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  1. Hello, Mods please move or delete this thread if in the wrong section? I took a company to court over 8 years ago, I won, but the company went into liquidation before paying. I understand that the fscs offer some for of help in these situations? But they do require a lot of paperwork , which I no longer have. Is there anyway I can request copies of paperwork from the court hearing? Does anyone know how I would go about it. Thanks
  2. Many thanks sgtbush for clearing that up
  3. I have recently returned from Cuba, it was a fantastic holiday that was only spoilt by a loss of 2 days. When we booked it we was due to fly to Havana, Spend a couple of nights there, then fly on to Cayo coco, using an internal flight. Spend 14 nights then fly back to Havana for an overnight stay then Havana to Gatwick.. The internal flight time was 45 mins. 3 days before our holiday we were contacted by our holiday company stating that because of a recent airplane crash at Havana they would not be using any internal flights.? Which is fine, safety first etc.! Th
  4. Hello all, Mods please move if in the wrong section? About 8 years ago I had a Debt Relief order against me. I've recently decided to contact all the financial companies I had dealings with and see if I was miss sold PPI any form? I have had Barclays admit they mis sold PPI and compensate me £1075 Hsbc I've not had a reply from yet? However capitol one have stated that they are making a redress payment to me of £ 60:45. Today I got a letter from capitol one saying that they have refunded the full amount and that it was Added to my account to reduce the debt
  5. Hello all, it's been 12 years since I visited this forum. I am wondering if I have anywhere to go with this, or should it just be forgotten about.? It's regarding a company called Regency mortgage (brokers)& PPI For the sum £1575 I'm not going to go through it all again in this thread, as you can see my previous one on the subject from back in the day here https://www.consumeractiongroup.co.u...td-amp-Regency I am unable to post link's as I'm a new member (well new name as i couldn't remember any details) Since that original post, I have taken Regency mortga
  6. Thanks BW, I think this is the avenue i wish to approach this by:grin:
  7. Thank you all very much for your replies! Appologies for not beign able to reply to your suggestions sooner, but have had a number of problems with P.C. Looking at what everyone has said, the best course of action he can now take is to go to B&Q and make them deal with it, and in the meantime make sure he dosent pay anything like this again... cheers again all.
  8. Hello all, My mate has recieved a parking ticket from a company called Parking Eye, for overstaying the allowed time within a B&Q carpark. He recived photo evidence of his car entering at 10.17 and alledgedly leaving at 13.38. He contacted the company and because he couldnt prove that he was in the carpark on a number of times that day, he ended up in a row with the person on the telephone. He ended up paying the fine of £50.00 because he could not find any reciepts? He has now found the reciepts, and this is what they show: Purchase of 5 items at 10.40 (which would co
  9. Yes please, count me in on these Loads of letters, phone calls and texts explaining that my account is overdue (1 day) and they are now defaulting me Thanks
  10. Thank you, i will adjust the template wording for this. This is going out first thing in the morning, i know thats its before the end of the timeline set out by them for the Default Notice. This is one of the reasons im sending out the SAR early because i have not got all the statements so i cannot calculate any of the charges or how much the PPI was? Many thanks for your help!
  11. Many thanks to everyone who has replied so far. Just want to get things right before i go ahead and send out the letters. Really stupid question time again here, sorry? I can send the CCA with the s77 changed to s78, leaving the numbers in brackets as they are? Can i also send the SAR even though, please correct me if im wrong, they have 40 days to respond to the SAR, but i only have until 25/06/09 to pay the outstanding balance in full? Thanks
  12. On the CCA in the template Library, this version http://www.consumerforums.com/resources/templates-library/86-debt-collectors/581-cca-request-letter As this is a running account , ie credit card it states to change from s77(1) to s78. Really stupid question here, do i also change that in paragraph two:-?:-? Also what about the numbers in brackets ? Just about to do the letter and dont want tomake any mistakes? Thanks
  13. I have, as i said in my OP, that ive been on a payment plan for around 2yrs, but i have only missed the payment Due on 26th May? So i am unsure how i stand with this? As i was on a PP are they correct in making the demands or full payment? In the Default Notice it states: "This is a statutory notice in order to tell you that in order to remedy this breach you must pay the full amount of your oustanding balance of £2747.68 by 25/06/09" *if not* "On or after the date shown your account will be closed and your credit agreement will be terminated" They also state in the Default No
  14. Cheers for that, and will NOT sign the letter. Is it possible that they are demanding the full balance within this time because i have been on a payment plan for such a long time? any ideas? Well i have the inception date of the PPI (who declined to pay out) that says 8th April 2005, i am asuming that this was when the credit card was taken out? Pompeyfaith, i hope that they have made a mistake here!!
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