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  1. I shall now demonstrate why people hold Link in the regard that they do, We have already tried offering a settlement figure and in February when we were thinking about our remortgage they offered to settle for £11500, or thereabouts. However now they know we are remortgaging, having been contacted by our solicitors and that we cannot proceed without them removing the charge "company policy" is to demand the FULL amount effectively blackmailing us into paying the judgement amount and the interest.
  2. So if we pay the amount stated on the charging order £6895 (or whatever) are they then obliged to remove the charge from our property or can they refuse until we have paid the interest as well?
  3. What can we do to get it removed then? They have us over a barrel and they know it as we can't remortgage until the charges are cleared.
  4. Hopefully you can see these. Front page we were asked to sign but back page we have never signed and were not shown. As a further issue i've noticed we have received 2 different letters from them over the years but on the 'statement of account' there is information missing which i believe they should provide for it to be binding I have also read somewhere that there is a paragraph which should also be included in the statement, about being able to go back to court, which is missing also? geedited.pdf gebacpage.pdf link1edited.pdf link2edited.pdf
  5. Thanks Andy, I still haven't managed to dig out out paperwork yet due ton the house being upside down but I have a query? As the original judgement was for £6500 is this all we have to pay to remove the second charge or can Link refuse to remove the charge until we have paid both the judgement amount AND the interest??
  6. I'll try and scan everything tomorrow, whichay give you a better idea of ifthey are chancing their luck.
  7. Unfortunately I believe the original court papers did reserve the right to charge interest and they appear to have been sending a statement every 6 month too. I just dont think they should have been allowed to charge interest on a debt we were already struggling to pay which I stated in correspondence to the court at the time of the case but seems to have been ignored.
  8. We have 2 charging orders on our property which we are currently trying to sort out so that we can remortgage but the charge holders are trying to rob us blind (in our opinion). Both CCJ's/Charging order were granted whilst we were having temporary financial problems due to the collapse of my business at the time and as a result I suffered badly with depression etc so we did not do alot to defend the court action. 1st charging order is with Link Financial who purchased a GE Money loan £6549r. After assignment of the debt we received one call from link asking for full payment whi
  9. I have numerous problems with it but how helpful any of them are is questionable firstly there is how we were sold the loan. Then how GE refused to help us when we got into trouble before harassing us on the phone almost daily and then adding loads of charges. Then how they sold the debt despite refusing to help us to Link Financial. Then Link refusing to help us, accept any payment or stave of court proceedings while we got ourselves together. The court for allowing Link to get CCJ, and then Charging Order on our property before then allowing them to charge interest on the
  10. Hi, We are just going over our finances as we approach the end of a bankruptcy and have had a bit of a shock whilst looking over a contract we had with GE Money. Both myself and my wife were under the impression that we had signed up for 0% finance but from the contract it appears in fact that we were charged 23.1%!!! However we have several other issues with the loan and how it was sold. Firstly shortly after moving to our address we were door knocked by a Safetyle salesman and very naively during what was meant to just be a quotation we were railroaded into signing up fo
  11. Hi Andy, Particulars of claim attached and do state that they reserve the right to charge post judgement interest but we have several letters (a copy ofone i have attached) which state "We will not ask you to pay any more than the amount you would have paid if you had continued to pay your account as per the original terms of the agreement" This would be £8000 or so. Dan
  12. Hi Andy, I have scraped the majority of the paperwork together now so will try and get it all scanned on over the next few days........ Dan
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