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Found 17 results

  1. hi everyone, I have a problem with a dealership where i purchased a car. I am currently at deadlock with a well known UK car dealership. Background. I saw a car advertised on their website, I took it for a test drive and returned at a later date so my partner could take it for a test drive. When she was out on the drive I saw a different car, one that i always wanted and this was not advertised on their website. My partner returned and she told me she did not like the drive of the car she took out i decided i would take the car that I was looking at when she was out on the test drive for a drive. This was of some inconvenience to the salesman, he tried everything to get me to buy the newer car that I originally went down for. The original car was newer, had a full service history, one owner from new and road tax was £30 per year. The new car and the car I purchased turned out to be a 8 year old vehicle which came sold as seen but turned out had 6 months warranty when he realised I was not going to purchase the original car i went down for. We went inside to discuss the new car I had seen and the one I wanted to purchase. The salesman sat in front of his computer, told me and my partner it had one owner from new, they bought it from them and traded it back in, it had full service history and tax was £180 per year. The car was £12k and I paid for it on my debit/bank card. I later returned to collect the car with a friend who took me to the dealership, the salesman told us in a conversation that they dont normally sell a car of this age but it is of perfect condition, which it is, has one owner so they decided to sell it. He let me do the tax on his computer and it turned out to be £250 per year. I took the car home a few days later the V5 document was delivered which stated 3 owners and I was the 4th, I then looked at the service record and it does not have full service history. I telephoned the sales man who was adamant it had full service history, he got the photocopy of the service book that they copy for every sale. He looked at the service and apologises and admits it does not have full service history. He also stated that he couldn't understand why he said it had one owner and asked what i would like. I left it in their court. I reported to him at the same time several faults with the car even though he advised me it went through a 168 point inspection. I heard nothing back for a while and i couldn't get an answer on the telephone as everyone was always in either meetings or with a customer. I decided to reject the car within the 30 days as i was allowed, they would not accept the rejection as I had not give them opportunity to rectify the faults, I advised it was not the faults that I was rejecting it was the amount of previous owners and partial service history. It has been 3 months since I purchased the vehicle I do like the vehicle however i would not have paid the amount i did or I may not have purchased it knowing the true history of the car. I did try to compromise and ask for a wheel package as a good will gesture to have the matter dealt with and they declined. They have now had a solicitor write to me saying the company had no liability, I took the letter down to the garage and spoke to the sale manager for the first time. I could see he believed me somewhat but i guess he had an obligation to his staff member to carry on denying that i was mis-sold. They are stating myself, my partner and my friend have been confused with the first car we took out for a test drive, i know it was not this car he was talking about as he said the car i bought was £180 a year tax whereas the first car was £30. I want to pursue the matter further! Do you think I am wasting my time as I dont have any advertisements to back up m claim other than our personal accounts of the sale. Either was a lesson learnt but you wouldn't think this of a dealership which boasts about customer service and that. Thanks for any replies.
  2. First time poster here desperate for some advice after google has proved fruitless. This is a long ongoing story so please forgive the length and thank you in advance if you manage to read everything. I bought my first car 28/06/2018 from a car dealership in Hounslow, ATM Motor Trade. I found the car on Auto Trader, the dealer had good reviews and it was a good deal for the car that I wanted. The drive from my house was around 90 minutes each way but I was confident I was going to love the car. The saleswoman seemed knowledgable and friendly and I bought the car that day. I paid by bank transfer (stupid looking back) and drove the car home. Already on the drive home there were some minor problems with the car not wanting to change into third gear which I put down to my inexperience in driving it and figured I would learn to do it properly. I was also trying to be eternally optimistic and hoping the car was fine despite my instincts now starting to say otherwise. I got into the car the next day and the check engine light was on. This concerned me enough to get the bus to work but I also called the dealer to explain that the engine light was on. They said it was just an issue with the emissions on the vehicle, there’s nothing to worry about and it’s safe to drive. I asked for this to be put in writing for me - already losing my trust and sensing the worst - but that was declined. Having lost all faith in the dealer, I decided to take the car to a trusted mechanic for an assessment. He plugged in the diagnostics computer and also did a thorough check of the vehicle. The number of faults that came up on the computer was higher than 20 and that’s without the physical issues that were found: holes in air pipes, badly worn brake discs, a puncture, even the battery wasn’t attached properly. I took photographs of all of the evidence on the diagnostics computer and areas of the car where the faults could be seen and then the mechanic and I decided it would be best to wipe the faults from the cars internal computer to see if they would recur. I emailed the dealer that day with the evidence I had and told them I would be returning the car for a full refund under the Consumer Rights Act. Initially they tried to offer a repair or a replacement instead but as you can imagine I had no faith in them at this point. Eventually they agreed I would return the car to them. I did so on 08/07/2018. I had driven the car a total of three times - two of those being home from the dealer and back again. The saleswoman was the same person who sold me the car and after much resisting sent me a text message to say that I had returned the car and could expect a refund in 14 days. After the 14 days were up I received an email claiming that there were no faults with the car, they claimed they had driven it everyday with no issue and it was “functioning” and therefore they would not be offering me a refund. They also would not return the car to me but only offered a replacement vehicle. I declined this offer and stated once again I wanted my money back. I have not heard from the company themselves since this date. I ended up escalating the issue to MCOL. The dealer did not respond to the service of the claim, a judgment was made against them and then I finally sent a county court enforcement officer to collect on my behalf. In the meantime the company (a limited company) changed their trading as name therefore rendering my paperwork and claim invalid as the company “no longer existed”. I did not know when I made the initial claim that they were a LTD company trading under a different name. Initially the name was ATM Motor Trade which they changed to Quality Motor Trade Centre (the irony!). I made a request to the court to change the company name on my paperwork and reserve the papers. I have since discovered they have now opened up a whole new business and are trading under this name instead! I am now at a loss for what to do. They currently owe me £2500 which I borrowed in a loan from my bank. I can not afford another car as I’m repaying the initial loan and I’ve been forced to revert to public transport (which is horrendous in my area). It seems they will do anything in their power to avoid paying and are obviously skilled at avoiding the courts. Any help would be much appreciated. I once again apologise for the length of this and thank you for reading.
  3. Hi, Hope this is the correct forum just for advice on dealing with a future purchase. If a dealer says they have carried out a 60,75,150 check on a vehicle is it reasonable to ask for a copy of the check when you go to view the vehicle so you can double check what they claim to have checked ..... I might sound a bit untrusting of car salesmen but my recent dealings with a large franchise has definitely not done anything to make me think they have suddenly become more trustworthy than Arthur Daley when it comes to telling the truth. Any advice on a purchase would be appreciated.
  4. Hello, Main details summarised for easy viewing: Issue: Car is in limp mode with a check DPF light showing, Main issue is that car does not automatically regenerate, this happened on the same day I bought the car on my drive from Manchester to the Scottish Borders. Honda diagnostics find no fault codes. DPF has been replaced, issue still exists. Car has had 3 diagnostic appointments (2 via Honda), none find fault codes. Car has had 2 manual regenerations, one worked and within a month was back in limp mode. Car purchased on - 07/07/2016 Issue first presented - 07/07/2016 Issue first reported - 08/07/2016 (by email and phone to dealership) First intent to reject - 06/01/2017 (by email to dealership) Rejection raised with finance company - 10/01/2017 Car purchased for ~ £7,500 What I've done so far: Raised the issue to the dealership from the day after I found the fault. Have it in writing that they will commit to sorting this issue beyond the 3 month warranty. After a lack of communication from the dealership, refusal to pay for some of the diagnostics and refusal to accept rejection of the car, I contacted my finance company (as they still own the car). What has happened since purchase / complaint: Took the car to Honda to get diagnostics and regeneration, which did fix the issue for around 1 month. I raised the issue with the dealership again 29/08/2016, noting that this issue was present again. The dealership asked me to take it to a local dealer (not Honda) to get diagnostics. All local dealerships said they could not carry out the diagnostics and it would have to be Honda. The dealership did not agree to this then cut communication. I have email chases from myself asking for a response. It took until 26/09/2016 with constant phoning before they spoke to me again. The response reads: "Should they (Honda) find any underlying issue as to why the car is not regenerating itself, then we can address that, possibly with a local VAT registered garage, if that is the case, should the fault fall within items covered under warranty Dace Motor Company will cover the cost of repair within the terms of the warranty, even if the repair takes place outside of your warranty expiry date." Diagnostics were carried out 04/10/2016 and found no fault. Honda suggested replacing the DPF. After speaking with Dace, they told me I had to price getting this done. I did this and got no reply. I then emailed on 23/11/2016 stating: "I've tried calling you several times now and have had no reply from you despite you telling me you would get back to me weeks ago and reception informing me you would phone back when I've called in." I only received a response via phone at the start of December stating that Dace had found a much cheaper alternative and wanted to send a DPF to a local garage for them to fit. I was reluctant to do so, but this was the only option offered. The work was carried out 20/12/2016. Replacement of the DPF did not fix the issue, the light was still on and the car still in 'limp' mode. I was advised by the garage that the DPF may auto-regenerate after driving for a bit and clear this fault. After several attempts at this under the recommended Honda guidelines for DPF regeneration, the problem still remained. The garage then performed a manual regeneration to see if they could clear the fault and were unable to. Further diagnostics were done and again, no fault found. I emailed and called several times again before getting to speak to someone, I requested that the dealership take responsibility for the car and repairs, noting if they did not I'd be looking at getting the car rejected / refunded. Their response was that this would not happen, and that I should take the car again to Honda for diagnostics, but that I should pay for it. I emailed again 09/01/2017 refusing to pay for diagnostics, and again asking them to do so. They replied saying they would pay for the diagnostics but only if there was a fault code relating to the DPF. They also noted that if there was not a fault code for the DPF they would not pay for the diagnostics or any subsequent repairs as it would be something new that has happened to the car and is now outside my warranty. At this point I immediately filed a rejection request with my finance company, who suggested I take it for diagnostics and they would pay if Dace wouldn't. They don't seem to want to help, and keep bringing up reasons that I shouldn't reject the car. Their latest correspondence notes I only had 30 days to reject the car and I've only raised it with them after 7 months. Sorry for the length of this and if I missed anything, I tried to be thorough. I just don't know what to do now. I figured the finance company would help me with this process but it doesn't feel that way. Apart from going down the legal route, I'm not sure what I should and shouldn't do. Any advice would be very much appreciated! Thanks
  5. Hi I wonder if anyone could give me advice. In March our Alphabet lease car (Ford Cmax ) had a new engine replacement due to neglect on our part, it missed 2 services and the engine was damaged. We paid for a replacement engine block at the cost of 4k. Since getting the car back in Early April its has gone back on several occasions which are listed below 1. Injector seal replaced 2. 4 injector seal replaced, after cabin had exhaust fumes coming into it from engine bay, smoke was visible when car was idling 3 Engine blew up on M25 whilst I was in outside lane (coolant pipe malfunctioned) 4 Diesel leaking with strong diesel smell in the car cabin, car was returned to the dealership, they had the car now for a month, and have admitted that the 2nd replacement block was not fitted back in correctly by the technician, who hadn't been with them long. • Replaced inlet manifold as damaged bolts also cross threaded • Re-tapped cylinder head to accept rocker cover due to poor installation rocker cover loose and bolts cross threaded • Rerouted engine harness incorrectly routed and not plugged in on various multi plugs – customer reported reverse lamps inoperative not plugged into reverse lamp switch. • Rerouted gear cables as incorrectly routed • Replaced clutch pipe as routed incorrectly and damaged as a result • Replaced AC pipe as damaged (bent) • Replaced lower roll restrictor as damaged • Re-torqued all bolts on engine as various bolts loose or incorrect placed • Replaced bolts missing and bolts that where incorrectly fitted • Clean oil and fuel on engine • Tidy rest of engine clipping various hoses/pipes etc back to where they should be located. We have obviously spoke to the dealership regarding compensation, they have offered us £500 which I feel is a bit insulting as they have put our safety at risk through poor workmanship. Should we accept the offer, or do we have grounds for more? We have not involved Ford Uk in this at the moment Thanks in advance for any advie
  6. Hello Thank you for looking at this post. NOTE: only 121 audi a8 edition 21 are made for the UK. AvailbLe to order from July 2015. I am a chauffeur and wanted the a8 edition 21 because of my own personal liking to this model In the last week of August 2015 I decided that I want to purchase a new A8 LWB Edition 21. I was dealing with wimbledon audi. I have enquired about the a8 edition 21. I was told that the a8 edition 21 LWB was not available to order and also they could not configure the car on the audi website which meant audi does not make it in LWB verson (a a8 edition 21 SWB was available on the website). I have said serveral times if the a8 edition 21 model was available to order. I was told no and the salesman have confirmed it with a manager. So I decided on a8 LWB which was in stock. Which I decided to buy because based on the salesman telling me the edition 21 LWB was not available and audi did not make it. 5 months down the line I visited the west london audi and couldn't believe my eyes and saw an a8 LWB edition 21. I enquired to the sales team and asked when the edition 21 LWB was available to order and they confirmed it was July 2015. My question is that based on the salesman at Wimbledon audi telling me that the edition 21 is not available in the LWB and audi did not make it in the LWB version which made me to buy the normal a8 lwb .Have I been missold the vehicle I have purchased?
  7. Hello, Sorry for the long wordy post. I recently paid a £500 deposit and signed a new vehicle hire contract for a Mini with Chilli Pack from Halliwell Jones. 3 days later they contacted me via phone to say that Mini had increased the price of the Chilli Pack and it's now roughly £1000 more expensive (this wasn't advertised on the Mini website). The sales rep said that there was nothing that they could do apart from try to find another car that's already been built with the old chilli pack. They managed to find one that had everything I wanted but was more expensive because it had heated seats. After some hesitation I agreed to this car but called back about 20 mins later to say that i was unsure about what to do. I tried to negotiate a better deal but they wouldn't budge and made out that I had already had as much discount as I was going to get etc. and i said that i needed to think about it. By this time they had already bought this car from another dealership. I told them over the phone that i was going to try and get a better deal from another dealer because i wasn't happy with it at all and that evening that's what I did. When I then asked Halliwell Jones for my deposit back they have refused on the grounds that i agreed to order the second car however, according to their terms and conditions the original agreement was cancelled when they could not fulfil it and the second agreement is classed as a distance selling one and because of this I have the right to cancel within 14 days and don't have to give a reason. Am I in the right here? Any help you can give will be very much appreciated.
  8. Me and my partner bought a Vauxhall Astra 1.9 Sri cdti 150bph on the 22nd September 2015 for £3500 from a second hand dealership. The car went off for a MOT before we got it and it came back with advisories which the dealership dealt with. We waited 2 weeks after payment before we actually got to drive it home. A Week later thick black smoke was coming out the exhaust, we immediately took it back to the dealership and they said they would sort it as it was still under warranty. (Swirl flaps needed replacing) they had our car for over a week and when it came back they hadn't done the job properly, they had botched it up. Instead of replacing the swirl flaps they put blanking plates either side of the egr valve and capped the swirl flaps (temporary fix) A day later the car lost power and was in limp mode, when I had a look at the engine the main air intake pipe wasn't even bolted on properly one bolt was missing and the other was extremely loose. The sensor for the swirl flap wasn't connected and was left hanging, the inlet manifold had been taken apart and new bolts put in (not nessesary comes sealed from factory) there is silicone all over the bottom of the manifold where the swirl flap is, the fuel lines were hanging loose, there is a bracket now missing from the back of my engine and nothing was attached. When I rang the dealership they just fobbed me off saying that they had done the job properly and what was I complaining about, when I asked if they would reimburse me to get the car fixed properly they said no as they had done it properly. (I've taken it to a garage for a second opinion and they are agreeing with me, poor workmanship and it needs to be fixed to repair the damage the dealership has done to it looking at £500) I just don't know where I stand. Help me please Thank you in advance
  9. It is common knowledge that clark lost the Honda dealership, at least in Kirkcaldy if not further afield. In todays paper it intimates that they no longer hold the Nissan dealership at least for Dundee, if not further afield. No reason is given for this move. I suggest that anyone who has bought a new or even nearly new car from them and feels they have a genuine grievance, should write their complaint to the UK Managing Director for that particular marque. I don't think manufacturers would want to be using dealers who may give their product a bad reputation.
  10. Hello I went to see a used car I found through Auto Trader at a Bristol dealership today. I liked that car and went home and looked up the dealership to check out their credentials. It was Tiley Motors (on the business card), also known as Tiley of Bristol (website). According to Companies House they are "dissolved". How do I check this out for certain? Can I ask them? Who can I call? Is it possible that they are trading illegitimately?
  11. bought Focus ST from a dealer 2 and a half weeks ago, the dealership was 200 miles away so it was a 400 mile round trip to get the car, the car is on finance. on the way home i thought i could feel a slight vibration, it was late the next day i took it to a tyre garage to get the wheels balanced as i thought that could be what the problem is. i was told all 4 tyres are past it, the car passed an MOT the day before i bought it so i said they cant be.. the garage lifted it back up on the ramps to show me. the 2 front tyres are very bald on the inner edges and all cracked between treads. the rear tyres have plenty of tread but again they are all badly cracked between treads. one of the front tyres also has a slit in the side wall! now, before any one says "didnt you look at the car before you bought it" yes i did, but i was checking things like body work, interior, engine bay etc, i didnt even consider looking at the tyres since the car literally passed an MOT the day before! i instantly emailed the dealership with what i found, they asked me to get pictures for proof and also get a tyre report done, then email that along with pictures to them so they can resolve the issue. i did the above, and this is the reply i got!!! "Hi Stuart, I have spoken with the MOT station that MOT’d your vehicle, I have showed them the photographs you sent, and we have gone through each point on the MOT standards relevant to tyres and they have assured me that the tyres are legal. MOT standards are available online. The other major factor to take into account here is that you took the vehicle for a FREE tyre check. The purpose of these free tyres checks unfortunately are to sell you new tyres. Both ourselves and the MOT station are happy that the tyres are legal and if you feel they need replacing it will be at your own cost. I am sorry this is not the outcome you were hoping for, however this is the very reason we independently MOT every vehicle sold" obviously i wasnt happy with that reply threatened to take it further, but they just ignored me, i contacted trading standards, they told me i have rights etc which i quoted to the dealership, they ignored again. i then decided to get the car checked over to see if any other faults were apparent. there were.. . it has a split inner CV boot, it had a broken boost solenoid valve, and 1 of the tyres also has a screw in it (aswell as been bald and cracked) there is also a slight vibration from a driveshaft (probably slightly worn) again i emailed the dealer, and advised i will be getting VOSA involved as i dont think its even been seen by the MOT tester as it wouldn't of passed! as soon as i threatened with this their reply was "if your really that unhappy, please return the car for a refund" the car is on finance, which for me to get out of now has a higher settlement fee than what the car cost, the dealer is over 200 miles away (400 mile round trip) its already cost me in excess of £200 to collect the car, plus a day off work. I asked them if they are going to re reimburse me of the fees to return the car, and also that with illegal tyers im not prepared to drive it 200 miles on a motorway so they would have to arrange to have it collected. again no reply and they are ignoring me im happy with the car its self, im just unhappy about the faults, and dont see why i should have to fork out over £500 to put it right! what else can i do now? it desperately needs sorting, but im literally getting no where
  12. Hello having issues with a motorcycle dealer part exchanged my motorcycle for another second hand one, the bike had lots of hidden not mentioned in the advert problems dealer assured me he would replace and send the missing items onto me,never heard anything from him for 15 days even ignoring all emails i sent him a recorded letter yesterday explaining i want a refund or all faulty missing parts replaced as he is in breach of contract all of a sudden i get a phone call from him! amazing what a letter can do,anyway he was a right idiot on the phone (since found out its daddy's business explains his attitude) telling me the letter got his back up and its all "legal boll**" and thats not the right way to go about it as it makes him not want to help me he has promissed to replace the fauly and missing items (speedo, light switch rear light etc) but would not put it in writing he point blank refused saying he is too busy for that and dont expect the parts anytime soon as the factory is on holiday. (its not i have checked) now i have given him 10 days to respond to my request for a refund (sent recorded delivery), and i will not let the shop get away with this,so if i do not get my parts in the 10 days do i then send the letter before action? i have all emails stating he never looked or checked to see if the parts were on the bike before advertising it i also have a copy of the advert saved that mentions no faulty damaged or missing items does it sound like i am doing things right with regards to letters and timescale,and is it me or does it sound like he has no intentions of sending these parts on any help/advise would be appreciated
  13. Hi there On the 27th July, my husband and I purchased a used car from a dealership for £26,950. We paid £2,000 deposit via credit card, traded in a vehicle for £2,450 and paid the balance via debit card. Within 21 miles of driving the car and 3 days of owning it, the engine management light appeared on the dashboard. We contacted the dealership straight away but as it was nearing 7pm the Service department was not available. However, the following day my husband did receive a call apologising for the issue but advising that unfortunately these things do happen. On the 2nd August, we dropped the vehicle back to the dealership and picked up a courtesy vehicle. They plugged out vehicle in to find out what the fault was, we were advised it was the DPF and it would need to go to VW. We also pointed out some other issues with the vehicle, the brakes looked worn and there were several issues with the paintwork that we hadn't picked up on when originally looking at the vehicle. The Service Manager took down the issues and said they would get them dealt with whilst they had it. To cut a long story short, we have had to chase the dealership for updates regarding our vehicle, explain the other issues to god knows how many people and we never get call backs when messages are left. The original fault has gone from being the DPF, to the EGR Cooler and now something to do with the air conditioning has been thrown in the mix also. The dealership has looked at the brakes and told us that they have 1,000-2,000 miles of wear left on them and that this is acceptable. I would like to point out that they MOT'd and serviced the vehicle before we picked up and this was not mentioned on any paperwork. They agree with the paintwork issues but couldn't tell us what they were going to do about it. Not only have we had issues with the above, we also had an issue over the tax for the vehicle. We paid for the dealership to put 6 months tax on it and were told that this had been done and the tax disc would be sent on once received by them. We later found out that the car was not taxed until the 7th August, so they were happy for us to drive around that long. The salesman pointed out that it wasn't an offence to which my husband soon corrected him. Today I have spoken to the DVLA and they haven't received any notification that the vehicle has changed ownership. I wouldn't be surprised if they haven't even sent the V5 document yet. We have already sent a letter of complaint to the Director of the dealership via email and recorded post to which we received a response saying that a certain person would now be dealing with us and he hoped they could rectify a bad experience. We have since sent another letter of complaint and asked that we receive a response in writing detailing exactly what repairs had been carried out etc and what they were going to do about the other issues and so far we have not received anything. We have contacted the CAB who have said we have a case to reject and if we don't get anywhere, we can approach the bank to help through the chargeback scheme. I have checked this and they are happy to deal with on our behalf. My question is, what should we do next? My husband wants to take their courtesy vehicle back and then send a letter of rejection via email and recorded post. We are obviously not driving the vehicle as it is at the dealership still (will be 3 weeks tomorrow). Should we keep hold of the 2nd key that we have and the paperwork that we have or should we return these to them. There is probably much more, but to be honest so much has happened that I find it difficult to keep track with it all. Many Thanks
  14. Hi, I was wondering if someone could help me. I bought a car three months ago from Toyota, on the day of picking up that car, it broken down and eventually the battery went flat within a month. As a preapproved car they are meant to be fully serviced, have have their preinspection checks and any MOT advisory issues on the MOT to be rectified according to Toyota. Ive asked for the preinspection checks which the garage don't have, and when I went through the servicing documents the car was due for a service the week after I picked up the car, and on the day of receiving the car I found that two of the tyres had advisory items which means I need to get them replaced soon. They've lied to me before when I requested an engine oil change because it was a dirty brown color and they stated that the car was not due for service on an invoice in september which is a month after a service was due. They have only agreed to change the tyres if they see fit which is ridiculous as I paid extra for a preapproved car on the understanding that cars are fully serviced and MOT issues are rectified. I know that they have breached contract in the SOGA and OFT unfair selling regulations. They've said that this is the most they will do for me seeing as I've had the car for three months even though I stopped using the car since the start of october and I've told them this in correspondence. They are refusing to accept any fault, and even though I've highlighted my concerns many times they are not dealing with me seriously. I don't want to have to take this to court as it has wasted enough of my time trying to get through to them. I have also contacted head office who refuse to deal with it as I purchased a preapproved honda from them rather than a toyota. I'd be grateful for any advice, thanks!
  15. Hi everyone! I am currently in a dispute with a well known car dealership. I am receiving calls and text messages, emails and letters from a debt collection agency now which is all extremely distressing. I was hoping that, if I outline what is going on, I may be able to get some advice on how to deal with this. In 2006 I took out a finance agreement and put down £600 deposit. The 3 year agreement went without any problems and I returned the car at the end of the agreement to the dealership. I then took out another agreement in 2009 and was given the option of having my deposit back from the first car or putting it down as a deposit from the second one. I decided to put down £500 deposit this time and put the other £100 towards my first monthly payment. Strangely, I did not receive a spare key with the car and I didn't chase this up. At the end of this agreement, I was told that a separate car collection company would be collecting my car this time and that I was to make sure it was parked outside my address for them to pick up. On the day of collection, I waited outside with the car and was confronted by 3 men who told me that I had to sign an electronic tablet just as proof that they had collected the car. They asked for the spare key and I told them that i had never been given one. They didn't pursue this. A few days later, I received a letter from the car dealership claiming that I owed them £610 for supposed scuffing of the tyres and a missing spare key and general wear and tear on the vehicle. i called them and explained that as far as I was aware, the car was in pristine condition, and if they did need to carry out any work, then isn't that what they use the deposit for? I was told that I should not have expected to see the deposit again as when you hand it over it is non-refundable. I explained that if this was the case, why was I offered the chance to get it back after the first agreement expired? The person I spoke to couldn't explain this and the conversation ended. I then received letters from the car collection agency claiming that I owed £610 and with a list of all the things wrong with the car with my scanned signature (which they had obviously used from the tablet I signed at pick up). Apparently I had agreed to all the things that needed doing to the car and had signed. The thing was that, there was no writing on the tablet or any lists that I had to put my signature to, I believed the man when he said it was just to confirm that the car was no longer in my possession. I called the debt collection agency and wrote a letter to the car dealership but I got no response from my letter and reached a dead end with the debt collection agency. From then til now, I have received constant phone calls, emails, letters and text messages from debt collectors. I stand by my conviction that I was never told the deposit was non-refundable and that if it was, I should never have been offered it back. I believe that if the car needs some work, as they claim, then the deposit should be used and I would be happy to pay the rest just to see an end to this stress. I have the original receipts and bank statements and have read all the Terms and Conditions back to front and there is no mention of a non-refundable deposit. I hope someone has some advice for me, it is a very stressful situation and I do not know what else to do. Thank you
  16. Hi guys, I booked my car in at a dealership for fuel injector cleaning as they were going to have the fuel injectors taken out and sent off to a fuel injector cleaning company for Ultransonic cleaning. However when the fuel injectors got back, the company included a report stating that the seals (O seal rings) on the fuel injectors will need replacing but the Dealership didn't replace them which caused the car to leak fuel extremely badly on the way home from the dealership. I could tell something was wrong when my father came home with the car and stank of petrol from the other side of the room! Also, when I went outside to see the car for myself, I could smell fuel from the other side of the garden and the smell of fuel inside the car was the worst. After speaking to some mechanics and researching online, I found out that fuel leaks caused by fuel injectors is very dangerous as the fuel can leak into the engine bay and near the exhaust which can cause the car to set on fire whilst driving so I guess I'm just lucky the car never set on fire whilst my father was driving it home from the dealership. I just want to know where I stand and what laws I could use against the dealership as they literally thought it was okay to risk our lives for the sake of couple of pounds replacing the O seal rings. I'm going to be going into the dealership tommorow so I'd appreciate if I could get as much advice as I can today
  17. Hi all, Ive got a question! Ive seen a few threads on the subject but not about my exact issue so any advice would be greatly received please. I don't want to say too much as its not 100% sorted yet but you'll get the idea. Oh and im also dyslexic so hope this reads ok. I bought a car just over a week ago from one of the UK's biggest car dealerships and on my journey home the car wasn't preforming as it should. I contacted the garage immediately and after some back and forward conversations and my local garage carrying out a full diagnostic test and inspection the dealership have agreed to pay my local garage to carry out the repairs and some other small problems that Ive found in full so I'm very happy with that. However when Ive looked over the original advert on Auto Trader the description states that the car has a leather steering wheel, multifunction steering wheel and cruise control. The car does have a leather steering wheel but no multifunction buttons or cruise control. Ive priced up the parts from my local dealership and a new multifunction wheel, cruise control indicator stalk, wiring harness and factored in 3.5 hours labor- - new wheel £490 including VAT - new cruise control stalk £80 including VAT - wiring harness £27 including VAT - 3.5 hours labor at £175 Total = £772.00. What do you suggest I do now? I am thinking I will email and send a recorded delivery letter the dealer principal stating what I have just found out above and that the car is not as described i.e. miss sold and would like them to fit the parts that where advertised or pay me the money it would cost to buy and have them installed. I would give this a couple of attempts then off to the small claims court via there online service if I had no success. So here is my main question, do you think I have a chance? I have the original advert clearly stating what was on the car so is it just a case of miss selling? Or what is my best course of action, i.e if they agree to meet me half way should I just accept that? Many thanks in advance. Jim
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