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  1. Nope this is the first letter I've been given until 27tn of Jan to pay the lot
  2. Thanks for replying. It's for this year only. Letter says Enforcement officers visit pay up in the 24 or will seize goods
  3. Hello all , Today I arrived home to a bailiff letter for outstanding council tax. I don't dispute the fact that I owe the money but I have not had a chance to set up a payment plan. I have read here that this is the compliance stage whereby I can ask for a plan to be put in place ... All I have received is this letter today. My divorce has only just be one finalised.. I received nothing and I am ashamed to say I am in now lots of debt which I'm trying to set up payment plans to be able to sleep at night. I reaching out to see if I have any hope of setting up a plan with this company. . The amount with fees is 1,930... Thanks in advance
  4. Thanks for your reply. No Levy as enforcement order was posted through the door one morning. Baliffs have not been into my home I have paid £100.00 towards the debt and yes I am working now but only part time. My income has been reduced by -£500.00 each month hence debt with council and rent too. I did send equita an email but then received an enforcement notice. So do i resend an income and expenditure form? Thanks for your help.
  5. I gave a debt if £434 to repay to equita I gave had a payment plan but broke it when I was made redundant. Equita now want full payment but I would like to pay off the debt at 184 for a first payment. Where do I stand with this as I am about to okay it online just now. I did speak with the bailiff before Xmas but he wanted all otherwise he would add fees any advise would be helpful. I m not disputing the debt just want tine to pay. Thanks
  6. Hi all I have council tax arrears totally £594.00 Ive arrived home to find an Equita letter totally £802.00 for enforcement fee's £ 235.00 and compliance fee of 75.00 I have no means of paying the amount in full and I have been given 24 hrs to pay it all. Please give me some advise as to what to do next. The bill was for last years council tax currently paying £105.00 a month for current year.
  7. my wages go into a completely different account as nationwide and halifax have suspended my accounts with them. At present i receive £1658.00 working fulltime. i will do a budget planner now and go onto the debt line website and see what they suggest although i know im not going to have alot left to repay debts off given the time frame. I'm hoping to repay all the debts within 24 months. Thank you.
  8. thanks for your reply, i guess i am afraid that my repayment offers will be refused and ill be in a worst situation. Im in such a mess my own fault. but with an income of £1658 and debts that are way out of control i guess im just afraid of what may happen its my own fault i know stupid woman i am ;-(
  9. Has anyone considered a debt management plan to sort out payday loans? I'm seriously thinking of contacting one to help me consolidate my debts as i owe; Paydayuk £652.00 Wonga£350.00 WDA£659.00 Payday express: £552.00 Sunny £249.00 Money shop £249.00 Nationawide £1270.00 overdraft Halifax £1277.00 alot of money. I get paid £1658.00 and feel lost and in a rut im so stupid im in such a mess with money need some serious help!!! dont think payday loans will accept my £10.00-20.00 offer such a fool for going back to them what a mess
  10. can i just ask can PDL affect your credit score by placing defaulted loan on your credit file??
  11. Thank for your quick response i have tried contacting WDA leading stream, PDUK but they ignore me and continue adding interest. I'm not sure if the wording u use is correct at the moment i am reapaying a cost of £116.00 a month to sunny, cfo lending, clear account and wonga i do have WDA, 247 money, money shop, leading stream and pduk to repay hence i dont know if i can comfortably afford to £200 in PDL i know its my own fault i really do but i just want this to stop i feel as though it will take me forever to repay if interest continues to be added. Is there a letter I can send the PDL's Many thanks for your help
  12. Hi all, After a year of being PDL free i stupidly took out PDL with the above companies to help with my daughter going to university. I kept on rolling over the debt hoping that the next month i could pay it off. It became a cycle and now im so stuck i dont know what to do. With sunny, wonga CFO lending i have repayment plans which are as follows Wonga 39.00 sunny 20.00 cfo lending 37.50 247 30.00 but i now cant afford to repay the rest of the pdl's i feel as though im drowning here Im almost tempted to call in a repayment company. Ive tried to set up a repayment plan with WDA but my emails are just being replied too but an automated one now the debt has gone upfrom 525 to 770 lending stream also say i owe money which i dont even recall taking out a loan with them!! Please cn anyone help me i have no way to repay these debts i feel stupid irresponiable and disappointed inm yself for getting in so deep with this debt.. i feel like repaying 10.00 to each company i work part time so my income is very low and as my daughter goes to uni i dont qualify for any benefits.. i feel very lost thanks for reading this
  13. Hi all, I recieved a letter asking for information regarding my daughter attending an approved training/college attendence for the period of April 2013- April 2014. My daughter was in approved training from April- Sept 2013 as she then began her univeristy course. I naturally thought approved training was also uni but now have read my declaration form and found that a degree does not qualify.. Im now really scared I want to call them and tell them but am unsure of how to explain that it was a natural not delibrate error on my part. My daughter has been at uni since oct 2013... any advise would be welcomed.
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