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  1. Just an update. I decided to ring Brighthouse customer services about my problem and quote the number Jason from Brighthouse gave to me, which I did but at first they didn't understand then the lady came back and read the whole Consumeractiongroup thread to me of which I said yes that is my problem. They then said they'd contact my area manager to tell them to contact me about my problem which took them days to do only to give me a grilling on the phone about me owing now £134 cos of 4 wks missed payments. I know I should of spoken to my shop sooner but I in all honesty got afraid to speak to them due to the way they speak to me and then constantly harrass me at the door. Manager rang me a day ago and after a lot its my own fault, I've made matters worse by not contacting them and burying my head in the sand they've asked me to call in like today and they will rewrite agreements at the £20 I said I could pay which will be still a problem as I only receive £110 per week to feed 3 of us etc. I will still be struggling and no doubt paying these for the rest of my life.
  2. Say if you pay 50p extra on your account. they then add that to yellow money - like a savings thing. but they are adding my £30 weekly payment to the yellow money and not paying my account with it.
  3. What I'm not understanding is why aren't they paying my account with the £30 they agreed to. my account remains unpaid and the money is being put into my yellow money. aren't they meant to pay my weekly payments with what was agreed.
  4. I am a customer of Brighthouse where I was paying £46 per week which were reduced down to £30 per week because of loss of tax credits/child benefit. I ran into problems paying one week due to a demand for my council tax before I ended up in court so I couldn't pay Brighthouse the full £30 so paid half to them. since then I've paid my £30 each week but still owe them that £15. I'd find it really difficult to pay that 15 on top of the £30 so due to me only getting £110 per week now which is to keep me, my partner and daughter. I suggested if they could please take even 50p from yellow money until the £15 is paid but they have refused. today I paid my bill and they said you owe £130. how I owe that I do not understand as I only was behind by £15. upon getting home I've noticed they haven't even paid my bill and put that £30 I pay each Saturday into the yellow money. They have been to my door twice this week and constantly txt me 2 and 3 times a day even though I contacted customer services to have them stopped of which they did for a week but again they have statrted coming to my phone. Please advise on what I can do next as this is really starting to affect my health and depression. I have a partner who is due to have an operation I'm worried about then I've got these hammering on my door.
  5. Hello, I'm just looking for a little advice on Brighthouse. I'm a customer with them but I'm continually receiving text messages to my phone even though I've asked them to stop in the store and last week to customer services as the store just kept saying they are automated and they can't do anything about it. I've been getting them since the start of the year and sometimes can be as many as 3 in a day. some say drop in store or its your best day to pay or its your due day to pay, its just getting a bit of a headache now and I'm so annoyed that they keep coming. customer services said they can stop them but it will take up to a week or so for them to stop. Are they allowed to harrass me by text messaging like this please.
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