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  1. This topic was closed on 03/07/19. If you have a problem which is similar to the issues raised in this topic, then please start a new thread and you will get help and support there. If you would like to post up some information which is relevant to this particular topic then please flag the issue up to the site team and the thread will be reopened. - Consumer Action Group
  2. In the late 1990s (1997ish) we moved house as part of a relocation deal and the timing happened to be that our mortgage application was handled by a broker whilst we were on holiday. We had signed for a 95% mortgage and went on our way. Whilst away we received a message that there was a problem with our application and so we called in. We were told that the valuer from the mortgage company had considered the property over-valued and so declined the mortgage. As a result, the broker had arranged a 'work around' and had gotten us a cashback mortgage which would incur a slightly higher rate of +1% for 5 years. In order to keep the move on track, and being assured that it was the cheapest way to resolve the issue we agreed. Although we were led to believe at the time that the cashback amount would be repayable if we settled our mortgage early, we were also told that the cashback repayment would reduce for each year completed at the higher interest rate. After 3 years we needed to move on and duely agreed a sale. It was only once all was settled by the solicitor that we found that the entire cashback amount had been claimed by Abbey National. Our solicitor at the time suggested that it was normal and so didnt see any benefit in spending his time at his normal rate investigating further. This still feels very unjust and in the current climate of banks/building societies being held to account for previous unfair actions, i wonder if anyone else on here has experienced anything similar and had any joy in getting redress?
  3. The basis of most mis-selling complaints is that we were told what they wanted us to hear verbally, got us to sign agreements and we were not made fully aware of the details at the point of sale. By buying into an account online you are not being mid-sold something unless you can prove some advertising/person at the bank mis-led you into thinking travel insurance was included.
  4. Thanks The refund of fees is obviously different to the spreadsheet due to them refunding the difference between gold and classic rather than full Gold as I have used some benefits (and therefore demonstrated awareness of the benefits). The other refund is way out (25% of what I calculated), but they haven't put in the letter how they arrived at this figure. The only clue I had was in the telephone conversation where she said they went back and refunded OD usage and unauthorised borrowing where these events were directly attributable to the fees being taken. I've had more of a detailed look through that link again and I'll send a letter asking them to look at it again - more for evidence of what I'd requested for the FOS than anything else. They've already invited me to take it to FOS if I'm not happy, but I've no evidence of what I'd asked them to do - their reply letters are quite carefully worded to just respond to the bits they wanted to respond to - surprise!
  5. You mean the link to the thread you didn't get round to posting (see above) ? I'm not having a go, most/all of your previous replies have been helpful. Tbh I just couldn't find a specific post in the haystack of useful information on this site and was discussing another matter with the bank when the topic came up. I opened my account pre-1997. I only have evidence going back to 2000 and the bank only to 2001. We AGREED to the refund of the difference in the absence of any hard evidence either way regarding 'mis-selling 'and my subsequent use of a number of benefits of packaged accounts. My query remains, has anyone successfully requested Lloyds to recalculate their account based on lower (or no) account fees being applied to their account?
  6. So far, so good. I phoned Lloyds and enquired about my packaged account. They didn't agree on all points, but to be fair, they were helpful and whilst they didn't refund all packaged account charges, they did compromise in the absence of any proof either way and refund the difference between what I had paid and what I would have paid for the lowest package for the 'benefits' I had used since I became aware of them in 2009 and originally asked for my account to be downgraded (request declined). I then asked for that lower amount to be applied to my account at the time the payments were taken as I had evidence that the inflated price had, by compound, taken me into and over my overdraft limit on occasion. Lloyds have refused this, instead refunding just the charges where the account fee specifically took me over my limit Was I making an unreasonable request? Has anyone else successfully requested Lloyds to do this? Let me know. Thanks.
  7. Thanks. I'll kick the process off and see where it leads.
  8. I was asking to change to the cheapest account I believed they had available at the time - they declined my request due to poor history.
  9. Really from day 1? Wouldn't the 6 year limit be in play? Had a read through that post and Salthouse the process looks quite lengthy, it's definitely helpful. Thank you.
  10. It's bothered me for some time that I pay for a packaged account with Lloyds. I've had more than my fair share of financial problems and one of the few plus points on my credit score is that I've had my bank account for a long time. I was investigating "free" accounts and came across a number of sites claiming that packaged accounts may have been mis-sold, hence my visit here. I originally signed up to a Gold account in the late 90s because I had asked for an overdraft increase (£2,000) and was told this was the way to get it. I hadn't realised the full "benefits" of the package (probably still don't) although I did use the breakdown service a few times around 2005/6. In 2009, after a period of unemployment and temp employment I went back to University to retrain as a teacher. As the account I had was more expensive than a "student account" and the overdraft was long gone, I applied to Lloyds to change the account to a student account but was told that because I hadn't got the best financial history (returned payments etc during unemployment period) they couldn't change my account. I was, therefore, trapped into continue to paying the £12pm. Do I pursue this for the original mis-selling, or just from the 2009 point where I was trapped into the paying the increased amount? Is there a 6 year limit on this?
  11. After a month or so living with family, we got to visit our new house to measure for carpets a week before getting the keys. Having duely taken all available measurements we walked into our local scs store to sort us out. After having a brief 'we normally send an estimator round, but as you've got the measurements, if you're happy to go ahead, so are we...' chat, the guy set to work arranging the jigsaw in his head so that we could keep waste (and cost) to a minimum. So far, so good. We paid - still going well. Then phone calls start. 'we won't be able to fit on the day we agreed, it'll be the day after'. I offered to cancel the order and suddenly they could do it on the day! Next phone call. I didn't realise you were over the Severn Bridge. You'll have to add bridge toll to the money you still need to pay the fitters - Ummmm, no, you had my address, deal with it. On the day, the boys arrive. 'You have got our money haven't you?' - yes, good morning to you, hope you had a safe journey, I do have the money agreed, I just need the carpet to be laid first. Guys worked hard, with minimal fuss. I got on with some jobs, going back regularly to check on them. Got a call late afternoon to go back as they'd finished and wanted payment. Got to the property, boys loading van, paid guy holding the paperwork whilst being told all the waste was my problem and then he proceeded to tell me about the 'issue'! All rooms were done except for the hall way. It was the right length but because one room had been cut out of the whole roll, it had left too big a gap at the bottom of the stairs (2feet) so they were taking it back to the store to 'sort it out'. Didn't receive a call within 3 days so I called the. 'oh yes sir, you have a problem don't you. Your measurements weren't right'. Nothing wrong with my meamusements we both have a copy of them. 'but you missed one measurement off' Ummmm, yes, ok, but you didn't ask me for it when you were juggling it in your head. 'i did, I asked you if you could lie down in that space and you said yes'. Now apart from not remembering that part of the conversation at all (and it not really being the most accurate form of measurement) I could actually lie in that space, I'm 5'10 and the space is 6'2 - certainly not a 2 foot difference. Either way, trust is broken, guy starts being arrogant because he does this job all of the time and couldn't possibly have made a mistake, and so I ask to speak to store manager. SM is not in, but he'll call me! 4 days later I rang to see if SM was in - he got the admin to phone and tell me he'd call the next day once he'd spoken to sales person - I said that I'd be at the store at 9am the next day to speak to them both, and all of a sudden he was ok to speak to me. We went through the detail above and told him I was a reasonable person, I had missed a measurement, but was certainly not going to accept full responsibility and top up scs profits by ordering yet another piece of carpet. I was unclear whether it was a mis-measure, whether it had been cut incorrectly, whether the wrong room had been taken out if it, or whether it was a good honest mistake. They had the carpet, so I couldn't check. I agreed to pay cost price just to get the matter resolved, and move on. An estimator came out, I paid - so far, so good! 2 weeks later, still no carpet! Phoned store who said they could do any day convenient for me (as long as it was Wednesday - certainly not the Friday I needed). Took wed off, arranged to work Friday instead. Weds came, got text that fitters had been over booked and couldn't make it - could they come Fri instead? Grrr. Yes come Friday. ok see you at 7:30am! Got kids up and out to school to get another text, stuck in traffic going to another job first, see you later afternoon. By 2pm it was fitted, and all of the waste left again - including the original that didn't fit! I've unrolled all 4 pieces left and NONE of them are an 'L' shape which would have fitted the shape of the hallway, with or without a 2feet gap at the bottom of the stairs! This leaves me wondering if the problem wasn't actually that the measurements were wrong, but that the fitters actually got a bit trigger happy and cut too much off the roll. I've now got a house that's carpeted,but it still annoys me that I've had such a poor customer experience and paid extra to rectify a problem with measurements, and now I'm not even sure that the measurements were even the issue! Not sure what I can do, if anything, but atleast people who have read this will be able to make their own judgement about whether to use Scs or not!
  12. Good work! didn't want to dial in case it was a [problem] and a whole redirect thing ended up costing lots more. As it happens, I just went back to the scene of the 'crime' and took a photo of the sign in the area which states that the fine for non-display of a ticket is £50 - so this thing is unenforceable any way. Looking forward to receiving any follow up from the LA
  13. lol, it doesn't say. What I typed into the original message was the entirety of the notice. I do know that the car park is a Local Authority car park, but they do outsource the pay and display and enforcement. I would assume it's the private company, but no way of proving either way
  14. My wife parked in a LA car park and as the 2 machines weren't working and she just needed to "pop into the shop" she did just that and came back to a ticket. Nothing weird about that but... This was more of a home made ticket! Nice bright yellow box with "Penalty Charge Notice" and "Do not ignore" on the front and on the back, all handwritten... Reg £130 fine for further details or to make any other complaints or inquiries Please contact 0800731732 ticket issues under traffic section 69 WARDENID: PC10D75 I know there is nothing illegal about handwriting (or possibly even spelling/tense mistakes), but what's the current wisdom on these things? Wait for a letter? Thanks all
  15. Case closed - account brought back within council administration and all additional fees for the last 2 years removed. For future reference, if anyone has any dealings which involve a "Levy", check it carefully against Schedule 7 of the Distress for Rent legislation, and feel free to dispute it through the court (doesn;t cost anything except the time writing a letter) http://www.legislation.gov.uk/uksi/1988/2050/schedule/2/crossheading/7/made Mine was found to be lacking the names of directors/partners, the name of the bailiff, an accurate breakdown of the LO and fees, and despite listing a Consumer Credit Licence, they managed to be quoting one that expired in 2009, not their current one. In other words, not worth the paper it was written on.
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