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  1. Hi, I am just looking for some advice, I am currently claiming Universal Credit and I was just wondering, if I get sanctioned in the near future - (I am hoping I get a job soon anyway) but if I get sanctioned before I get a job, will I still get housing element? or will both my personal allowance and housing element both be stopped? It's just a question at the moment, I haven't been sanctioned yet, just wondering that is all thanks.
  2. Thanks Fkofilee, That is awesome news! Hope you have a good weekend!
  3. Thanks, I forgot to mention that them figures are monthly amounts and I only have Universal Credit as my only income.
  4. Thanks Neword. Yes, I am single and no children, So you saying I won't be affected by this cap?
  5. Hi, Morning everyone, it's finally the weekend! I am looking for some advice regarding this upcoming benefit cap as I want to know if I am going to be affected as I claim Universal Credit. I am single, 29, I live in Burnley, Lancashire, North West and I live in a 1 bedroom flat with an housing association and my weekly rent is £80.62. My Universal Credit payments is as follows: 1. Standard Allowance for me: £317.82 2. Housing Element: £352.56 So, by going of this, will I be affected? I am just worried! Any advice / help would be great, cheers.
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