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  1. Just chased again for a response to my original email. Brighthouse seem to be outright ignoring me from both store and HO and spending another half hour on the phone to be told to call somewhere else who tell me to call the original person isn't an appealing idea. *sigh*
  2. the store want no further contact with me and tell me to speak to HO. Head office are saying that the store will give me An update. Really though, I'm more curious what happens when the store have my handset or if they will even acknowledge the receipt of it. It would be insane to give it back to me but if they have it they can't really continue a HP agreement because I'm not hiring anything if it's in their hands? I also wouldn't put it past BH to say they didn't get it and continue to charge me. No response from MM via email re tracking number but i am going to ring tomorrow. FYI also I have agreed with the buyer privately that I will give him the cash that MM were going to but obviously can't do that until the handset is either with BH or myself and I know where I stand legally.
  3. Let's say I haven't been the best with managing my credit file so not worried about that. Just gotten the hang of getting creditors to take notice of unaffordable payments and freeze interest but that's another story. Cancelled the insurance a week after taking it as protect your bubble was cheaper. Be interesting if I could claim anything back from the previous 3 years of agreements that are Donte now though.
  4. Disappointing experience dealing with Brighthouse (Shocking news i know). Ive had an account with them for years. Did the TV/Laptop etc. on it which are all paid off now. Took a mobile phone with them in April, desperate for money in May and sold the phone. I was completely unaware that this was going to result in such drama - nobody had told me i couldnt do this in store but obviously my fault for not reading the fine print. Had a text from the chap i sold it to on Gumtree saying he had tried to sell it on Music Magpie last week and they "red-flagged" it as having finance on it so were holding it and would only send it back to its rightful owner (not me OR him) Contacted Brighthouse, they did their standard "This is selling stolen goods and we are reporting you to the police" etc.etc. Contacted Music Magpie - No response. Phoned BH head office, then the store, then head office. I was pushed from one to the other with no resolution in sight. Unbelievably the irate man who I had sold the phone to seemed to have had more luck and set something up for MM to return the phone to BH. Ive seen an email from MM to him today saying they are sending it back to BH by courier. Called head office, they said talk to the store for an update, called the store and was told they would not be speaking to me any further about my account and to speak to head office. I have asked both if the phone being returned to Brighthouse meant my account could be closed and neither would give me an answer on this (bounced from one to another of course). Ive paid about 6 months out of 18 months of this off but happy to call it quits if thats possible. Has anyone had any experience of this and what the likely outcome is going to be? Surely they cannot keep the phone and continute to charge me andthey state on the website that you MAY be able to return goods with no further payments to make. Either way though, Brighthouse are no longer answering any of my questions - literally outright refusing and the store/HO playing me off one another, no response from MM either. Any help or advice would be appreciated. Cheers guys!
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