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  1. thankyou my ex husband used to pay the water rates but stopped i had it transferred into my name and got stuck with all the arrears i owe about 1500 im currently paying 50 .00 per month. yes i have a doorstep agent i did not pay last week and have about 20 missed calls on my phone im really trying to get myself straight but it seems a uphill struggle at the moment.
  2. i have outstanding debt to provident and water rates i was managing ok but when i lost 50 hours a month it really set me back provident have let me do half payments for 6 weeks but now want full again and i cant afford 60 per week . its mainly the harrassment from brighthouse that stresses me i will never ever use them again they are like vultures and dont care they were all smiley and happy when i used to go in store to pay but as soon as i was in finacial trouble they changed one woman staff member is really horrible so i refuse to go in anymore.
  3. yes i have the pleasure of him every week without fail im currently setting up a debt management plan with step change can brighthouse be added to this i have been paying for my tv and washer for 18 months and will not give them back with all the money i have paid ive probably paid the purchase price already .thanks
  4. thankyou dx yes new card. i will get it all together and let you know the outcome thankyou feel a lot better about it now.
  5. hi dx thankyou the 12.00 are penalty fees . i was told i cannot pay by bacs they had my card details but i cancelled my card and call the automated payment line i have been reading the posts on here and do i send the letters to my store and head office the calls and texts will start again tomorrow what i paid today was for last saturday .
  6. hi im new on here i could do with some help regarding brighthouse my marridge broke down 2 years ago and im not proud to say i had to use brighthouse for a tv fridge and washing machine my weekly payments are £48.00 i took out the tv and washing machine in june 2016 and the fridge november 2016 i kept up with payments until september this year when my hours at work were cut by 50 hours pm i contacted my store but they were very rude and would not lower my payments as a result i am constantly in arrears when i phone to make payment there is always a extra 12.00 added today i had to pay 61.00 i have the osc and other insurance can i claim this back as i suffer with anxiety and the constant texts calls and visits every week are making me stressed thankyou.
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