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  1. Majority almost 99% from credit cards and personal from banks and rest is from housing benefit overpayments about (£2500) which the council hasn't accepted to be within IVA and have a separate thread started for that 1% is for utilities
  2. Hi, We are in IVA since 2014 July, due to change in circumstances the variation meeting with creditors arranged resulted in their refusal to accept the completion of IVA. Having gone through various posts , as every individual has different case, I am getting confused Having left with no other alternatives, I have couple of options for myself to accept the DRO and for my wife above £20000, go for BK, I am not sure as to what happens to the income as we are totally within the state benefits and my question is how are the funds managed on daily basis until 3 years of the BK, do we
  3. Hi, After a long time, on a different subject. We have been overpaid about £1500 during June 2015 till May 2016 which is not disputable, also there was an discretionary payment of 2000 maid to us in 2014 of which £700 was aid back and further about £500 has duly been recovered by weekly deductions. In the meantime, in July 2014 we entered into n IVA which was duly notified to the council , still they continued to recover ignoring the letter from IVA company. both the recoveries/deductions are coming together to almost £100 pm. However, my IVA is about to be failed because of af
  4. Fortunately I feel, the PPI should not be time barred as I have in writing from them in January 2009 that the PPI is missold and that they agree to pay back. However, surprising it may sound the case is handled by IND and the claimant is Welcome finance, we have approached IND to provide the paperwork and pointed out the descripancies, any thoughts anyone can anyone be of any help the PPI amount of £1650.00 since June 2007, as accepted to be refunded in 2009, what could be the calculation to get refund, if originally it was an agreement @43.5%
  5. they are not taking initiative and waiting for response from welcome which they are not providing with any documents they are relying on as the ccj is already awarded by sending the documents to previous address
  6. Steampowered, Sorry to be away from the site, because of the ongoing hospitalisation issue of my wife. After chasing for couple of times by the bailiff, I have been in touch with my solicitors. Surprisingly yesterday, I have received second warrant of execution from the county court and subsequently from bailiff. Now I have an appointment with solicitors at 3 pm today. what should be my stand now. Also as said, PPI is certainly an amount of £1642 charged since June 2007 and my ccj is for £9000, also worth noting here that the default amount was £5600. can
  7. Postggj sorry to be pain, just a bit more anxious as the pc started running about the draft
  8. Posttgj Much appreciated the matter entirely rest on you as always and I will execute accordingly Due to PC crashing have problems may be until tomorrow
  9. As per our discussion I was waiting for you to advice yesterday and yes I am going ahead
  10. Just a quick question, car on HP with Welcome purchased in 2006 has been scrapped in 2011. Other car is bought in the name of my daughter, who is not on the insurance, having me and my wife on the insurance which is on HP. It is used for the purpose of and registered as a severe disability of my wife. Even if the letter has not been issued by the bailiff I wonder whether the bailiff can lay their hands on it. Please guide me also, can welcome chase &/or take up the matter to county court for the car loan which is also in dispute, despite that they have defaulted in first q
  11. looking forward to your able assistance, as always
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