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  1. My wife has the same - she just holds it up so the driver can see it and walks by the slow penny counters. The school children do the same - the drivers are quick enough to spot the kids without the passes. Maybe here is different to London as most of our buses are 'drop the cash in the machine, no change given' so the driver doesn't need to keep an eye on what cash person is counting out as it is just a quick glance once the cash is in the machine to ensure it is right. [EDIT] My wife has just told me that her pass is now 'hover over the reader' type so maybe other counties/areas
  2. You don't show your pass I thought - don't you just pass it near the reader and walk by the cash person?
  3. Sorry to ask but you state "section 20 assault": was your daughter convicted in a court of law or only cautioned, arrested or charged but not actually convicted and sentanced? If convicted, did this happen before, during or after the insurance application and is your daughter appealing the conviction? Other than that you might get some leniency if your daughter is actually unable to fill forms out or go through the insurance process on the phone/PC and you were unaware of the conviction but obviously this puts the responsibly on you.
  4. To get your car repaired you will have to either pay the excess or get other driver to admit liability in time as I am sure you already know but as this matter is likely to take months to sort out you may have to cough up - you did choose the £450 excess? I don't mean to sound so nasty here as I too got caught out having to fork out £300 when I couldn't afford it only to wait over a year to get it back. Some things I notice working on the presumption you were traveling in the direction that your poto is and the 3rd party came from the left, out of the garage: 1.) Which side were you
  5. Hello, I have been in the same situation as you and ordered the insurance company to take it to the court if the 3rd party did not admit 100% liability - Remember the insurance company must act as you wish. Did you get legal cover with you policy? I believe any form of legal cover in your policy will mean that if you press your insurance to fight the 3rd party then your insurance will supply you with a solicitors firm - email your insurance to find out what you are entitled to if you are unsure before you go looking for your own legal representation. The most imprtant thing first of
  6. Banning the different rates between units in a single contract and the different allowances of first or second rates between various contracts would be a good start. I am excellent at maths but it still takes me days of reserch to try and estimate what my bills will be as finding out the amount of first expensive units that are allowed and then the amount of second units used is a nightmare and I still don't know if they are worked out on a daily, monthly or yearly basis. If all units were one price per contract and all standing charges were abolished then we might be able to work out our
  7. 1.) What size is your board and did it fit neatly and safely in the cycle area without any risk of obstruction? 2.) Was it clear to the person you purchased your ticket from that you had the board with you?
  8. I am not sure about the whole chain but I know that a Big & Questionable diy store in Coventry (wont name names though) use Remploy staff in much the same way too. A very high percentage of their staff in the one store are unpaid Remploy people that are told they will be taken on all the way through the 2 or so weeks then just changed for another set of remploy people - this is disgusting and as a result I refuse to use either that store or remploy.
  9. That sounds okay - elephant tried to put mine up by about £100 when I went through what you did, to be fair to them though they did reduce it after a friendly chat to about 20-25% less than that previous year.
  10. Cheers for that advice - they definately pulled a fast one on me.
  11. 2 years no claims (including this one?) I would expect at least 10% if not 15% less premium than last year - chat to them on the phone and ask what they can do as you are a loyal customer and shouldn't be penalised for a non fault accident - make sure they do NOT increase your excess without you knowing - mine did that to me and I was not a happy bunny despite the fact I never needed it, that wasn't the point.
  12. Cheers for that. I have some extra evidence too as well as what you said. A lot of good advice from TS so it is looking good. Will just have to see how it goes. There are a lot of things missing from the garage so fingers crossed it will be ok.
  13. No failure notice issued to me - last time I had a car fail I received a fail notice and then I received the pass notice when it passed so I had both bits of paper. Can any one help please? A lot of negative there and it seems that you are telling me to give up and not bother. Cheers for your help.
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