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  1. Many thanks for your advice, I will contact each company that is doing this and if I get no joy I will then contact the Information Commissioner. I did dispute the information held by the Credit Reference Agency, but they rejected my dispute, but failed to tell me why, which wasn't very helpful. Again thank you for your advice. Sarah
  2. Hi Some advice needed please. I declared myself Bankrupt in June 2010 and was discharged from this in June 2011. Most of my creditors who were included in the Bankruptcy then gave a default date of June 2011, however some of them have continued giving my defaults for every month on my credit report right up to todays date, and they have stated that the amount I owe them is the same as when I went bankrupt. I know that the amount should not be the same as before I was bankrupt I was involved in an IVA and had paid four years of money towards this which was then divided u
  3. Hi Not sure if it was a Debt Collector, but the postcard had Anglian Water printed in the corner. He left only the name Denholm and a mobile number with hand written message detailing what i owe in arrears and what my full bill is for this year he added my account number as well. I have complained via email to Anglian Water but i think a formal letter would be more appropriate. Is there some other people i should be informing of a breach of data protection? Thank you again to all that are helping its much appreciated. Sarah
  4. Hi Thanks for your reply. Only witness would be my husband who was there when i found it. The writing is the same as the writing used for the name and number of the person i need to contact. I really don't want to ring this person as he seems very unprofessional, and Anglian water haven't responded, so not sure what to do? sarah
  5. Hi Im not sure if this is the correct place for this but couldn't find anywhere else to put it. We are currently £240 in arrears with Anglian Water, however i got my new bill and on this is states that i have until the 2 April to pay £336 which will be the arrears plus the first half of the years payment. I have set up a DD for this and i thought all was fine. I came home from work yesterday to a postcard that had been left in my letterbox, stating that someone called Denholm had come regarding Anglian Water account and that i was to phone a mobile number to sor
  6. Hi I went Bankrupt in June 2010 included in this bankruptcy was my Uncle Buck Payday Loan. Uncle Buck were informed of this and were sent a copy of my Bankruptcy Order. However after a year or so i was continually harrassed by Uncle Buck demanding payment etc. I emailed them and told them of my Bankruptcy gave them my Bankruptcy number and sent another Bankruptcy order to them. All emails from them stopped until early February when i went to visit my parents i opened a letter addressed to me from Motor Mile Finance saying that Uncle Buck had sold my debt to them and i wass to make a
  7. Hi Thank you for all your advice, its much appreciated. I am going to send Santander a letter offering them 141 per month and hopefully they will accept that although i doubt it very much as they have been very unhelpful up to now. Fingers crossed though as i really don't want my husband to go through legal action as i don't think he will be able to handle it. Again many thanks for all your advice and sorry i didn't thank you all sooner, i have been ill and only just logged back in.
  8. Hi Thank you for your reply, he cancelled the PPI not long after he took the loan out as i told him it wasn't worth paying for. Have read the Lending Code and Santander do seem to be unreasonable and un-moving in the negotiations. I can't understand why. I have done a I&E and their payment per month would be £141. Do i send them my I&E and just pay the 141 per month into their bank account for the time being even though they are asking for £408? At least i would be paying something, which i assume would go in my favour if they start legal proceedings, it just scares me to dea
  9. Hi Am very new to this, although i have read a few things and took advice to try and sort out our Debt problems. I have managed to sort out repayment plans with most of our creditors. The only one we are having problems with is Santander, who will only agree to a 6 month period for us to catch up on our arrears in the Loan my Husband took out in 2009, we have £3712 left on this loan. We have had problems since July 2011 when my job was made into a job share due to cuts at work therefore i became part time and my salary went down. We fell behind with our
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