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Found 5 results

  1. Care UK faces legal action unless it pays more than £3m in compensation READ MORE HERE: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/care-uk-faces-legal-action-unless-it-pays-more-than-3m-in-compensation
  2. Hi Quick bit of advice needed regarding filling out financial statements which has been requested by my ex local authority. Basically we have outstanding council tax debt with North Herts Council from around 6+ years ago. they got a court order and we was paying this off at £20 a month which we agreed with them. About a year ago they decided that they wasn't going to accept £20 a month any more and wanted £40, well we told them this was unaffordable and payments ceased. This has now escalated to Bailiff levels so we contacted the Council to say we weren't going to give the Bailiffs anything and that it's in their best interests to take the debt back and accept the original payment of £20 which was all we could still afford. They said we had to fill out a financial statement so we visited CAB who gave advice and provided the forms to send them. filled these in and emailed them off and the council have come back saying these forms should have been filled out by CAB themselves (never had to do that in the past) and they are not accepting what we sent them! Personally I think they are just being bloody minded, so they've been told as it's school holidays and I'm on my own all day with three kids, two of whom are Autistic, and the fact my Husband has moved out as we've now split up, this won't be possible till September. Is this correct that CAB have to do this form? Thanks Lisa
  3. I have an ongoing dispute with a storage company the action now being in court a claim by them of approx 5k and a counterclaim by me for approx 13k for loss of equipment whilst in storage. Matters came to a head on 17th September when their claim was struck out for failing to comply with an Unless Order made by the Judge leaving only my Counterclaim to be heard on the day. The hearing was adjourned as although I had quantified the amount of claim I had not included a copy of the invoice so the Judge gave me 7 days in which to submit which I have complied with and a retrial date was set for 2nd November 2012. There solicitors have now applied for an Order under CPR Part 3.9 (1) granting the claimant relief from sanctions and the claim be reinstated because failure to comply with the unless order was not intentional. The court has granted relief from the sanction imposed and reinstates the claim by order dated 17th October 2012 at a "Without Notice of Hearing" the original hearing date for my counterclaim of 2nd November 2012 is vacated and a new date for trial of both claim and counterclaim is on 10th December 2012. Both parties must now comply with with the original order dated 16th July 2012 by 26th November2012 although I had already complied with the original deadline of 17th August 2012. The Order does state that "This order has been made without a hearing under Civil Procedure Rule 23. You may apply to have this order set aside or varied within 7 days of service of this order under Rule 10 of the Civil Procedure Rule Part 23 My question is would it be worth trying to set this order aside as these solicitors seem to be able to make a complete mockery of the Unless rules just be admitting that they where completely incompetent in failing to act by the time limits imposed by the judge. Please could I have some quick responses as the time is ticking on my 7 days
  4. I owe money to several creditors to which i make regular payments to when they have confirmed they owe the debt etc etc and i know who im paying is correct, but im having problems with MBNA/Connaught/1st credit ....The steps i have taken are below and can anyone confirm the next step for me please; ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 03 April 2010 - Sent CCA Request/Do not acknoweldge debt 24 May 2010 - Statutory Demand Issued 25 May 2010 - Sent 2nd request as above 28 May 2010 - Letter received confirming my request for CCA on the 25th May 2010 saying take longer than 12 days 22 June 2010 - Statutory Demand Set Aside Confirmed due to no cca provided 30 June 2010 - Sent template letter saying "Account in Dispute" 05 July 2010 - Letter received confirming my 2nd letter and that they are yet to supply information and saying not valid request as falls under Schedule 2 section 2(a) of this Act, or grounds upon i rely on the notice 20 December 2010 - Documents received from Connaught and requesting payment in 7 days. Faint copy which says “Credit card agreement regulated by consumer credit act 1974” your lender is MBNA bank. Also copies of weekly statements 26th April 2006,20th April 2006,22nd March 2006. Also what looks like internal banking statements headed " A&L CONVSN REG MONEYBAC" showing transactions 04 January 2011 - Hassling for payment as saying paperwork sent 12 January 2011 - As above but saying any payment made will be doubled by them Recent - Mackenzie Hall and J&P solicitors letters demanding payment in full ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Can i have some guidance please in the next step for me, i realise they have took longer than allowed to provide documentation but i have left it longer than 6 months to complain but i just want to set up and agree payments i can afford if they are the right people to pay. Thanks again
  5. I am a Defendant looking to file an "Unless" Order along the following lines: "The Claimant has introduced new evidence at a late stage of proceedings therefore unless the Claimant is able to substantiate this new evidence with (list of things eg credit card number, name of payer, bank ac number etc. ) within a period of XX days then the Claim be struck out and a wasted costs order be made in favour of the Defendant" My question is - What is the lowest XX can reasonably be so that the Judge grants the order: 21, 14, 10 or even as low as 7 days?
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