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  1. So you mean he has his assessment Tuesday 14th and would be due for his dla on the 21st. does this mean he won't get it? I don't understand.
  2. My partner is due to have a PIP assessment on Tuesday. Does anyone know if your still entitled to the dla payments he normally gets till they make a decision. Another question is would he still get his dla payments if he has to go through an appeal.
  3. I started a part time job at 10 hours per week at £7.20 an hour. my partner claims ESA for us both due to his health problems. he won his assessment last year. he also gets DLA high and middle and I receive carers. he get £260 a fortnight esa. I started 4 weeks ago and the benefits place has just sent out a new assessment form to fill in as first one we never received. today we were meant to get our esa and they have suspended our benefit until they get the form back. they have also said that we may now not be entitled to esa and if we are we will lose £50 per week beca
  4. Hi, I've just been told from the dwp that I will lose some esa because I have this part time job of 10 hours per week. I thought on £72 per week it would'nt affect housing benefit or esa.
  5. Hoping this is posted in correct place. My daughter got her first job in October at a store that was opening in November. the contract she signed was for permanant part time and everything seemed great with extra hours given to her over Christmas period. she was then pulled into the managers office just after the holidays where the manager told her she had a list of other peoples names and they all had to sign a new contract saying there had been errors in the first contracts and it was temporary so my daughter ended up signing this new contract only to then find out no one else was being seen
  6. Thank you so very much for the reply. as long as I won't lose any ESA, Carers or DLA or even have to pay housing benefit should be really good. we used to get tax credits and child benefit but lost it due to daughter turning 20 so has left a hole as we were used to getting this little bit money each week and now only receive our esa fortnightly and carers weekly. If this extra little bit of money for 2 hrs work over 5 nights helps us out without losing anything or having to pay out rent etc it will really help.
  7. Hi, I'm just wanting a little advice please. I could have the opportunity of a part time job of 10 hrs per week which is over 5 nights which is 2 hrs and the wage would be £72 per week but paid monthly. Now my partner claims ESA for both of us as he is unable to work.. we receive £115 a week ESA and Carers Allowance of £62 per week which I receive to care for my partner. my partner also receives £450 month DLA. we receive housing benefit of £89 per week but that is paid direct to council. Now would I be better with the part time job or would we lose some of th
  8. The area manager came out Friday and said he'd speak to his manager Tuesday gone. we've had not default notice or anything and tv which is ours anyway was working earlier and then they switched it off on their end.
  9. I fell behind on payments the area manager called on Friday ended up in an argument as he refused to help reduce the payments from £30 to £15 per week. I gave him a rundown of what I have to pay out as I've lost my daughters tax credits/child benefit me and my partner receive £113 per week and after bills/food etc we've only got around £15 left which we offered. I've paid well over a year on the two items we have. he said he'd get in touch with his boss and see if they'd except the reduced payment but its highly unlikey they would. never heard from hi
  10. They haven't taken anything yet but said it could be between £10 and £15 per week on the debt for electric. the gas I have no arrears and the water will be getting took direct from benefit.
  11. And a couple of defaults for a Provident and Morses loan I had a while back.
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