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  1. No she is not in a union unfortunately. Totally agree that this should have been done prior to any employee going to such venues. The seating is poor a hard back plastic chair and a makeshift desk and in some cases they are expected to sit there for almost 7 hours
  2. Hello Not sure if this is the right platform for this I am sure someone will advise. My daughter works for an employer whereby she is sometimes required to go offsite and use premises to conduct specific types of interviews etc. This could be a church hall a leisure centre even a cafe virtually anywhere they can get a seat. After some rumblings about health and safety each employee has been sent out a form to complete. It is a full health and safety questionnaire regarding the places they visit. for example here are just a few questions on the form that my daughter is being asked to complete, there are many many more questions. Please bear in mind that she has no Health and Safety training or any associated qualification. "Does the area to be occupied by us appear to be in a reasonable state of repair and without obvious health & safety hazards? Are there adequate fire arrangements for the site, including: means of escape from the areas that you intend to occupy, in case of an emergency? all exits clear of obstructions? adequate signage on fire exit routes? clear fire evacuation arrangements, including Fire Action notices and Fire Wardens where necessary? Are there adequate security arrangements, such as CCTV, panic alarms, security personnel etc.? Is there adequate connectivity on site? She has then to sign the form and return it to her employer. To me, these assessments should be conducted by a fully qualified H&S officer prior to any scheduled visits by employees but like my daughter many others are visiting these places on a daily basis and have been for some time now. Anyone give me some advice on this matter, is this the norm or is it bordering on the illegal.
  3. Ah sorry I read your post incorrectly - I thought you said "you should NOT inform your creditors of your correct address" where in fact you said "you should never NOT inform your creditors of your correct address" my apologies. I will get it sorted now
  4. All I can see under the SAR template is this ull Subject Access Request under the new GDPR 2018 regime tips for a successful SARicon...... you MUST sign the SAR. if you have moved since taking out 'whatever' you are sending the SAR for you should include a list of your addresses from the time of taking out the 'whatever' and if you have moved its worth including a copy of your current CTAX bill to prove who and where you are now. an SAR always goes to the original creditor regardless to if the debt has been sold to a no powers debt collectionicon agency It is saying to give all the addresses that I have lived at since taking out the loan. Not sure how to get around this. Can I give them a relatives address for them to send the SAR Info back to me?
  5. One point though. I have only been communicating with Welcome via email and they do not have my current address. Requesting a SAR via email is fine but I doubt if they would wish to email back with a ton of data and therefore it would probably have to be sent via post. As this debt is 14 years old and bearing in mind they say the account is active with Cabot is there any danger they might try to come after me for the debt?
  6. Thank you Doing so as we speak. Once more thanks for the welcome advice
  7. Thank you again I havent sent them a SAR as yet and yes there were 4 chain refinancing loans
  8. Thanks for your reply The date of the loan is July 2004 - It was with direct contact with WF which in hindsight was probably the wrong thing to do
  9. In 2004 I defaulted on a loan with Welcome Finance after I became disabled. they sold the £2635 debt to Cabot. I had other loans previous to this with Welcome and these were paid off or transferred to their next loan. I recently applied to them with a PPI claim to which they agreed to pay back one of the loans but as for the one they sold to Cabot they said they had been in touch with Cabot and the account was still live and therefore they would buy back the debt and apply the PPI to the outstanding balance. I have never been in touch with Welcome or Cabot since 2004 and I believe it would be statute barred in any case. Of course the one PPI they plan to pay back is the lesser amount one and the larger PPI amount is for the one they sold on. Not convinced that Welcome have been in touch with Cabot nor am I convinced the account with Cabot would still be open but I am no expert so I may be wrong. To be honest I do not trust anything that Welcome Finance tell me. Any advice would be most welcome ( pardon the pun)
  10. Ok will do I will pass this on to my daughter thank you for your valuable input
  11. Ok thank you, I will pass this info on to my daughter. Thanks for the help
  12. My daughter is NOT self-employed but works for a company that requires her to meet clients within the region she works in. Her contract does not state that she had to have a car but she has been told that she must use her car to go meet clients. Fair enough. When she went to claim her fuel expenses they refused because they said she needs business insurance on her vehicle and once she produces a certificate to prove this they will then pay for the fuels at 45p per mile. W Why should she have to pay for business insurance, it is not her business. She has said she would be happy to get it insured for business and then claim it back from the company but they say they wont pay it. She likes the job and does not want to leave but as I say this was not written in her contract. Others within the company have forked out for business insurance just to get peace but my daughter is taking a stand on this. Where does she stand legally? Any help or advice is much appreciated.
  13. The DCA can recommend all they like it wont make any difference. Do not go worrying about it. You parked it in the same place as I did and as I said, it is in Scotland so they have no chance of winning and they know it. They are just hoping that people will bottle it due to all their threats. Just stand firm. Personally, they could go stuff themselves for all I care
  14. Hello I haven't heard from them since January this year. I never ever contacted them, did not respond to any of their letters at all. They sent the usual threats which is par for the course Eventually it did go to a DCA and I got one letter from them saying they were acting on their behalf. I ignored that as well. Never heard from them since. In Scotland they would have to prove you were the driver of the vehicle. By the way, the freedom of information act they use does not apply in Scotland either so if the DVLA give out your details you should complain to them. I sent a complaint but have never heard back from them. Silence tells me they know they are in the wrong. I cannot tell you what to do as this is something you must decide for yourself, but I as I have said I have NEVER acknowledged one letter that they sent and I never will. It is not to say they wont try again but they would be wasting their time on me that's for sure. Hope this helps
  15. Hi ericsbrother, I apologise for the slow response to your reply this was due to technical issues with my server. Anyway, thank you very much for your wise knowledge of the situation and it is most appreciated. I will be totally ignoring those extortionists. I have already sent a complaint to DVLA but I guess it will be the usual template response but I am happy to take them to task for as long as it takes as I do not see why they should get away with it. Cheers again and keep up the great work.
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