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  1. I’m glad you seem to be getting somewhere, or have gotten somewhere I should say, my post is a few threads down, I officially made my complaint in Dec/jan but they lost it and I was forced to make another over the phone on the 5th of feb, I’ve called them several times but nothing yet (I’m halfway through week 6 before I can go to the FOS) Can I ask if you fully paid off or returned the items they have given you the interest back for? I think that’s where they may not hold my complaint as the payments got to £94 a week so I simply couldn’t afford it and at that point for one reason or another (mostly because of my ex) I didn’t have many of the items to give back) others I just needed for daily use like the washing machine and cooker that we’re the original reason I went *edit: they claim to have sent me a courtesy letter on the 9th of February confirmed to my address, but it never turned up
  2. I have a quick question for anyone able to help, I’m getting slightly worried about what the outcome might be despite the fact they were in the wrong, what I honestly want is my money back, however I never returned the items and never fully paid them (don’t have any of them anymore anyway) am I going to be given a lot of trouble or are there other cases where people in my situation have been successful? What am I likely to be offered as a resolution?
  3. I have Just come across his email address (thank you for mentioning it I don’t know why I didn’t think of it) I have sent him and email fully explaining the situation and the trouble that I have had with customer service/complaints hopefully I’ll get a responce! I’ll post updates here just incase anyone cares to know what happens! I have also just won back £706 from sunny loans, and am awaiting a response from wonga and quickquid
  4. I’m going to keep my eye on that post , thank you and a great outcome so far! It’s just such a scary process because companies can lie! I sent them a complaint by email on the 10th of January I believe and I got an automatic response, but nothing after that, then I called them on Monday as it had been so long and they couldn’t find the complaint, got passed around to 4 different people and spent over 2 hours on the phone and ended up just having to make a new complaint over the phone so I KNEW they had it, but now the past month has been wasted waiting for nothing
  5. That’s brilliant, thank you very much! I’ll do that right away, I’m really interested to know what I paid to them.
  6. Without wanting to sound like I know nothing, could you please explain that to me as I’ve never heard of it and it could be useful to me!
  7. Hello I was wondering if anyone could possibly weigh in and give advice First of all I take any and all responsibility for the stupidity of my youth and lending patterns it has taken a long time to admit that to myself! Back in 2012 I opened a brighthouse account, I was 20 and a new parent (my son was about 8months old) and what I took out was a washing machine and cooker as I was broke as a joke in a new city with no family or friends. I found as I kept going into store to pay they kept pushing items on me, now I was heavily medicated at this time due to mental health problems on top of post natal depression, yet they kept doing it with suff they knew I couldn’t afford but would love to have, games consoles, a laptop, a big tv, phones it got to the point that they FULLY KNOWING I WAS ON BENEFITS, started accepting my boyfriends wage slips as MY proof of income, his name was not affiliated to the account nor mine to his wage slips, but they did it anyway (I know I have partial blame in tbh but I feel they had a duty of care to see it was wrong and that it could land me in debt) by the time it got to 2014 I started paying via bank card and the payments had shot up to £94 a week, between Jan and April of 2012 I gave them over £1200! I have put in a complaint to them for the second time after the ‘lost’ the first complaint I made a month ago! I just feel like I needed to post my situation somewhere and ask if anyone else thinks they were in the wrong? Thanks guys
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