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  1. Also I wanted to mention that we are starting up a website in order to organise and, most importantly, publicise any and all the bad (potentially illegal) Anglian experiences. We are hopeful it will be good starting point in order to organise a possible group class action lawsuit. If anyone out there has had similar experiences with specifically Anglian Home Improvements and would like to share their story, please message me (or post here).
  2. Creo, we somehow completely missed your post! I'm sorry to not get back to you more quickly. How are things going? Our update is that the saga continues. We are now a year after I invited Satan into my home (sorry, maybe a tad melodramatic). In the meantime, we finally received Anglian's file notes after sending them a Subject Access Request. After reading through their file notes, I wrote them back to ask for clarification on some bits that were written in their internal code. I also queried the lack of recorded calls on the CD they provided - calls that they refer to in their
  3. Hello, I am currently in a dispute with Anglian due to misrepresentations made by their sales agent. Could you let me know how things went?
  4. Also, I forgot to mention that if anyone out there has also had similar (ie incredibly bad) experiences with Anglian Windows, I would be pleased to hear your story. I simply want to compile as many similar situations as possible to lend weight to ours.
  5. Hello again, Does anyone know how I might go about finding out the following: - what the percentage of profit Anglian makes purely on cancellation fees is? - how many cases GGF (the Glass and Glazing Federation which is Anglian's conciliation body) sides with the consumer vs the corporate member? We are currently drafting our letter to the GGF setting out our case and need as much ammo as possible.
  6. The saga continues. We sent the SAR 9 Feb 2016 and finally received their notes etc. on the 11th of May 2016. Is the fact that went over the statutory period of 40 days of any relevance at all? As in, is there anything I can do to slap their wrists with this (or worse)?
  7. Ford, thank you for FCA link. Do you know if the blurb on consumers being able to 'rely on oral promises' was moved over to the FCA or did they give up on that?
  8. Hi, Our only written cancellation was made by email on 19th of January 2016. Any correspondence to that point has been reminding them that we instructed that all work on our file must be on hold due to outstanding issues with gasworks. To date, the gasworks issue has not been resolved. We now have from National Grid a PDF drawing of a portion our neighbourhood showing the pipes crossing our property at about a third of the way down. A third of the way down may or may not be in direct line with the proposed foundation. There are no measurements on what we've been provided in o
  9. Thank you for your advice. I will follow it all to the letter. I will get back to you with answers to your questions once I have got my kids fed and watered and into bed.
  10. 18 Nov 2016 we (stupidly) signed contract with Anglian Home Improvements for a conservatory. It was a four hour sales pitch, in our home. He offered us a special discount if we signed that night. He offered some sort of 'deal' if we used their financing. He offered us extra discount if we would agree to advertising. The meeting was between my husband and I, my mother in law and him (also add in two wired sleep deprived toddlers running around to the mix). Contract came out at 10:30 and he finally left at 11pm. We just wanted to get rid of him. At the appt, we discuss
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