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  1. Yes I realise now I spoke to head office on 28th July. The lady in phone called the store while I listened in and told them under no circumstance should they do anymore home visits or calls but today yet again another card through door and witness to say they at door and more calls on house phone. I also received a notice of sum in arrears which is now 239 from a 130 pound balance. I really don't know what to do I feel sick. I just called head office who said my complaint is closed and advised no manager available I spoke to David who would only give name after asking for a payroll
  2. Hi oh my god I told them on phone yesterday that I have contacted their head office and asked for communication only by email or post. My gf has been up stairs reading today and they have called three or four times and came to door for 3rd day running. They havent responded to my complaint either. I have already told the representatives to stop coming to door without appouintment but they dont listen. I could understand if I am trying to completely blank them but I have said email or post. p.s I have an additional leaflet with my card today saying about late pay
  3. I am going to look into SAR but probably have the statements. I emailed them yesterday to advise I only wanted to be contacted by email or post they have been at door again today and on phone but had no response to my email. Thanks for your help. p.s they came to door yesterday as well so looks like they escalating this : )
  4. Hi guys thanks for replies. Yes I believe I have the insurance but after reading forum I think last month I have had the agreement rewritten coincidentally they still called twice next day by mistake. Can I claim the insurance still? Also they leave cards with a first name on it no date or anything when they come to door. I can go to BT I hope and get a list of how many times they call etc is this necessary or should I just complain to there CEO thanks
  5. Hi all, Hope all are well. I was looking for advice on brighthouse I took out a TV and a PS3 a few years ago it was stupid but I had just split from my ex wife so was already in debt and her and kids where obviously given most the stuff out house. was desperate with xmas coming up etc. I paid them every four weeks for years recently I have had some payment difficulties. I have asked them not to come to my door albeit on phone and to the guy who has come to the door numerous times, my gf was in bath today and they knocked for 10mins after telling them l
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