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  1. My wife has the same - she just holds it up so the driver can see it and walks by the slow penny counters. The school children do the same - the drivers are quick enough to spot the kids without the passes. Maybe here is different to London as most of our buses are 'drop the cash in the machine, no change given' so the driver doesn't need to keep an eye on what cash person is counting out as it is just a quick glance once the cash is in the machine to ensure it is right. [EDIT] My wife has just told me that her pass is now 'hover over the reader' type so maybe other counties/areas should upgrade their disabled passes too.
  2. You don't show your pass I thought - don't you just pass it near the reader and walk by the cash person?
  3. Sorry to ask but you state "section 20 assault": was your daughter convicted in a court of law or only cautioned, arrested or charged but not actually convicted and sentanced? If convicted, did this happen before, during or after the insurance application and is your daughter appealing the conviction? Other than that you might get some leniency if your daughter is actually unable to fill forms out or go through the insurance process on the phone/PC and you were unaware of the conviction but obviously this puts the responsibly on you.
  4. To get your car repaired you will have to either pay the excess or get other driver to admit liability in time as I am sure you already know but as this matter is likely to take months to sort out you may have to cough up - you did choose the £450 excess? I don't mean to sound so nasty here as I too got caught out having to fork out £300 when I couldn't afford it only to wait over a year to get it back. Some things I notice working on the presumption you were traveling in the direction that your poto is and the 3rd party came from the left, out of the garage: 1.) Which side were you hit - you claim offside (driver side) yet imply nearside (passenger side). 2.) There is only one lane - this does not split into 2 until after the KCB. 3.) If there was a lorry to your left then, as there is only one lane then you must have been overtaking it; perfectly acceptable if lane 2 after the KCB is clear as there are no apparent restrictions on overtaking such as signage or solid white line down the middle. Though overtaking a large vehicle on the approach to a junction with a comercial entrance/exit to the obscured side might be considered foolish. 4.) You claim you were stationary - this means you were not overtaking anything so were you: 4a.) before the KCB and the 3rd party steared right, into your front bumper/bonnet? 4b.) on the KCB and the 3rd party hit you nearside (Which panels)? 4c.) after the KCB and the 3rd party steared left and hit your rear bumper/boot? 5.) Pressuming the lorry driver had to stop as the 3rd party was in front of it(?) then have you got the lorry driver's statement? 6.) Did you take photo's on your phone of the accident or later on of the damage to your car? Lots of things don't seem to add up here but I would have thought that: a.) If you were stationary AFTER the KCB then the 3rd party is probably at fault and you should be able to prove this with photo's of the damage. b.) If you were stationary ON the KCB then the 3rd party is likely to be at fault but you may face a telling off for blocking a KCB if the matter went to court. c.) If you were stationary BEFORE the KCB then you may struggle as it is single lane at that point and you were (for want of a better word) 'hiding' behind the lorry. d.) If you were OVERTAKING (moving) AND lane 2 that appears after the KCB was clear, then it would be difficult to prove fault as both drivers should have assesed the hazards before overtaking/pulling out and in this case would likely end up as 50/50. If you are able to answer 1 and 4 and maybe provide photo's (6)then advice might be easier.
  5. Hello, I have been in the same situation as you and ordered the insurance company to take it to the court if the 3rd party did not admit 100% liability - Remember the insurance company must act as you wish. Did you get legal cover with you policy? I believe any form of legal cover in your policy will mean that if you press your insurance to fight the 3rd party then your insurance will supply you with a solicitors firm - email your insurance to find out what you are entitled to if you are unsure before you go looking for your own legal representation. The most imprtant thing first of all if documentaion - make sure everything is by letter or email and avoid phone calls. It may happen that the 3rd party try and bully you or trick you: Do not respond directly to any letter from the 3rd party or their representatives - copy and forward any such correspondance along with a statement from you straight to your insurance company (or/and the legal team they assign you for this claim.) The court will look at the incident from the point of view of law then add a little comon sense - i.e, did you have reasonable time to avoid the collision. How busy was the road - was it rush hour and too unsafe for a full emergency stop due to the traffic behind your car? (some will argue here about it always being safe for an emergency stop but when passing through a junction or roundabout then green lights or prioty over the junction will give other drivers the impression of right of way over very close opposing traffic and not be as prepared to stop as, for example, if the same situation occured in the middle af a highway with a car turning into your path for no reason. The courts will take into account your actions if you assessed that a slight glance from the side by the 3rd party would be safer for all than risking a multi-car shunt from behind) this is where common sense comes in as if the roads were empty than an emergency stop with some swerve might have avoided the collision safely. Take photos of all angles of your car - this is a must before it goes to the garage as you might need to prove if the garage damages any other part of your car but more importantly it proves the direction of travel of both cars, approximate speed of each car and the response of each driver (to a certain degree). If the accident is as you say then the only damage to your car will be to the side and not to the front and visa-vera for the 3rd party. There is CCTV - you said there was a bus in the left lane - ask for the CCTV footage from the bus operator - Someone here should be able to advise you on how to do that formally (I think there is normally a £10 charge when requesting things like this but someone here can advise further) Your photos are ok but only offer a hint of where the accident was - take a few more photos as a pedestrian when the road is empty (and please be careful of traffic) and also go onto google maps to get a few arial shots . Use bold colours on Paint or whatever programme you used (such as green for your car, red for 3rd party and yellow or blue for the bus and other traffic). Use rectangles to show the postitions of the cars instantly prior the collision, at the point of impact and instantly after the collision. Try to get these printed in at least A4 size and in colour as you do not know how far from the judge you will be or how good their eyesight is. The postion of traffic to the left or your car can aid your argument that you had no space to swerve left. Copy these pictures in email to your insurance as further information to your claim (may have to split it accross 2 emails depending on how many megabytes you can email and they can recieve in one go) These pictures will help you a lot if it goes to court as, if the 3rd party is lying, they may have trouble arguing with you if they have not done similar prep. You may also get re-imbursed for the cost of ink and paper + interest at whatever rate was aggreed between the barristers and the court (also you would get any excess you paid refunded with the same insterest if found 100% in your favour). The most important thing is to make sure your insurance company presses the matter and takes it to court for you or allows the 3rd party to take it to court - PUT IT IN WRITING to your insurance company that you KNOW that the 3rd party is 100% liable and YOU WILL GO TO COURT if needs be to prove it. Remember if you do take the matter to court and it does not go 100% in your favour then you need to know what the implications are, hence the question about legal cover. Also remember that your insurance renewal is likely to increase as a result of this even if you are found in the clear - if you are proved in the clear and the renewal price increases then phone up argue with the insurance when you renew that any increase is unfair as you should not be penalised for the 3rd parties actions.
  6. Banning the different rates between units in a single contract and the different allowances of first or second rates between various contracts would be a good start. I am excellent at maths but it still takes me days of reserch to try and estimate what my bills will be as finding out the amount of first expensive units that are allowed and then the amount of second units used is a nightmare and I still don't know if they are worked out on a daily, monthly or yearly basis. If all units were one price per contract and all standing charges were abolished then we might be able to work out our bills.
  7. 1.) What size is your board and did it fit neatly and safely in the cycle area without any risk of obstruction? 2.) Was it clear to the person you purchased your ticket from that you had the board with you?
  8. I am not sure about the whole chain but I know that a Big & Questionable diy store in Coventry (wont name names though) use Remploy staff in much the same way too. A very high percentage of their staff in the one store are unpaid Remploy people that are told they will be taken on all the way through the 2 or so weeks then just changed for another set of remploy people - this is disgusting and as a result I refuse to use either that store or remploy.
  9. That sounds okay - elephant tried to put mine up by about £100 when I went through what you did, to be fair to them though they did reduce it after a friendly chat to about 20-25% less than that previous year.
  10. Cheers for that advice - they definately pulled a fast one on me.
  11. 2 years no claims (including this one?) I would expect at least 10% if not 15% less premium than last year - chat to them on the phone and ask what they can do as you are a loyal customer and shouldn't be penalised for a non fault accident - make sure they do NOT increase your excess without you knowing - mine did that to me and I was not a happy bunny despite the fact I never needed it, that wasn't the point.
  12. Cheers for that. I have some extra evidence too as well as what you said. A lot of good advice from TS so it is looking good. Will just have to see how it goes. There are a lot of things missing from the garage so fingers crossed it will be ok.
  13. No failure notice issued to me - last time I had a car fail I received a fail notice and then I received the pass notice when it passed so I had both bits of paper. Can any one help please? A lot of negative there and it seems that you are telling me to give up and not bother. Cheers for your help.
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