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  1. Thank you for your help again. I am going to pay the full amount tomorrow, as I normally pay Fridays, but on Saturday I am going into store with a letter addressing my issues (bullet pointed) And I will pay for my agreement £1 so I can identify the amount im paying in insurance fees. Thank you for all your help again. Michael
  2. I don't how to claim all the insurance back, is it easy to do. And yes 2180 is also ridiculous for a TV.. Im going to write a long letter tonight explaining that I can't afford it. Thank you for your help so far guys
  3. I don't know why but im really stressing about this, I was okay until the staff was so rude I got incredible worked up. They don't have my correct contact details, so I could just run away and not hear from them in a while. But I am not this kind of person, I just want the payments reducing.
  4. I have read this thread, I am having some issues with Brighthouse myself, will be entitled to a refund. I have 3 products, one a TV taken out Feb 2014, Phone Nov 2014 and a playstation Dec 2014 http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?458659-Brighthouse-Problems-very-unresonable-staff
  5. I had the playstation for a year, and the Phone for 14 months. I don't want to stop paying I just need to reduce even slightly. I have learnt my lesson, it seemed a great idea at the time, but after the third or fourth payment it becomes frustrating.
  6. Thank you fkofilee But if I have signed for 3 years, which is possible, where do I stand? Are they likely to reduce my payments? I really don't want to hand it in, I paid nearly 1500 pound for this product and more on other products
  7. Afternoon Folks, I am Michael, 24 years old, and I have just had some news I am to be expecting my first child. First of all I would like to say sorry for how stupid I was 2 years when I took products out with Brighthouse. At the time I had just got my own place, and I needed a TV, I then got two things I didn't need a PlayStation and a Phone. It all comes to £40 a week, which normally I can afford. But I am now moving in with my girlfriend, she knows I have a bill every week for £40, but she doesn't know its brighthouse, I am ashamed to tell her. But last week I informed her that the bill would start to go down. As I belived that next month my TV would be 104 weeks old and I would no longer have to pay for it. I pay £14 for it, 104 weeks means ive paid £1400, for a TV normally costing £400. very excessive! My store rudely advised my I actually had a full year left, I was a little shocked and also ****ed off, as it might not sound a lot £14 but I cant afford it.. Normally I would of been more reasonable but at the time of taking the product out I was almost sure the lady said 104 weeks, I remember discussing the amount it cost at the time, I really feel miss sold on this. But regardless they say they have my signature on the agreement. What is my position on this, has anyone had any experience of reducing payments or stop paying? I need to get these payments down to £15 a week for everything? I cant hand them in I have invested a lot of my money in these products? Thanks Michael
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