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  1. The single oven/grill is 13 amp. all sockets [up and downstairs] are on the same switch in new fuse box. The ancient hob has it's own red 'cooker' switch - I assume this is the same as hard wired with 30 breaker
  2. Yes, have seen this info before. Sadly, there is no law to regulate this. I've been down the council route, but as long as my landlord/estate agent is SEEN to be making a move to address the faults, they say there's nothing they can do
  3. A new consumer unit was installed and this caused the oven to cut the fuses after 3 minutes of use. If a record of the performed EICR is supposed to be on the site you linked - it isn't
  4. Hi, hoping someone can help me. I'm trying to get a copy of the EICR that was carried out on my rented property last month. I am aware that as a lowly tenant I don't have a right to be in the know about this stuff, but don't see why I can't have access to a copy. I've tried emailing 3 different departments of my estate agents, only the first [local branch] replied saying they don't have access to it. Is there some kind of phrase to get them to take me seriously? I'm rubbish at the technical aspects and they keep brushing aside concerns I have.
  5. The guy didn't even tell me any of that. I've been in touch with my energy provider, who passed me onto British Gas - they are more interested in me paying £43 to get them replaced than anything else, not are they in a rush to replace the seals. My next step is to find out if he notified the council as you have to when doing this sort of repair. Thanks for everyone's advice, it seems I am on track with everything
  6. Any electrician doing Part P work has to be registered of a competent persons scheme - or so the council told me. @King12345 has kindly listed the website so you can check them. Also, as a lone female tenant I don't think it's too much to ask that anyone presenting themselves at my door to rectify a previous numpties bodging be able to show some sort of proof of capability, after all, I'm not asking for inside leg measurements, just that thy can actually do the job.
  7. Thanks, I've sent notice, waiting again now. I have to exhaust the estate agents complaints process before the ombudsman, so holding off on that for now; I've complained to the council also.
  8. Sorry for the long post.... After a burst pipe (the condensate pipe from gas boiler froze during snow storms) in crawl space above my kitchen the landlord agreed to update the consumer unit in my property [the corrosive water had leaked over two plug sockets and nothing tripped off even though water was inside both]. The guy sent I suspected wasn't qualified [on a previous visit to check for safety he checked the plugs by poking around the sides - and making a hole in the plaster]. I asked if he was qualified before he started [on the previous visit to check damage from the le
  9. Thanks a lot to all that replied. This is exactly what I'll do...wait and see what the EA response is.
  10. Haven't received Section 21, just an invoice with 3 options [1] sign for another 6 months and pay via bank/building society cheque [2] get re-reference (or a guarantor) at a cost of £370 [3] move out. None are within my means at this time. I've applied to local council and they have no interest as I have a roof over my head, I'm categorised as LOW requirement. As with a lot of other people I have to wait to be kicked out before I can get any help there, if any at all. Thanks to those that have replied, I don't want to stay longer than I signed up for, but I feel better knowing the la
  11. I have no way of checking either way. And tbh I'm not all that interested in staying, BUT I have not got the means to rent elsewhere at this time, nor can I afford another 6 months rent to stay where I am. I have no way of checking either way. And tbh, I'm not all that interested in staying, BUT I have not got the means to rent elsewhere at this time, nor can I afford another 6 months rent to stay where I am. This sounds like the best idea...BUT... - will my deposit still be secured? - EA want to charge £120 for staying a further 6 months [or for leaving], will
  12. They are managing for a landlord who lives abroad, they say they have contacted the landlord and he won't accept monthly rent.
  13. They denied all knowledge of saying it as soon as they had the money.
  14. Hi, hoping someone can advise me please. I borrowed the money to pay for 6 months lease on a house through an estate agent who told me it would switch after the 6 month period to monthly payments; they have now reneged on this and have sent a bill for the next 6 months rent - which I do not have. I have nothing in writing to support monthly rental payments. I was working part time 6 months ago - not enough to pass a credit check; I don't have a guarantor and I do not have money for any agency fees, and so it seems a real possibility that myself and 13 yr old child will become homel
  15. Hi, just a little quibble about the Form 4 I have received from my landlord. LL has filled in the form but has put that the first increase after 11th February 2003 was January 1st last year, but the rent has increased every year since i moved in to the property at the end of December 2004. I have to send a copy of the form to HB... is it important to have the correct dates? Hope someone can advise. I don't want to get in trouble with HB for submitting incorrect information to Council if it's important - they will be aware of previous (Jan 2016) rise as I was claiming HB at that time.
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