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  1. I couldn't have done it without the fantastic help and support I've had from those on CAG, especially you Ell-enn and for that, a huge and heartfelt thank you
  2. Hi, I had to reopen this thread as after we managed to get the order suspended in November last year, hubby lost his job in December and we got into trouble, again and Kensington jumped straight up and got an eviction date. Well, hubby got another job pretty quick, starting just after we got the eviction date, I told KMC and we also applied for a hearing to have it suspended. Well, on Monday this week, for the FIFTH time, KMC have lost and got a good telling off from the judge! The judge also reduced the monthly arrears payment fro
  3. I'm looking forward into finding out exactly what they've charged us over the last nine years. Once I have a reply, I'll post the details.
  4. One last thing, the bailiff who delivered the eviction notice told us 97% of evictions get suspended. If that's true then surely mortgage companies are abusing the court system to get their own way?
  5. Awwww thank you dx100uk, I'm a firm believer that the courts and DJs just do not tolerate bullying behaviour from mortgage companies. Oh and the DJ ordered no costs to be awarded to KMC either and we didn't even ask for that. What I couldn't get over was the fact that KMCs legal representation had no idea they'd been fined heftily for unfair practice and illegal charges, surely he should've been aware of that?! Ell-enn, thank you again, without your help and the support from CAG, we'd have never done this, so a huge thank you from the bottom of my heart Anyone facing the sam
  6. Thank you, no I don't have the info, so its a request to them first. I'm expecting the charges to be in the thousands, it'll be interesting to see exactly how much they've whacked onto our account over the years.
  7. We managed to get into trouble again with our mortgage and broke the arrangement to pay the arrears set by the court 3 years ago. It was due to extenuating circumstances, I was going through lots of tests as I had a cancer scare, hubby had to take time off work and as he's a contractor he doesn't get sick pay, this resulted in a drastically reduced income. I kept KMC fully informed and we started payments back up, with an extra £260 on top each month, they told us we couldn't afford this and went for eviction. On the day hubby submitted our application to
  8. Hi, thanks for your reply and a SAR will be definitely be the next step.
  9. Hi, I hope someone can give me a little advice. Back in 1996, hubby had a social fund loan for advance rent and as he was claiming benefit, the repayments were taken at source, as usual. We both understood that the loan was repaid in full as no other communication has ever been made. However, the DWP have now sent him a letter, demanding the 'rest' of the social fund loan to be repaid, as according to their records, just over half remains unpaid. As he didn't find work and sign off for well over a year after the loan was taken out, as far as we remember it was paid in full. They ar
  10. Hi, yes they settled 'as a gesture of goodwill' in full, for £2002, everything we asked for plus interest, bonus!
  11. Hi sunnygill, just wanted to offer my support and to let you know we're all here to try and help and will be thinking of you. We had a repossession hearing last week and thanks to Ell-Enn's help and advice, it was suspended and we got what we wanted in terms of the arrears repayment, not what the other side wanted! The DJ was very impressed with all the supporting documents we had with us, apparently so many people turn up with nothing. Good luck
  12. Yes, just a bit! Apparently, there is likely to be a few new members coming soon as hubby's workmates have asked for CAG's addy, as he has also been singing everyones' praises!
  13. Well, we got it suspended and the monthly payment at CMI plus £100, not the £150 we had offered as the DJ said there was no room for contingencies We are both so relieved and huge, massive thanks to Ell-Enn and everyone for your support and invaluable help. The DJ also told off their solicitor because she was pushing the equity card, saying the arrears had gone up so much that their client may not recoup everything, because of possible negative equity. The DJ stopped her mid sentence and basically said that was irrelevant. He, and the duty advisor, were both impressed with all
  14. Will try to sleep, I've got so much running through my mind though, still, there's not much that can be solved by worrying about it. I'll post again tomorrow when we get back.
  15. OK thank you again. We're all sorted now, everything printed out, assembled and ready. The hearing is at 2.30pm so I'll post what happens as soon as I can. It will be interesting how much sleep we get tonight!
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