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  1. Dot to Dot/Morses/Shelby Finance
  2. No none the dates fell on a weekend and payments made under CPA.
  3. Hi Can anyone advise regarding loan payments. I have a loan agreement with payments that were due as per the credit agreement on: 17/08/18, 21/09/18 and 19/10/18 however I have noticed that payments have been taken late or early by the lender on 20/08/18, 17/09/18 and 12/10/18. Is there any legal standing on this if I make a complaint
  4. Hiya Asking for some advice on behalf of a friend. On Tuesday 23rd May he upgraded (previously with O2, contract expires shortly) and took out a new EE mobile contract which included a new phone (Samsung S8 plus), on Thursday 25th May the phone is delivered. However upon taking receipt of the parcel, signing for it and the courier disappearing he noticed the package had appeared to been re-sealed with sellotape. he proceed to open the package and found the phone box partially ripped, after opening the box the phone was missing however all the accessories included with this new phone still remained. Now he has contacted UK Mail and EE who have said they will investigate but want all the packaging and contents returned. EE have blacklisted the handset on UK Networks, and it has been reported to the police with a crime reference number issued. He has returned all the packaging and contents as requested, photos of the packaging and contents have been taken also. He is concerned that has a new contract with the phone he does not have as it was stolen. EE and UK Mail are unwilling to do anything else until its been thoroughly investigated. He has asked to cancel the contract also under the cooling off period but that has been declined as a theft has occurred. Now where does my friend stand? Is there anything he can do? Regards Matt
  5. Cool thanks will try that now! I told Lloyds I am going to close my account and they wernt to bothered, l ast time I had an issue with a business account I caused a scene in the branch, issue was quickly resolved!
  6. Hi I am having all sorts of issues with Lloyds Bank recently. November they bounced a cheque I paid in because the signature on the cheque did not match the issuing banks mandate - complained and was put through to a branch I did not bank at, bank did not take complaint seriously - complaint was upheld and compensation received. Last week tried to upgrade my account from Club Lloyds to a Club Lloyds Platinum, this was declined - complaint raised and told someone in Lloyds Bank has put a marker on the account, speak to Personal Lending Team. Personal Lending Team say speak to complaints team, complaints team say vice versa. How can the bank decline an upgrade for an account for the features I am going to pay for? Backwards banking... Yesterday 07/01/16 went to reduce my overdraft and it took the bank 45 minutes to do so by telephone as the advisor had to get higher authority to override to authorise a reduction in the overdraft. I also requested a cheque book, this was declined and advised this needs to be ordered in the branch? I have banked with Lloyds for 5 years with my account always in credit and used as my main bank account. Lloyds Bank have said they are going to be sending out a final response in regards to the recent complaint about the refusal to upgrade my account, any thing I can do? I am going to take this complaint forward to the FOS.
  7. Anyhow I did not amend the POC in the end, and no payment was forthcoming, I issued a CCJ and then a Warrant of Control a month later. Now the debtor still hasnt paid up, should I go ahead and put up to the High Court? The debtor lives between his parents house and at his employment, which address should I use? everything has used parents address from the start to present. Amount owing is around 4k now with all the share of bills etc added on + interest. Advice please? Can I also have some help completing the form to put up to the High Court? Thank you
  8. I have submitted the claim however made an error on the POC! in the daily interest I put the total amount interest stands at vice the daily rate of interest, advice please?
  9. Final POC: 1. Defendant signed a joint assured short hold tenancy agreement under part 1 of the housing act 1998 for a minimum term. 2. The defendant has failed to pay the agreed share of rent due on the 24th of each calendar month, share of utility bills and council tax. 3. The defendant vacated the property on Saturday 22nd November 2014 without giving notice as required under the tenancy. 4. Claimant claims the costs of rent £3006.75, agent’s fees £194, utility bills £213.65, council tax £344.90, interest in accordance with section 69 of the County Courts Act 1984 from the date hereof to the date of judgment or earlier payment and costs allowed by the court.
  10. Thanks Can the below please be checked? Will be using the MCOL and post the court bundle to Northampton. Particular of Claims: 1. Defendant entered into a joint assured short hold tenancy agreement under part 1 of the housing act 1998 (as amended by The Housing Act 1996) for a minimum term of sixth months from the date of commencement of 24th September 2014 with the claimant. 2. The defendant has failed to pay the agreed 50% share of rent due on the 24th of each calendar month. 3. The claimant paid to the landlord’s agent: the agent’s fees of £194.00 and 50% share of the deposit £522.50 on behalf of the defendant on the agreement that the defendant would repay the claimant. 4. The defendant repaid £522.00 of the deposit to the claimant on xxxxx 5. The claimant has failed the repay the agent’s fees to the claimant. 6. The defendant vacated the property on Saturday 22nd November 2014 without giving 1 month’s calendar notice as required under the tenancy agreement and before the expiry of the minimum 6 month tenancy term. 7. Claimant claims the costs of the share of rent for duration of minimum tenancy term £2775, agent’s fees £194, interest in accordance with section 69 of the County Courts Act 1984 from the date hereof to the date of judgment or earlier payment and costs allowed by the court. Court Bundle: 1. Statement of Account of monies owed 2. Copy of Joint Tenancy Agreement 3. Copy of Notice before action letter from Claimant to Defendant 4. Copy of response letter from Defendant to Claimant. 5. Copy of bank statement showing payment of deposit.
  11. Hi I gave him this letter non recorded on the 18th November and he replied in writing on the date he moved out without notice (a copy I can post up if needed), I came home to him not here with his keys left on 23rd November with his letter in response to my NBA. To help him out I paid his agency fees of £194, the deposit of £522.50 (which he has paid back £522.00), also paid his share of the rent of £462.50 for October and November. TOTAL Owed £1119. As he moved out without notice on 23rd November day before December rent was due, can I claim for this as well? Can I claim for the rent due for the duration of the tenancy he signed also? Also some help writing Particular of Claims please? Thanks Matt
  12. Hi I am in need of some urgent advice, I am on a short-hold assured joint tenancy agreement and the tenant I am sharing the property with is a friend (soon not to be) has failed to pay his rent, we are now two months in arrears. All he has paid to date is the deposit, have had numerous promises of will pay it tomorrow or this week and still no further, rent is due on the 23rd of each month. Now I have stumped up and paid is share of the rent to the agent to alleviate any problem with the agent, but what can I do? Ideally I want them out now, I have rented the property for 8 months on a short-hold assured joint tenancy prior to the new tenant moving in after the last moved out due to a job relocation. Even though I can afford the rent and bills of the property solely, I am not prepared to let the other tenant now known as squatter to live rent free. He has also not contributed to any bills either. Any advice would be great. Thanks
  13. I dont think you understand what I mean, Vanquis only is the one doing this. The authority to report ceased upon termination of the agreement when fully repaid and the account closed which happened in July 2012. The satisfied default stands along with any data already shared for up to 6 years however Vanquis are continually reporting each month and sending data to CRAs since July 2012 when the account was closed and agreement terminated. CRA showing last updated by Vanquis a few days ago with a default marker (8) placed on the payment history! Permission to share data with CRAs was only given for the duration of the agreement and this is implied in the T&Cs
  14. Having a quick look through DPA at what that says they should only do so with permission and under a contractual agreement. That agreement ended when either a the account entered default effectively termination or when the full sums due were repaid which was done in July 2012. However Vanquis have reported month on month a 8 with Experian month on month, effectively continuing to process and share my data with a third party without permission. I wish to get some legal advice as Vanquis continue to ignore and the ICO complaints take a day and a age.
  15. Morally what they are doing is wrong but legally right?
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