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  1. Received no credit to my account despite the promises above, so I wrote to them. Have just received a cheque from M&S Bank for £75. Accept, or letter before action? Your suggestions would be very much appreciated. Why have they not sent £125 as promised above?
  2. I wrote to M&S to tell them their £20 gesture was insulting and that, if I didn't receive a sensible offer I would send a letter before action. Just received a letter from M&S saying "sorry we've caused you upset". Other details extracted from letter.... As the breach of data occurred before 25 May 2018, article 17 of GDPR isn't applicable. "The ICO has contacted us to confirm they're aware of this breach and that we should deal with the matter internally....." "As your data was sent to another data subject, it wouldn't be appropriate for us to confirm their name to you." "The third party who received your information from us incorrectly notified us of the breach. They returned the documentation sent to them in error, at our request." "I've applied a further credit of £105 to your M&S Credit card account........and brings your total compensation for this matter to £125" ".....if you chose, you could use £20 as payment for Cifas Protective Registration for 2 years". What do you guys think?
  3. Yes, thank you dx. Now paying CAP 1 direct. No fee-paying DMP. no DCA.
  4. Called CAP 1 today and requested payment details and they referred me to Frederickson. Guess I'll have to call them even though they're not the OC because the debt is enforceable?
  5. Thank you BankFodder. I shall make a complaint to the ICO while waiting for the reply from M&S, in the first instance.
  6. Thank you dx. I have been paying this debt off at £5 per month on a DMP since 2012 but now I am going it alone. But I don't have their bank details. Can I not expect CAP 1 to continue accepting this amount or should I send (another) I & E as per your link in the previous post.
  7. I am just about to send a letter requesting bank payment details so that I may continue to pay this debt as it appears enforceable. Does anyone think I should do otherwise?
  8. No, I haven't received anything from M&S regarding the CCA request, which incidentally was sent to Cabot. Cabot replied stating they "have requested the relevant details, which will include a copy of the credit agreement, statement of account and original and varied terms and conditions from the original lender". This reply was dated 26 March 2018. I then received the M&S letter dated 30 April, but no copy of what they sent.
  9. Thank you for your reply BB. I wonder if there is a precedent (i'm sure there must be) that could guide me in the most effective way of dealing with this?
  10. Hi, Please see attached. Your comments would be appreciated. convert-jpg-to-pdf.net_2018-05-04_20-06-00.pdf
  11. Thank you dx. I am not in a position to pay this debt and so will have to negotiate a monthly payment. I have no details of where my cheques were being paid (Frederikson?) and so will have to make a call.
  12. Hi again. in relation to my debts here https://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?485755-From-Fee-Paying-Twinpier-DMP-to-DIY I have received these replies from Frederikson/CAP1 following a CCA request, and wondered if you could give me any advice? Convert Fred.pdf CCA return .pdf
  13. Thank you, I understand. Have sar'd Twinpier. I'm unclear, though, what the next step is in the case of an overdraft that's being handled by a DCA. Should I CCA the OC, ignoring the DCA?
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