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  1. Hi there, I popped into the Payroll department at my NHS employer today to ask what was going on and where the authority to make these frictions has come from. They were pretty helpful and showed me the "Notice to employer to start Student Loan deductions" letter which they had received from HM Revenue and Customs. They even gave me a photocopy of the letter. It instructs them to start making deductions once my pay exceeds the Student Loan repayment threshold (to date I have earned £8223.48 - which seems like a pretty low threshold to me but anyway. So I can only assume that the SL
  2. I just did the trust online search where you pay £4 to see court judgement s against me and it came back 'nothing registered'. Oh and I've never given anyone an 'attachment of earnings' form, or been asked to fill one out either.
  3. Thanks guys, I'm not aware of any CCJ's against me. The wage slip literally has the column for payments (so salary/hours, overtime etc) and then the next column has deductions which are tax, national insurance and "Student Loan" and the sum of £60 (my salary is £21692). I was wondering myself if maybe someone at the office has just hit a button to make a SLC/Student Finance England payment as it's the first time this has happened in 4 months, but I presumed there would need to be more of a formal agreement in place to do so rather than them being able to just randomly send money to the SLC. I'
  4. Thank you! Yeah it's the old-style loan. They didn't write to me about it for a number of years and I had no contact with them since I sent them the standard 'Statute Barred' letter stating that they weren't allowed to pursue me for it, and they stopped writing and sending me statements etc. Then today there's been deduction. I'm confused and concerned!
  5. Hi there, I have an old student loan from 1996-1999. I informed the SLC/Student Finance that the debt was statues barred three years ago and they left me alone. I started working for the NHS four months ago and today's payslip has a deduction for Student Loan repayment on it. I have never given permission for anyone to do this as I do not acknowledge the debt. Where do I stand? Many thanks, M
  6. Hi, I was wondering if anyone could help with this. My wife recently applied for a placement at a school as part of her Teaching Assistant NVQ. This is an essential component of her course. She has a criminal record from 14 years ago (fraud and theft) and obviously this showed up on the enhanced CRB check. At the first stage of her interview process, she discussed the past criminal record with the school's headteacher. I should add that for the past 10 years, following graduation, she has worked as a community artist involved with many charitable projects and government-sponsored initiati
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