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  1. Hi All Thanks for all the help, after a long call with a very nice lady all Anglian Water negative credit marks are in the process of being removed.
  2. I will be telephoning Anglian Water after work this afternoon. Just a thought I had, if I was in an arrangement to pay off a debt at a fixed amount and never missed a payment, can the mark me down as 6 payments late?? I have kept up with the agreed amount since day 1??
  3. I have a online account but can only view my bills, I have no access to any letters regarding the monthly payments.
  4. Thank you BankFodder, I have read the customer service guide, would you recommend sending the sar first or telephone them? no I haven't got al the paperwork as I have been paperless for a while now.
  5. HI All Many years ago I moved into a rented property, I rang Anglian Water and in formed them I was the new tenant and I was going to be paying the bills. I received bills every quarter which I paid. 3 years later I moved out and phoned Anglian Water again to make them aware of this and the lady on the phone said you moved out 3 years ago and we have been charging a standing charge and you owe us £1800> I explained that I didn't have that kind of money and I would have to pay it in instalments which they agreed to £52 a month. I have now finally managed to get a
  6. Hi Colin No the date is not the same, the original default Was up last November (6 years) and cap quest started The new default January this year.
  7. Hi All hoping someone can give me a bit of advice, I had a credit card with Lloyds that I fell behind with the payments. I got defaulted by Lloyds and never heard anything from them after they closed my account. I noticed the default on my account was nearly six years old and thought that it would be wiped off. then I started getting letters of capquest, I denied all knowledge of the debt and then noticed a new default had appeared on my credit file form them. I was under the impression that a debt was wiped after 6 years? please point me in the right directi
  8. Hi All I have 3 accounts with Lloyds that have all been defaulted in January 2010. I have had various letters from different DCA's that have amounted to nothing so I have left them on the to do pile whilst I have been dealing with more pressing debts. After reading various threads on the forums I am wondering why they havn't been more forcefull on chasing me. I am not complaining as I am not in a position to pay at the moment. Account 1 platinum credit card Balance £7000+ currentley with credit security was previously with robinson way I get the odd letter threatening a home vi
  9. Hi I am in the same podition sent my claim to the fos on Monday after receiving the letter from Lloyds saying they are waitng the courts decision . Does any one know when the court case is? Is there a fast track for hardship? Thanks Labasblue
  10. Hi All Recieved a letter today from Lloyds, Cutting all the usual out it says, I am sorry I am not in a position to provide a final response to your complaint. We will consider your complaint as soon as possible and then we will write to you to let you know what happens next. If you are un happy with the delay you are entitled to take your complaint directly to the FOS. The Fos contact details are enclosed in the explanitory leaflet. Is 8 weeks not long enough to come to a decision? Looks like it's going to be a long drawn out saga. Thanks Labasblue.
  11. Hi All It has now been 8 weeks since I registered my complaint with Lloyds and I haven't heard anything since my first standard letter. Should I call them to see what is going on or do I need to contact the FOS? Labasblue
  12. HI All Recieved a letter from Lloyds today. We are sorry to hear that you are not happy about..................... .I think you will all know the rest. I did get a phone number to call and the name of the person dealing with my complaint. Suprisingly I didn't get the all claims are on hold response I was expecting at least not yet anyway:???:. Has there been a change of plan or are they just saving that one to buy themselves more time:?: Will post again with any more news. labasblue
  13. Hi Darzen Well done and so fast I am just starting a claim against lloyds and would like the address you sent your claim of to please. Thanks Labasblue
  14. Hi Loan 1 12 months Loan 2 60 months loan 3 60 months Thanks Labasblue
  15. Hi Thanks for your reply here is the dates and payments, 1st Loan 15th Nov 2002-18th April 2003 loan £1500 ppi £159.16 interest rate16.62%apr First payment 16th Dec 2002 PPi advanced on the loan 15th Nov 2002 Early repayment caharge £27.34 2nd loan 12th April 2003-30th Jan 2004 loan £6300 ppi £1451.27 interest rate13.12%apr First payment 11th May 2003 PPi advanced on the loan 12th Nov 2002 3rd loan 30th Jan2004-25th Jan 2005 loan £12000 ppi £2523.86. interest rate 9.15%apr First payment 16th Feb 2004 PPi advanced on the loan 30th Jan 2004
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