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  1. Hi all, I could really do with some help. Being someone who once had 11 defaults on my credit file and only one remaining that falls off in November this year the last thing I want is something that's going to damage my credit file further! I have banked with Halifax for years and at my peak had a £1300 overdraft. I spoke with them as I wanted to pay it off. They said they would add control to my account for free so I wouldn't pay and fees and help me pay it off. I managed to reduce it from £1300 to £600 myself and then I got a letter stating that the
  2. Something very interesting from Orange!! I've just been on the phone to a lady from Orange re my cancelation and she just confirmed there are two methods to cancel a contract. A - pay off outstanding contract B - return handset and orange will cancel the contract there and then with no impact to your credit file Interestingly she said that the latter option is open to anyone and anyone can return there phone mid contract to get out of it with no issues. This does not seem right as surely everyone who was not happy would leave?? Any thoughts on this?
  3. Just to be awkward I've just phoned EE posing as a new customer looking at a iPhone 5s which was £44.99 a month for 18 months and the device was a additional £69.99. I asked him who owns the phone once you pay the £69.99 and he said it would be mine regardless of what's happens with the contract..... Hhmmmmmm interesting!
  4. Cheers peeps, yeah I think I'm onto a good one here to be fair, just could of been better. I thought about just putting a payg sim in the phone and that's that. Never thought they would ask for it back. I could get a new contract but I'm sick of mobile companies at the moment that was all. I've also bought into the Apple Eco system and all my apps are paid for etc... So kinda need to stick with apple.
  5. Hi all, I have been with EE since January 13 on sim only and coverage was great! I upgraded to The iPhone 5 in May 13 on 3G only as 4G is not around where I live. I paid £29.99 for the phone and £36.00 per month on a 24 month contract. However that last 3 months I've had approximately 1/3 of incoming calls dropping or not coming through. Just a text message hours later stating that someone had tried to phone. To cut a massive story short after being on the phone nearly every day complaining I've had 2 months worth of credits added to my account and it's been lowered from £36pm to £22
  6. Hi NCP, sadly for me nothing happened. I tried all avenues including the Ombudsman, trading standards and the advertising standards authority but they all came back stating they PDUK had done nothing wrong as the wording had been wrote in a way that suggested it will improve your credit report but doesn't actually say there loans will improve your credit report if that makes sense. I have since wrote to PDUK asking where they got the evidence from which allows them to make the claims they make and I just get a snotty letter back revering to the Ombudsman's decision and that they will not d
  7. Haha, cheers Kiki that's very helpful, I never thought of that. Yes they could offer me a refund however I would then try to negotiate as I really like the car, it's just a case of looking back at some of the things that attracted me to the car in the advert are not there. James
  8. Thanks for the replies Conniff and BankFodder. I feel the car was miss sold by the fact it advertised premium features that it does not actually have, that to me is miss selling and weather it was by accident or not doesn't seem to be the issue. I read somewhere that items should be as described. So I think this was described inaccurate. I am very happy with the car, it's quite a rare one and has taken 6 months to find so I don't want a refund, along as they go ahead with the repairs. What attracted me to the car was the top spec on AutoTrader, i.e. sports seats, dual zone clim
  9. Wow 46 views in 20 mins at 5am in the morning, guess alot of people work nights like me!
  10. Hi all, Ive got a question! Ive seen a few threads on the subject but not about my exact issue so any advice would be greatly received please. I don't want to say too much as its not 100% sorted yet but you'll get the idea. Oh and im also dyslexic so hope this reads ok. I bought a car just over a week ago from one of the UK's biggest car dealerships and on my journey home the car wasn't preforming as it should. I contacted the garage immediately and after some back and forward conversations and my local garage carrying out a full diagnostic test and inspection the dealership have agree
  11. So what do you think of the argument? I can't find any similar posts so I don't have a clue? James
  12. Thanks for the advice guys. here is what I have done. This is my first letter for restitution after they reported three loans on my file instead of one, http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?343127-PayDay-UK-multiple-credit-records-for-one-loan 10/04/12 Formal Complaint. Dear Sir or Madam, I write in reference to my loan application made on 07/02/2012 on which PDUK made a number of error when transferring the loan to my account which has resulted in incorrect and damaging entries being made on Credit Reference Files.
  13. Toptrapper beat me. When I had to send them some information the emailed me on customer.relations@paydaycontact.co.uk and they got the message. James
  14. Any ideas on how to claim the mentioned £300 restitution. I'm sending a complaint off in the morning asking for this and I guess they are not just going to send me a cheque so what do I do next when they tell me to go away? I've also got a new thread going about there misleading claims that there loans may help build your credit file which is, http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?346870-Payday-loans-and-credit-files.&p=3803362#post3803362 Any help and advice will be greatly recieved. James
  15. Guess what renegadeimp, I'm really enjoying this, think I'm going to become one of those professional pain in the @rse's! James
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