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Found 20 results

  1. Hi I need some advice please. Recently I replied to a direct mailshot from a Manchester-based PPI claim company called Consumer Claim Line. I had had a credit card some 20 years or so ago (Capital One card) and I wanted to find out if I had paid PPI on the payments. I returned the paperwork and thought to take advantage of their advertised "no claim no fee" offer to get this investigated. A few weeks later received a reply saying that their preliminary findings were positive and that I should sign the enclosed form authorising them to investigate my claim further.
  2. Sent of D P A letter, just recived letter back from G E saying this is not their account and returned the £10 I sent it to Sarah Wainwright GE Money Data Protection Administrator PO Box 700 Leeds LS99 2BD Does anyone know if this is correct address.
  3. Hi please can someone help me. I was awarded a suspended eviction order on 9th November 2009. Whereby the judge ordered if I had to go again I had to go before him and He would basically chuck us out (due to me being there previously) That was dated until November 2010 - Will this be relevent now. Mortgage is with Santander. I have fell behind a few times since just before xmas, but ALWAYS made it up. I am up to date with my payments. And dont owe anything til end of September. My arrears currently stand at £856.71 I have been away on holiday, and come back to
  4. Wasting the time of consumers is a method seemingly being employed in the litigation process, by which time the consumer with the claim runs out of energy and capital. Had a claim for an event against a utility company, a specialist charity informed me that I had one of the best cases they had seen. Hired a lawyer, spent a large amount of time writing the claim and making sure the facts were correct, it was sent to them via the correct legal channels. Then the corporate passed it to a loss adjusters who 'sat' on it for 95% of the time they were allowed, sending back a response which
  5. Agreement 1 – 05/05/2015 - £1.388 – defaulted at £972.00 – Weekly £49 Agreement 2 – 13/08/2015 - £2,458 – defaulted at £2131.00 – Weekly £60 Agreement 3 – 13/08/2015 - £450 – defaulted at £374 – Weekly £17 Agreement 4 – 01/09/2015 - £429 – defaulted at £357- Weekly £21 Litigation to be commenced against Brighthouse in relation to Accounts held. I was not stranger to the business upon taking the first agreement in May 2015. The first agreement runs smoothly after 3 months I took out further finance, this was available from 8 weeks and each
  6. Action Fraud has received a number of reports where people have been defrauded by criminals claiming to be “Action Fraud Litigation Services” who they say work with Action Fraud and the City of London Police. How the [problem] works The fraudster phones their victim and tells them that they are phoning from the “Action Fraud Litigation Services team”. They say that they are legal prosecutors who will be able to help the victim recover the money that they have lost in a previous fraud. They tell the victim that in order to recover the money that they have lost, the legal
  7. Hi Guys, Help is urgently needed here. Although, I have been following some discussion that relate to my issue. First I will say this forum is a remedy for depression, when this deb companies started chasing me i was like a mad person. I just received a claim form from Northampton BC regarding Lowell Porfolio/HBOS debt purchased. the amount is under £2000. This was a balance from the unsecured loan took over 10years ago but due to no job i stop this payment about 6years back and that was my last contact with HBOS and i have never had any contact wi
  8. Anyone have experience in litigating against their bank for reputational damage over an incorrectly bounced cheque? Brief story. I issued a cheque for £20k as a deposit for a property bought under auction terms and conditions. Cheque seemed to clear my account but then was returned. More than sufficient funds in the account. Bank said that they didn't have an up to date cheque mandate for the account despite the fact that I submitted them for both my personal and business accounts. Bank made no effort to contact me by phone to confirm whether I had issued the cheque. I submitted a c
  9. I changed my name in 2006 whilst living in England and from then on-wards I did not make any payments towards my debts in my old name. I did not inform my banks or creditors of my change of name and have not applied for any credit accounts since then. I have been living in Scotland for 1 year and all of a sudden I have had Sheriffs Officers visit my address on a few occasions looking to speak to my "old alias. I have not acknowledged the debts at all, I have simply told them that there is no such person living at my address. My questions are: A. Can Sheriffs officers purs
  10. Hi folks, I've been reading around but I'm hoping someone can offer some advice on my particular situation. To cut a long story short... I signed up to take part in a trade exhibition (I'm a sole trader).. .never paid any money out upon signing up I did sign the agreement. in the lead up to the exhibition I realised I would no longer be able to attend the exhibition due to an overseas family wedding. I contacted the organisers (Media10) and explained my situation. ..they weren't interested in any reasoning and stated I signed up and now I had missed the pull out de
  11. Hi everyone, I am new to the forum so apologies if I have posted a thread in the wrong section, I am just seeking help with a debt problem as are many others. I received a letter before action letter from BC stating that they were acting on behalf of Fredrickson International/Lowell and if that I did not pay debt in full legal action would be instigated against me on 7/4/14. Unfortunately, I am suffer from anxiety/social phobia illness and now receive ESA and live in rented accommodation. I fell into debt problems in 2008/2009. I think the original debt relates to a credit card with Ba
  12. Hi All I'm hoping that someone has used a good litigation solicitor that they highly recommend. I need to commence court proceedings against the house builder of a new property I purchased as I've had constant problems with the boiler and they have not bothered to respond to my last email. It has cost a small fortune to sort out the problems but I want to get good advice before filing a claim. Your help would be much appreciated as this has dragged on for a little while now.
  13. Was "sued" by a finance company for an outstanding debt. Counter "sued" them and came to a settlement that was agreed via litigation. Have now received a letter stating that the debt has been sold to a DCA. On the letter, the outstanding balance is somewhat larger than what was agreed via the court order. Payments are currently being made to the original creditors solicitors. I assume, that even though the outstanding balance quoted on the new correspondence is clearly not what was agreed through the court, that the DCA has to accept the original payments? I dont actually
  14. Hi All, Read on the forum that the OC's and DCA's are becoming very litigious of late. Was wondering is there any particular reason for this or is it the way forward for them.
  15. I need some good advice on making a civil case. Is there any experts on here that know about this and how I proceed?
  16. The process of Litigation on Receipt or Issuing of a Summons In addition to this explanation - please also see the Small Claims FAQ The purpose of this sticky is to explain in general terms how the Court system works, what will happen once a claim is issued, and what duties the Court imposes upon both you as Claimant or Defendant and upon your solicitors. It is a very complex area, and if you have any questions at any time please feel free to post for further advice. This is part one of further postings were we will break down each section into detail on how to conduct and respond in
  17. Hi Everyone, i'm after some advice. I took out an unsecured loan with Alliance & Leicester back in September 2008. Unfortunately I was unable to make the repayments after 10 months as my ex-partner was made unemployed and we were facing repossession on our home. The last payment I made was in July 2009. The company then became Santander and the last letter asking for repayment I had was October 2010. I had been unable to make any repayments on it since the last one in 2009. Fast forward to yesterday....... I come home after staying away with family fo
  18. Ive been sent 2 letters from Capquest advising that they "may be passing on my case to their solicitors" and "to contact them to avoid litigation." The debt was originally with Tesco personal finance ( a credit card ) but i was unable to pay it as i lost my job around 4 years ago, they were actually really good and froze the interest for me and took a minimum payment for about 6 months but then got fed up and passed my debt on, I decided not to pay any other company as i thought they did not own the debt and if they did they bought it for a couple of quid, i was also struggling for money
  19. Hello everyone, I am new here so please bear with me if I get some of this a bit mixed up. My case against this odious little bank now goes back over 2 years and I am looking for ideas and / or help to take the bank to it's knees - and I have the ability and information to do just that - it's just I feel a little "alone" in my fight and could do with some help. Right - a VERY brief description of the case to date. In October 2008, I was running a number of very successful businesses here in the West Country and, by anyone's standards flourishing. I have been a Lloyds customer f
  20. A word of advice to anyone who has a debt with these organisations. Don't expect to get any Justice or reasonable behaviour from them. Thier first priorty is to use any means possible, including illegal means, to make you home less even for a small ammount. Never trust what they tell you it's all lies any way. Most Importantly watch out for their mates who are District Judges. When dealing with them allways remember they are above the Law and authorised by the courts to act how ever they like in order to extract the maximum ammount of money from you. this includes redicouls charges like £1
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