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Found 17 results

  1. hi everyone, I have a problem with a dealership where i purchased a car. I am currently at deadlock with a well known UK car dealership. Background. I saw a car advertised on their website, I took it for a test drive and returned at a later date so my partner could take it for a test drive. When she was out on the drive I saw a different car, one that i always wanted and this was not advertised on their website. My partner returned and she told me she did not like the drive of the car she took out i decided i would take the car that I was looking at when she was out
  2. First time poster here desperate for some advice after google has proved fruitless. This is a long ongoing story so please forgive the length and thank you in advance if you manage to read everything. I bought my first car 28/06/2018 from a car dealership in Hounslow, ATM Motor Trade. I found the car on Auto Trader, the dealer had good reviews and it was a good deal for the car that I wanted. The drive from my house was around 90 minutes each way but I was confident I was going to love the car. The saleswoman seemed knowledgable and friendly and I bought the car that day. I paid by
  3. Hi, Hope this is the correct forum just for advice on dealing with a future purchase. If a dealer says they have carried out a 60,75,150 check on a vehicle is it reasonable to ask for a copy of the check when you go to view the vehicle so you can double check what they claim to have checked ..... I might sound a bit untrusting of car salesmen but my recent dealings with a large franchise has definitely not done anything to make me think they have suddenly become more trustworthy than Arthur Daley when it comes to telling the truth. Any advice on a purchase would be appreci
  4. Hello, Main details summarised for easy viewing: Issue: Car is in limp mode with a check DPF light showing, Main issue is that car does not automatically regenerate, this happened on the same day I bought the car on my drive from Manchester to the Scottish Borders. Honda diagnostics find no fault codes. DPF has been replaced, issue still exists. Car has had 3 diagnostic appointments (2 via Honda), none find fault codes. Car has had 2 manual regenerations, one worked and within a month was back in limp mode. Car purchased on - 07/07/2016 Issue first presented - 07/07/2016 Iss
  5. Hi I wonder if anyone could give me advice. In March our Alphabet lease car (Ford Cmax ) had a new engine replacement due to neglect on our part, it missed 2 services and the engine was damaged. We paid for a replacement engine block at the cost of 4k. Since getting the car back in Early April its has gone back on several occasions which are listed below 1. Injector seal replaced 2. 4 injector seal replaced, after cabin had exhaust fumes coming into it from engine bay, smoke was visible when car was idling 3 Engine blew up on M25 whilst I was in outside lane (coolant pipe malfun
  6. Hello Thank you for looking at this post. NOTE: only 121 audi a8 edition 21 are made for the UK. AvailbLe to order from July 2015. I am a chauffeur and wanted the a8 edition 21 because of my own personal liking to this model In the last week of August 2015 I decided that I want to purchase a new A8 LWB Edition 21. I was dealing with wimbledon audi. I have enquired about the a8 edition 21. I was told that the a8 edition 21 LWB was not available to order and also they could not configure the car on the audi website which meant audi does not make it in LWB verson (a a8 editio
  7. Hello, Sorry for the long wordy post. I recently paid a £500 deposit and signed a new vehicle hire contract for a Mini with Chilli Pack from Halliwell Jones. 3 days later they contacted me via phone to say that Mini had increased the price of the Chilli Pack and it's now roughly £1000 more expensive (this wasn't advertised on the Mini website). The sales rep said that there was nothing that they could do apart from try to find another car that's already been built with the old chilli pack. They managed to find one that had everything I wanted but was more expensive because it had hea
  8. Me and my partner bought a Vauxhall Astra 1.9 Sri cdti 150bph on the 22nd September 2015 for £3500 from a second hand dealership. The car went off for a MOT before we got it and it came back with advisories which the dealership dealt with. We waited 2 weeks after payment before we actually got to drive it home. A Week later thick black smoke was coming out the exhaust, we immediately took it back to the dealership and they said they would sort it as it was still under warranty. (Swirl flaps needed replacing) they had our car for over a week and when it came back they hadn't done the job
  9. It is common knowledge that clark lost the Honda dealership, at least in Kirkcaldy if not further afield. In todays paper it intimates that they no longer hold the Nissan dealership at least for Dundee, if not further afield. No reason is given for this move. I suggest that anyone who has bought a new or even nearly new car from them and feels they have a genuine grievance, should write their complaint to the UK Managing Director for that particular marque. I don't think manufacturers would want to be using dealers who may give their product a bad reputation.
  10. Hello I went to see a used car I found through Auto Trader at a Bristol dealership today. I liked that car and went home and looked up the dealership to check out their credentials. It was Tiley Motors (on the business card), also known as Tiley of Bristol (website). According to Companies House they are "dissolved". How do I check this out for certain? Can I ask them? Who can I call? Is it possible that they are trading illegitimately?
  11. bought Focus ST from a dealer 2 and a half weeks ago, the dealership was 200 miles away so it was a 400 mile round trip to get the car, the car is on finance. on the way home i thought i could feel a slight vibration, it was late the next day i took it to a tyre garage to get the wheels balanced as i thought that could be what the problem is. i was told all 4 tyres are past it, the car passed an MOT the day before i bought it so i said they cant be.. the garage lifted it back up on the ramps to show me. the 2 front tyres are very bald on the inner edges
  12. Hello having issues with a motorcycle dealer part exchanged my motorcycle for another second hand one, the bike had lots of hidden not mentioned in the advert problems dealer assured me he would replace and send the missing items onto me,never heard anything from him for 15 days even ignoring all emails i sent him a recorded letter yesterday explaining i want a refund or all faulty missing parts replaced as he is in breach of contract all of a sudden i get a phone call from him! amazing what a letter can do,anyway he was a right idiot on the phone (since found out its daddy's
  13. Hi there On the 27th July, my husband and I purchased a used car from a dealership for £26,950. We paid £2,000 deposit via credit card, traded in a vehicle for £2,450 and paid the balance via debit card. Within 21 miles of driving the car and 3 days of owning it, the engine management light appeared on the dashboard. We contacted the dealership straight away but as it was nearing 7pm the Service department was not available. However, the following day my husband did receive a call apologising for the issue but advising that unfortunately these things do happen. On the 2nd Aug
  14. Hi, I was wondering if someone could help me. I bought a car three months ago from Toyota, on the day of picking up that car, it broken down and eventually the battery went flat within a month. As a preapproved car they are meant to be fully serviced, have have their preinspection checks and any MOT advisory issues on the MOT to be rectified according to Toyota. Ive asked for the preinspection checks which the garage don't have, and when I went through the servicing documents the car was due for a service the week after I picked up the car, and on the day of receiving the car I foun
  15. Hi everyone! I am currently in a dispute with a well known car dealership. I am receiving calls and text messages, emails and letters from a debt collection agency now which is all extremely distressing. I was hoping that, if I outline what is going on, I may be able to get some advice on how to deal with this. In 2006 I took out a finance agreement and put down £600 deposit. The 3 year agreement went without any problems and I returned the car at the end of the agreement to the dealership. I then took out another agreement in 2009 and was given the option of having my deposit
  16. Hi guys, I booked my car in at a dealership for fuel injector cleaning as they were going to have the fuel injectors taken out and sent off to a fuel injector cleaning company for Ultransonic cleaning. However when the fuel injectors got back, the company included a report stating that the seals (O seal rings) on the fuel injectors will need replacing but the Dealership didn't replace them which caused the car to leak fuel extremely badly on the way home from the dealership. I could tell something was wrong when my father came home with the car and stank of petrol from the other side
  17. Hi all, Ive got a question! Ive seen a few threads on the subject but not about my exact issue so any advice would be greatly received please. I don't want to say too much as its not 100% sorted yet but you'll get the idea. Oh and im also dyslexic so hope this reads ok. I bought a car just over a week ago from one of the UK's biggest car dealerships and on my journey home the car wasn't preforming as it should. I contacted the garage immediately and after some back and forward conversations and my local garage carrying out a full diagnostic test and inspection the dealership have agree
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