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Found 5 results

  1. A motorist has hit out at Asda after she was 'charged' £99 before she filled her car up with fuel. Jade Louise claims she was debited £99 on top of her £5 petrol transaction at an Asda in Dewsbury, West Yorkshire and says there were no signs warning customers about the fee. MasterCard said the charge was introduced at automated fuel pumps so that customers didn't fill up with more fuel than they could afford - but says no money will be taken from their accounts. However Jade claims she was left out of pocket for three days. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-5703487/Customers-slam-Asda-charging-motorists-99-deposit.html?ito=social-facebook
  2. Hi Quick bit of advice needed regarding filling out financial statements which has been requested by my ex local authority. Basically we have outstanding council tax debt with North Herts Council from around 6+ years ago. they got a court order and we was paying this off at £20 a month which we agreed with them. About a year ago they decided that they wasn't going to accept £20 a month any more and wanted £40, well we told them this was unaffordable and payments ceased. This has now escalated to Bailiff levels so we contacted the Council to say we weren't going to give the Bailiffs anything and that it's in their best interests to take the debt back and accept the original payment of £20 which was all we could still afford. They said we had to fill out a financial statement so we visited CAB who gave advice and provided the forms to send them. filled these in and emailed them off and the council have come back saying these forms should have been filled out by CAB themselves (never had to do that in the past) and they are not accepting what we sent them! Personally I think they are just being bloody minded, so they've been told as it's school holidays and I'm on my own all day with three kids, two of whom are Autistic, and the fact my Husband has moved out as we've now split up, this won't be possible till September. Is this correct that CAB have to do this form? Thanks Lisa
  3. Hi, just a little quibble about the Form 4 I have received from my landlord. LL has filled in the form but has put that the first increase after 11th February 2003 was January 1st last year, but the rent has increased every year since i moved in to the property at the end of December 2004. I have to send a copy of the form to HB... is it important to have the correct dates? Hope someone can advise. I don't want to get in trouble with HB for submitting incorrect information to Council if it's important - they will be aware of previous (Jan 2016) rise as I was claiming HB at that time. Thanks for any help Mac
  4. hi there I would really apreciate your help, have been searching the web for hours and came across this reply for the above case, it is similar as my case excepting, the CCJ is from the now struck off company who has now decided to try to claim back the money from me personally for two limited companies, the 2nd company I closed in 7/3/12 on a DOS1, the accountant conatacted companies house and told them there was no debt owning to them, as I presume she thought she would have more luck with me,( although I would presume it would automatically have been a tax right off anyway for her so I think this is a personal response) She has also sighted interest on the claim, there was no contract for either the companies or personal, and no personal liability order signed, there was no letter of engagement either. Would I therfore be able to use the above and just fill in the balnks too, the N149 has to be returned by 19/3/2012.... There is a slight problem of mixing business with friendship here, so I sought of understand her motives. hopeing you can help Suewell
  5. Hi, I have been receiving ESA contribution based since Jan 12. All I have done is phoned jobcentre, told them that I was unable to work and they put on Esa. I have not received any forms or letters from them since the first letter stating that they would pay x amount per week and would probably have to attend a medical. While I am quite happy not having to attend a medical so far after hearing the horror stories I am getting a bit worried now as to what happens next. Do I leave it and wait for them to realize that they have forgotten my to send forms etc (probably when they write to tell me that my 365 days are up) , or do I inform them and take the risk that they fail me and probably will have to appeal. Also if I did pass the medical do they have to backpay me to the 14th week of claim as it was not my fault that they had not assessed me. Thanks in advance for reading and for any advice given.
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