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  1. As I say I was most surprised too and a little cynical. However it does appear that the correct procedures have been followed. If it has been due to them reading this thread, then so be it, the Forum has done it’s job again. The experience has been an interesting one and will make me even more cautious in respect of my personal information. Here’s to hoping I won’t need any further assistance with the car finance agreement itself
  2. I’m pleased to say that it appears the The Car Finance Company are meeting their obligations in respect of the data breach. I’m surprised but quite impressed. Thank you for the advice received today
  3. Yes they have informed me via email. Thank you for your email. Once again, we would like to apologise for the situation. We are taking this situation very seriously, and have already informed the Information Commissioners Office today, and they confirmed receipt of it at 12:22pm. We would appreciate the deletion of the email as we are trying to minimise any risk for those customers. We also want to make sure we are protecting you, as detailed in the confidentiality notice at the bottom of the original email, as potentially sharing any of that information could result in pote
  4. Hi TCFC I presume from the email I have just received that you are busy reading this thread. So TCFC have informed the ICO about the data breach, that’s great, well done for doing the right thing. However you seem to be avoiding making any effort to assist me and my situation
  5. Ok so they have just tried to call us on both numbers. Haven’t answered the calls and have emailed as above. Shall wait back to hear from them
  6. Just received an email from the finance company. Very vague as to what they are or aren't doing. Want to know if I've deleted the info *edited to remove some info. As just dawned on me that anyone could actually be reading this thread
  7. I totally 100% agree with everything you have said and this is why I came to the forum with it as I knew that someone here could deal with it. There is one particular entry on the log which really plays on my mind and yes the first thing I did was to see if I was on that list as I would have been furious However it is only human nature to be petrified of doing something which could make my own situation considerably worse. I can assure you that if I didn't owe these people any money and my desperately needed car was not at risk - I would have already forwarded you the document w
  8. This is my fear, yes I fully agree that this should be reported and the people on the list have a right to know BUT as soon as they start contacting TCFC, my own position with TCFC becomes incredibly difficult. I cant imagine that I will be there favourite person. Also if they push this to a court hearing, how will this reflect on me with a judge? I will have passed on sensitive information
  9. The vehicle is fitted with a payment reminder device I don't pay what they want, they don't provide a code, the car is useless. I have four children, one is Autistic, at the moment I face the Easter holidays without a car to take them anywhere. We do have another car, however he can not travel in it, due to the fact that he wont sit anywhere other than the front which is not practical in the other vehicle and he suffers from car sickness when stressed. I have told TCFC that I need the car due to children's medical conditions but they still will not do anything without me agreeing to
  10. Yes it's HP and yes I am well over any limits as to where they can just repo the car with ease. Hence why I thought that they would be considerable more amenable to accepting my offer of payment. I understand that it takes the payment over the agreed finance term, but given the mither and costs involved in persuing me through the courts, I thought it would be easier for them to accept my offer without forcing income and expenditure details. Purchase price of car was £7584.50 Interest payable £4969.50 Amount currently left to pay is £1824 I'm unsure whether to email them agai
  11. Thanks for your advice. I've done some reading (without logging in) and I will continue to read. I owe just over £1800 from an agreement which amounted to 12.5K in total. Yep total rip of interest rate. I have refused the I&E so far as initially they wanted all the info over the phone, and yes they will insist that we can afford to pay more. Then once they emailed the call log, I was less than keen to given them anymore of my personal info My concern over emailing the document is that the minute they discover that I have handed this over, they are very unlikely to want to m
  12. I can only apologise for not checking the Customer Service file. I haven't used the forum for quite a while and to be honest I thought that the info I had already gained would assist me to deal with this situation. With hindsight, yep I would have looked on here first. I wont be speaking to them via telephone again, if I can avoid it. The company is The Car Finance Company. I was hoping to use their error to my gain, rather selfishly I admit as to be honest if I was on this log I would be furious. I just want to be able to use my car and get rid of the finance on it. At the mom
  13. Unfortunately I haven’t recorded any calls. Didn’t think I would have to as they have been quite amicable up to now. I have the form safely. It includes Names, phone numbers, postcode and the reason why they rang the company. It is basically a call log of over 100 calls
  14. Hi, looking for some advice please I’ll keep it as brief as possible - My car finance agreement has 3 months left on it, I am currently 3 months in arrears. I have asked to pay a reduced amount per month which will take the payments a few months over the expiry of the finance ageeement. They have absolutely refused to consider any payment arrangements unless I complete I&E, I have refused to do this initialy as last time I provided the info, they decided that we could pay more than we were offering. I have advised them that intend to apply for a time order. Their respo
  15. Sorry for the late reply For some reason my notifications have started going into spam I think I did the headers but not the statement of truth. I'll wait and see what happens
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