under CPR rule 13. 3 the defendant has a real prospect of successfully defending the claim. i show using their court bundle that it does not have the prescribed terms required under section 60. And under section 61 the signing of the document with a prescribed term missing did not comply and then I said under section 127-3 the court cannot make an order for enforcement under section 65 if section 61 has not been complied with. Thei
  12. sorry guys for being late with my replies i have come down with the flue on Saturday and have only just got out of bed I have filled out the Questionnaire form Dx100uk Name of Claimant 1st Credit Date of issue was the 03/04/2017 What is the claim for – Breach of contract. Particulars of claim 1.The claimant is the assignee of a Bank of Scotland plc debt, in the sum of £4500 assigned on XX/XX/2014. Statutory notices of assignment were sent to the defendant. 2.The debt is a credit card account first opened by the original creditor on or about the XX/XX/2005 under re
  13. i will have to gone now, i Finnish work in the next few minutes and I will going straight to the hall to set up the stage for the singers. speak to you guys later. i fell better just getting this out. Sorry Dx 100 I am at work, I had finished my work set out for the day early. i have to stay until the end but they let you use the computers. i dont have any copies with me they are at home. please forgive me, i see what you mean the link on one of your posts i will try to complete it tonight. when i get home.
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