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  1. Thank you bank fodder and BAZZAS for you reply. Yes know looking into the difference of mis sold and mis representation. I have bee involved in mis representation. The contract was in use for the past 5 months by me still believing that the edition 21 LWB was not available. Only now it's been revealed that it was available to order at that time and if I have been given this option I would have chosen to buy the edition 21. As I am already in the 5 months of the contract. If this goes to court the judge can award damages which in my case would be not even worth talking about. Or
  2. Hello Thank you for looking at this post. NOTE: only 121 audi a8 edition 21 are made for the UK. AvailbLe to order from July 2015. I am a chauffeur and wanted the a8 edition 21 because of my own personal liking to this model In the last week of August 2015 I decided that I want to purchase a new A8 LWB Edition 21. I was dealing with wimbledon audi. I have enquired about the a8 edition 21. I was told that the a8 edition 21 LWB was not available to order and also they could not configure the car on the audi website which meant audi does not make it in LWB verson (a a8 editio
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