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  1. Sunday mirror payday loan company pays no tax name and shame
  2. hi still having trouble with payday express. spoke to some guy called nick who said they do not give rebates for paying your loan off early and they have put my account on hold till 21 of dec and wold not contact me till then well yesterday got a tex saying i had defaulted on a payment and asking would i like a rollover give up now who runs this bloody shower oh also sent a e mail saying balance outstanding 60 pound i know i should have not rang them but feel like i am banging my head on a brick wall .i have been reasonble . i know its a company that does not give a **** about their cus
  3. No its sort code 20 95 61 account 23824616 at barcleys bank payed it yesterday .
  4. thank you for your reply just got another e mail from mr lender they will roll over sent them one back again saying no i feel i want to go court or the newspapers also mr lender as got that many address as anyone one here dealt with this pdl as there are plenty of complaints about them on line thanks
  5. lose your card and tell your bank to stop all payments to the companys right away .email the pdl not to ring you or your work any comunication i in writing only .good luck
  6. hi yes my writing was bad due to breakdown came home from work found my son had died in his sleep anyway what i am trying to say is paydayexp and mr lender do not help i sent all the documents income proof and letters from steps anyway they wont accept my offer 5 a month till i am better.i have closed my bank account so they will have to send me details how to pay them so i am saying is they do not help i sent a letter to the house of commons and got a reply saying they are going to look at payday loans at the end of nov there is a new agency being formed to deal with all the complaints ab
  7. I am having the same trouble with paydayuk due my son passing away suddenly i am now on esa they will not help in any way they have been known to take money out of accounts before the due date you will find they have a cpa on your account you have to stop this go in your bank and inform thepdl company ask them for the agreement that said you could have another roll over and when you signed it you will find there isnt one i have reported pd uk to the office of fair tading also if you reach a agreement with them dont do dd go with standing order
  8. You can not get the same cooker as brighthouse have a certain make that is not in any other shops so they win all round
  9. hi matto i got a loan from payday express on nov 6 i payed it off early they said it was payed in full and i got 42 pound rebate on one and 18 pound on the other they sent me a e mail and told me on the phone yesterday sent me a tex saying they were taking 60 pound out of my account i rang them they said it was a mistake that i got a rebate and that they had been trying to contact me i asked why did they not e mail me they said they did nt have to i told them i had just recenty lost my son they said i should have informed them i sai
  10. Hi got a loan of of p ex on the 26 of oct paid it off on the 6 nov really early sent they sent me a email saying i had and i got a rebate of 60 pound today got a tex saying they were taking it out of my bank account tomorrow isaid but that was a rebate the man i spoke to said there had been a mistake and i owe 60 pound i said why didnt you e mail me he said they dont have to and they had tryed to ring me and got no answer i told him my son had not long passed away and i am not working he said i should have rang them when my died and told them really bad bad service by the way u can not e m
  11. can pay day loan lenders take money out of your account if you have got a new card details my bank as said no one can if they do not have the card details
  12. mr lender is due at the end of the month 325 and quick quid 500 i have changed my bank card after reading some of the stories on here i was working when my son passed away i could not get help anywhere because i was not on any benifits it cost 3200 so tryed to live and pay all cost believe it the council tax people wre great never been on benifits but i am now on esa my sons death was in the newspapers anyway step changedebt charity sent me a letter to send them i also have capital one they have been great as well i told a couple of neighbours and they said they will do somthing if they refu
  13. quick quid due to be paid end of nov my son died suddenly and i had a breakdown now on sickness benifitgot in touch with debt agency who said all i can afford is to offer all my creditors is a pound a week till i can go back to work i left my job due to breakdown i dont know what to do if they dont except this i dont want to pay a pound for ever just till i feel better i just feel so mr lender is the worse one i took out pay days to pay for funeral help please
  14. hi i dont know if this will help you tell them you will see them in court they come under the same law as any other company but keep paying somthing just a pound as it stands do not miss one payment then if it gos to court it proves you did not miss a payment and then e mail them saying you are going to the newspapers to warn people about this company
  15. Help due to pay quick quid at the end of the month been in touch the ccs who have drawn up a payment plan to send to quick quid i have been put on esb due to the sudden death of my son do they except pay ment plans i lost my job due to break down
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