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  1. Thanks for the insight. I have decided to accept. It has been nearly a year now dragging this out so I will just go with it. I think I would have pushed for the 60 when I was younger..but I consider this a win without having to push for it. Thanks agian everyone - very much appreciated the responses and insight. I will know how to handle this and hopefully more swiftly if anything like this ever happens again.
  2. They've written that my claim is without merit but are mindful of civil procedure rules which obliges parties to try and resolve where possible. They've also written "This offer is made on a commercial basis with no admission of liability......If you do not accept this settlement offer we reserve the right to bring the contents of this letter to the attention of the court on the issue of costs. In the unlikely event that you succeed at trial but fail to be awarded more than this offer then we intend to seek an order requiring you to pay the Bank's costs, together with interest on those c
  3. Received settlement letter from Tesco today. So getting the full amount back. So only down the small claims fee of £60. Thanks for everyones help. Glad its finally over and I got it back.
  4. Tesco have responded intending to defend the claim so have 28 days to file their defence.
  5. Thanks everyone for the help. I have done it and will update with how it goes.
  6. It's telling me it has to be an english address when I try to enter it into the moneyclaim form online though? I did get a response from tesco bank and they gave me a newcastle address but said it would be forwarded to the scotland one so I am wondering if thats ok or I should definitely make sure its the scotland one?
  7. Tesco gave me a glasgow address to write to but the money claim only allows for england and wales addresses. Not sure what address to put down for tesco - any advice on how I go about getting an england address? Thanks for help Could I just send it to this one: Tesco PLC Tesco House, Shire Park, Kestrel Way, Welwyn Garden City, AL7 1GA Or does it need to be the Tesco bank one..if so that one is glasgow and I am not sure what to do as money claim only allows england/wales address.
  8. They were not interested in seeing it when I said I can give them the evidence, The ombudsman said it didn't matter either. I gave them an independent review from an organisation that showed it was misleading, then I showed them the webinar and pointed out what was misleading and they were uninterested. I also gave them other information too. I do not think that they even watched the webinar - they seemed very uninterested in what I provided.
  9. Ok thanks - glad it is not too late will do that today.
  10. I ended up doing the FOS route not realising how crap they are. They have come back with verdict that they didn't find it misleading. Is it still too late to do small claims court or can I now do that. I bought it last April now and its nearly a year on. The FOS took ages to respond. I want to now send tesco another letter before action and then do small claims against them. I am part of a group of people who got done over here and all of them have been successful. They are all USA based and their credit cards had no problem refunding them.. .so I feel I shou
  11. Well Tesco do not seem to care so just going to pursue small claims now. Hopefully they will look at it properly. Tesco were not interested in any of the information or the additional information I could have provided. I will name the course name. It is an Anthony Morrison course. Fan Page Domination. All his advertising says FREE method - he even has high profile people endorsing it - but it is all a lie. The material doesn't reflect it whatsoever. There are just over 1000 members in his facebook group for it and not one success story - if someone feels misled their message gets de
  12. Also I think the problem is..when I asked for a refund, access to the course was taken away so I can't show the difference between course material and the salespage - is this the problem do you think. Not sure why others are able to get refunded on the same information though.
  13. I received a letter response this morning that they are uoholding the decision...so next step I guess is small claims. I don't really get it considering I know people have received refunds from their card companies. I sent all the same information. Any advice on how to word it? Thanks
  14. I got a text message from Tesco a week or so ago...saying they would respond. It's been over the time I alloted them today I was about to set up the small claims thing - hwoever I got another text message from Tesco saying sorry their response is taking longer than I wanted. So do I wait? And how much more time should I give them?
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