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Found 6 results

  1. Hi all, new to the forum so apologies if I have posted in the wrong place. This is quite a long post as I want to be as thorough as possible, any advice would be appreciated. I moved into my property (2 bed flat, all electric, no gas) in November 2011, shortly after moving in (Feb 2012) I received an electric bill from Npower for around £80/month in electricity. At this point I made a huge effort to lower my usage, to do this I did the following as well as many other things; I reduced my washing machine usage to 2 times a month, I turned off my water heater and used cold water only, I limited showers to 5mins Max on eco setting, I also stopped using all forms of electric heating. Expecting this to drop my bills to around £40 I waited for my next bill, and again the bills where coming through at £80 - £120 a month, at this point I contacted Npower and requested they come inspect my meter. I made the same phone call 3-4 times over the course of 6 months and each time was told my usage was average and they wouldn't investigate, instead threatening to cut me off if I didn't pay my balance immediately. Bringing us to today and my total payments to Npower have been in the region of £3700 - £4000 since November 2011, an average of approx £100/month and somewhere in the region of 9000kwh/year for a 2 bed flat occupied for the last 2years by just myself. Electric consumption is outlined above; one person, working full time, short showers, no heating EVER, no hot water heater and very infrequent use of cooker. Last week whilst doing a meter read I decided to have a quick look at my meter and the cables attached etc, and noticed that my meter is connected to a separate fuse board for the communal lights, sockets, and alarm systems of the flats above me (I'm basement flat with my own door, meter is located in the entry area to the block of flats directly above me). By killing the power to my flat and turning on the lights in the communal areas, and monitoring my meter, I have confirmed that I have been providing the electric for the communal areas since I moved in. I have raised an official complain with Npower and have been told it will be investigated within 10 working days, what I'm wanting to know is, who is responsible for refunding my overpayments? I have been advised by CAB that Npower MUST correct my overpayment first, then persue the landlord for the energy used by the communal areas themselves. Is this the general practice? Or is it possible Npower can just tell me to speak to my landlord to get the money back? Also after speaking to a former tenant of the flats who I knew from his time in the building, he has told me that several of the tenants have been using extension cables from the communal plug sockets (used for cleaning/contractors) to power heaters/appliances in their flats as a way to avoid using their own supply. Whilst this does explain why my usage is so high, how can I prove this is the case when requesting my overpayments back? I can get several tenants to write a statement saying they have witnessed this, but would it be helpful? I'm a little worried Npower are just going to try fob me off with a 10% refund when the real figure I should be refunded is likely to be closer to 70%/80%.. Any help much appreciated, thanks for reading
  2. Do you want to know when your area is changing from DLA to PiPs? If so please read the attachment as you can see when and what areas are up next for the changes. I have also included the Welsh version as well for reference. Last updated on the 05/04/2015 first issued 05/04/2013 Timetable for PIP replacing DLA Updated: April 2015 Timetable by date and location. This is done by using the first 2 letters from your postcode so using the attachment you can see when your area is having the change from DLA to PIP's for example the following areas are due for the change in May of this year From May 2015 From 25 May, areas further extend to include postcodes beginning: BS; CB; CM; CO; DA; GL; MK; PA; RM; SN; SP and SS.
  3. OK - this is my first post on a forum, so please be gentle Even if it is a tad long winded :/ I have received 3 PCNs for being 'parked' in the same spot on 3 occasions near my daughters school - on single yellow lines with time restrictions. They arrived in the post up to 2 weeks after the alleged contraventions. All were received well after the final contravention. There are time restrictions I am now aware of, but didn't notice before due to cars always being parked there at school drop off and pick up times. I have appealed and have today received the rejection notices from the council. My grounds for appeal (A), and the council responses ® are as follows (not full wording, but you'll get the idea): A1. CCTV enforcement not necessary - plenty of space on full sized pavement areas throughout the area so perfectly safe for foot patrol. R1. Not practical for foot patrol as parents could run to cars to quickly move the vehicles in order to avoid a ticket - in doing so, this would put children in danger due to moving vehicles. A2. No signs to state CCTV used in the area (very quiet semi-rural area) to enforce parking restrictions. R2. Response basically states signs only needed for static cameras. A3. Video evidence less than 2 seconds long - therefore cannot prove the vehicle was parked - I was in the driving seat with engine running on all 3 occasions - although not visible on the video evidence. It was also not able to see the passenger side - the viseo not long enough to even see if I had a passenger alighting. R3. Stopping / waiting not permitted during restricted times, therefore, as soon as car stopped, the contravention occurred. A4. video footage shows single yellow lines, but not the signs showing restrictions in place. R4. the footage shows signs at both ends of the road the vehicle was 'parked' on (you can see there are signs there, but not what they say at all). A5. between the date of the first 'contravention', and the date the first PCN arrived in the post, I could have 'parked' on the same spot 24 times before it was brought to my attention that I shouldn't be doing. This shows the primary objective of 'prevention' clearly hasn't been met. If restrictions there to keep children safe, this effectively means they knowingly allowed the children to obe in danger for nearly 2 weeks. R5. It is drivers responsibility to ensure they are parked legally. A6. the camera car turned right onto the road where I was 'parked'. The angle of the corner from the other direction means the camera car could not pick up the registration of the car parked on that corner on 2 of the 3 occasions. Therefore, cars parked on the corner of a junction can't have received parking fines, which the driver of the camera car would be aware of. Therefore, they knowingly allow cars to park illegally with no penalty, or warning that they should not park there. R6. Other cars on those days in that area received tickets - cannot comment on which cars. A7. No statement from the issuing CEO on the PCNs R7. None necessary I guess I'm looking for reassurance that I'm not going mad!!!! Surely I have enough to win...... don't I? There response R1 should be enough I would have thought - can't see how that could stand up to scrutiny! If anyone can confirm any or all of these points, or point out why they may be invalid, I'd appreciate it. Many thanks Jo
  4. Its thought that the move is to offset income losses following the recent caps on European roaming and call charges http://www.dailymail.co.uk/money/bills/article-2226168/O2-roaming-charges-mobile-network-doubles-text-prices-outside-EU.html
  5. CAP post 2013: greening, Ecological Focus Areas and permanent grasslands Despite most EU farm ministers wanting to design national ‘greening’ proposals to suit the needs of their own countries, Dacian Ciolas, the EU Farm Chief, warned against such a ‘menu approach’, saying that it would be complex to administer! Heaven forbid that the policy works better but is a bit more complicated for Brussels! Also, the EC is likely to be wary of giving too much power back to Member States! More sensibly, he suggested that work done under agri-environment schemes and other Rural Development measures or an environmental certification scheme would count towards greening measures. Finally the message seems to have sunk in that people who already do ‘greening’ work should not be penalised! The plan is to agree the greening proposals in June. A large number of Member States remain vocally opposed to the 7% of farmers’ eligible hectares, excluding areas under permanent grassland, as Ecological Focus Areas as being too high. The proposed change to the definition of ‘permanent grasslands’ to include traditional extensive grazing areas with heather and shrubs has been welcolmed by the UK. With thanks to SG Landscope.
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