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Found 3 results

  1. I've just seen a post from a guy on here who was (150k in debt) now 70k in debt. Something like this myself started paying through stepchange at £269 a month for just over 2 years now for 23k work of debts. total paid to date is £2,959.00 which brings my account to £20,510.58 My debts are with. Halifax (Credit card) Capital one (credit card) Barclay card (credit card) Tesco (credit card) Natwest (credit card) Zopa P2P lending (Loan) (13.5k loan, 19k with interest) However I've been going through some of my old statements and a recent one today from Halifax who send them very sporadic and I noticed which I thought was stopped interest wasn't so for 2 years they have been keeping the interest going at about £28 a month while my stepchange payment plan with them is about £21 a month after all this time my account with them should have been £1,460 however I checked today and it stands at around £1,780 I've not actually paid anything off. They aren't the only ones Zopa had my debt at about 13k down to about 11k now but they have been keeping the interest on my debt with them stands at 14k now even though the original letter after a defaulted said the debt was 13k and never mentioned the interest. Now my finance has changed I can't afford the original payments as the debt calculator on stepchange now puts me at minus £284 a month. What do I do at this point? Do I do what the other guy did and get letters sent off to them and what should I expect if I stop paying stepchange by DD and only offer creditors about £1 a month each? Capital one is also keeping interest going. after 2 years of paying and looking at all my accounts again today my debt stands at £23,657.14
  2. my bf is giving up his job next year to care for our Daughter full time ( he lives 300 miles away) I am a full time student. He has three credit cards which he owes nearly 20k - currently paying them at rate of £1,800 a month. I owe my own house and car and he will be reliant on me which I am cool with. What would he tell the credit card companies and what would happen as his income will be nil and he has a joint interest in house with Wife - divorce going ahead next year. Will he send need to send a letter to them three months in advance of him leaving job.
  3. Hi i am 31 years old male i have 17 creditor debts totaling £19600 from 2005-2012 i need help to take control of this situation and some advise what to do. I have 2 children and i want to put this right i have been a bad boy and i desperately need to sort this out i have recently been on the credit reference agencys and im full of defaults as im not suprised as i have never made contact with these debtors. I have deliberatly just ignored them and hoped it would go away stupid i know but i now want to take control and sort my credit history and rating out so i can eventualy apply for a mortgage. I am a builder and i am regulary in and out of work so keeping up payments has been impossible for me thats why i have chosen to ignore but ive had enough i wanna sort it once and for all JUST DONT KNOW WERE TO START. What i have done over the last few days is compiled a list of debts 17 in TOTAL = £19600 and I have been on equifax exsperian and noddle to see what details they have for me. noddle have 6 defaults exsperian have 3 defaults equifax have 7 defaults .........all puting me in a poor credit rateing exspected really......... all discracefull i Know wich is why i am here to admit were i went wrong and start to put it right out of the 17 debts i have some are newer i.e 2012 so is it best to write to those and make a token offer i f that is correct so it doesnt get to the default court stage or should i ask for validateing from them all first what do i do next do i validate them ask for there contracts etc or just make an token offer to the collection agencys that have been bombarding me with phone calls and letters. some of the 2012 debts are still with the opriginal creditor what should i do next i put theses debts through step change debt change a nd they advised to go bankrupt there must be other options please help me start to sort this out. Noddle score 1/5 points poor credit Not suprised
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